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Welcome to The Steel City House We are family... A lot happened in a YEAR!

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1 Welcome to The Steel City House We are family... A lot happened in a YEAR!


3 If we have a boy…

4 If we have a girl…

5 Science Research and standards-based, the science curriculum incorporates content knowledge in the process of Science Inquiry!

6 4 Units Nature of Science (Currently on) Magnets and Motors Earth in Space/River Cutters Experiment with Plants

7 Important Dates Bowling Experiment (Late September) Wreath/Plaque Sales (November) Duff Park (Early April) Challenger Space Center (Early April) Science Inquiry Days (Beginning of June)



10 Expectations– take notes, have pencils and filler paper in binder, participate, ask questions, be involved, turn in math HW during homeroom, take responsibility!


12 This means you might not always have homework!

13 The Number System All operations with Rational numbers (+ and -), properties Expressions and Equations Solve multistep/more complex equations, inequalities, Geometry Angles, circumference, area, volume, surface area,Rotations, reflections, dilations…. Statistics and Probability Independent and dependent event probability, combos, permutations Ratios and Proportional Relationships ratios,PROPORTIONS, unit rates,unit pricing and constant speed, percent, convert measurements



16 Click on the Steel City House link above our names. Each teacher posts homework nightly (enter disclaimer here!). Rely on the planner! This is where you can find our contact information, too!

17 The Library Media Center Christy Belgiovane, Librarian Kristin Cox and Lori Cappa, Library Aides 724-327-5456 ext.2019 Materials Checkout Information: Up to 3 materials are checked out for 14 days. You may renew 3 times provided that there is no reserve on the book. Kindles may be renewed only 1 time. Magazines, flash drives, and reference materials may be checked out over night. Library Passes Morning passes are available most mornings. Students may use the library as early as 7:30 a.m. See Mrs. Belgiovane for a purple pass at least a day in advance. Lunch passes are available during homeroom. Students must eat the first 20 minutes of the period in the cafeteria and the remaining time can be spent in the library. Classroom teachers write passes to the library.

18 Mrs. McKennas Family

19 Literacy Reinforcing the basic skill set introduced in the elementary grades, 6th grade literacy strives to create fluent readers and writers by focusing on novel study and written response.

20 6 th Grade Novels Realistic Fiction Historical Fiction Mystery Self Selected Biography

21 Literacy Curriculum Focus and Essential Learning Comprehension –Identifying parts of a story –Summarizing main ideas –Recalling facts and supporting details –Indentifying cause and effect in a novel –Identify character development –Identify author's purpose and point of view Reading Responses –Making inferences –Comparing and contrasting –Evaluate –Predict –State an opinion Written Responses and Descriptive Writing –Produce quality written work in accordance with the PSSA rubric –Incorporate sensory details, comparisons, figurative language, and visual imagery into writing –Use transitions to show the beginning, middle, and end of a piece of writing

22 Mrs. Halaut

23 Social Studies in the Steel City House! FOCUS ON GEOGRAPHY THROUGH THE USE OF THE CONTINENTS. A. Geo of the continent B. Narrow to explore a region of the continent C. Focus on history and culture (now and then) of a specific country or countries. THINGS TO WATCH FOR: 1.All info for quizzes will come from study guides. The book is a reference to fill out the study guides. 2.Quizzes on every 1-2 study guides 3.Review study guides nightly for homework. 4.Plays and projects. 5.Lots of opportunities for writing! (SS on the Side, BDA)

24 Wonderful Year Were Looking Forward To A Wonderful Year With Your Child! BCK STEEL CITY Parent Volunteers (Refer to Website), Steel City Volunteer, Test/Homework Policy, Dress Code and Allergies X-iLs

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