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W ELCOME TO O PEN H OUSE Ms. Ruiz de Chavez Theatre Arts 6 th, 7/8 & JV Theatre C107 424-6649

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1 W ELCOME TO O PEN H OUSE Ms. Ruiz de Chavez Theatre Arts 6 th, 7/8 & JV Theatre C107 424-6649

2 M Y WEB PAGE A DDRESS – A CCESSIBLE FROM THE DMS H OME P AGE HTTP :// DEERPARKFINEARTS. TYPEPAD. COM / DMS _ THEATRE / Mission For The Class: As a teacher of Theatre Arts, it is my goal to instill an appreciation of the arts in students. Help students gain confidence and respect for themselves as they embark on a journey of self discovery through the characterization and production process. It is my goal for all students to gain an understanding of all aspects of theatre including technical aspects and the history of theatre.

3 H OW DO I KNOW WHAT S HAPPENING IN T HEATRE ? Go to my webpage Click on the tab for your class All you need to know for that six weeks is there Like our NEW facebook page! The link will be on my website soon!

4 T HEATRE - EXPECTATIONS D emonstrate control of your body so no one gets hurt. R aise your hand politely and wait to be called on. A lways try your best! M aintain concentration to stay on task. A udience etiquette: watch, listen, learn, and show RESPECT! Grading policy: 30 % Daily work and journals 20% Participation & audience etiquette 50% Performances and Tests

5 W ARM - UPS Are completed every day at the start of the period. Vary in type. Musical Mondays, Tongue Twister Tuesdays, Writing Wednesdays, Thinking Tuesdays & Fun Fridays. Are a daily or participation grade. Are written on the board each day to copy down. Absent? Students are excused on days they are absent, but must provide a reminder note stating in their journal that they were absent on a certain day. * Are downloadable from my website. Print the six weeks journals on your home computer!

6 T HEATRE 6 TH GRADE U NITS OF STUDY Introduction / Ensemble Building Stage Types, Stage & Body Positions, Projection Pantomime Improvisation Choral Reading Reader's Theatre Puppetry Scenes Theatre history

7 T HEATRE 7/8 U NITS OF S TUDY Vocabulary Ensemble-building Improvisation Pantomime Theatre History Readers Theatre Choral Reading Oral Reading Ensemble/Duet Acting Scenes Musical Theatre & Lip Sync Original characters & scenes Design Elements Character Analysis

8 JV T HEATRE U NITS OF S TUDY Vocabulary Living History Improvisation Monologues Character & Script Analysis Theatre History Shakespeare One Act Play Resumes Cold Readings Auditions Contest Events

9 T HEATRE S F UNDRAISERS Your Donations (any time) T-shirts (Due Sept 20th ) Catalogue sales (TBA) (Spring Semester)

10 T HEATRE P ERFORMANCE D ATES Nov 6 th Renaissance Festival (JV & Varsity) Fri Nov 15 th Fall Show (Varsity) Sat. Nov 16 th One Act Play competition at the Performing Arts Center (Varsity) Mon Nov 25 th & Tues 26 th Musical Auditions(Open to ALL) February 20-21 Once on this Island (musical) performances March 21 Spring Shows (JV & Varsity) March 22 Theatre Festival at CDF (JV) April 17 th Fine Arts Gala and Auction May 17th Fine Arts trip to Schlitterban TBA 8 th grade field trip to Bass Concert Hall

11 THE BENEFITS OF THEATRE ARTS by Jonas Nasom. Self-Confidence: Taking risks in class and performing for an audience teach students to trust their ideas and abilities. The confidence gained in drama applies to school, career, and life.. Imagination: Making creative choices, thinking of new ideas, and interpreting familiar material in new ways are essential to drama. Einstein said, Imagination is more important than knowledge.. Empathy: Acting roles from different situations, time periods, and cultures promotes compassion and tolerance for others feelings and viewpoints.. Cooperation/Collaboration: Theatre combines the creative ideas and abilities of its participants. This cooperative process includes discussing, negotiating, rehearsing, and performing.. Concentration: Playing, practicing, and performing develop a sustained focus of mind, body, and voice, which also helps in other school subjects and life.. Communication Skills: Drama enhances verbal and nonverbal expression of ideas. It improves voice projection, articulation of words, fluency with language, and persuasive speech. Listening and observation skills develop by playing drama games, being an audience, rehearsing, and performing.

12 THE BENEFITS OF THEATRE ARTS (continued) by Jonas Nasom. Problem Solving: Students learn how to communicate the who, what, where, and why to the audience. Improvisation fosters quick-thinking solutions, which leads to greater adaptability in life.. Fun: Drama brings play, humor, and laughter to learning; this improves motivation and reduces stress.. Emotional Outlet: Pretend play and drama games allow students to express a range of emotions. Aggression and tension are released in a safe, controlled environment, reducing antisocial behaviors.. Relaxation: Many drama activities reduce stress by releasing mental, physical, and emotional tension.. Self-Discipline: The process of moving from ideas to actions to performances teaches the value of practice and perseverance. Drama games and creative movement improve self-control.. Trust: The social interaction and risk taking in drama develop trust in self, others, and the process.. Physical Fitness: Movement in drama improves flexibility, coordination, balance, and control.. Memory: Rehearsing and performing words, movements, and cues strengthen this skill like a muscle.. Social Awareness: Legends, myths, poems, stories, and plays used in drama teach students about social issues and conflicts from cultures, past and present, all over the world.. Aesthetic Appreciation: Participating in and viewing theater raise appreciation for the art form. It is important to raise a generation that understands, values, and supports theaters place in society.


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