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HOUSE MANAGER 101 Day 2 Safety, Maintenance, Construction, Inspections & Licensing, Planning.

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1 HOUSE MANAGER 101 Day 2 Safety, Maintenance, Construction, Inspections & Licensing, Planning

2 OVERVIEW OF DAY 2 Expectations of House Management Life Safety Break Operations and Maintenance Licensing Processes and Inspections Lunch IRDF & Strategic Planning Questions

3 Expectations Commitment to Safety Healthy, Supportive Living Learning Environments Compliance with City and State codes Communication with Chapter, Alumni, and MIT Ongoing Education of Members Bigger Picture

4 Life Safety General Security Fire Safety Storage of Hazardous Materials Kitchen Safety

5 General Housekeeping Pick up and Take Out Trash Hallways, Stairways, Exit ways CLEAR Proper disposal and/or storage of materials Safety/Fire systems maintenance Attention to items that need to be fixed Common Sense (pgs 6,7 of HM Manual) Communication

6 Home Security Every 32 seconds someones home is broken into Knowing Burglars 3 worst enemies Light, Time, Noise Understanding your House Perimeter Case Your Place Windows, Doors Outdoor Lighting, Burglar Alarm Communication

7 Fire Safety By The Numbers 4 - # of Students who have died in fires since the beginning of 2004 Fall Term 50 – Number of deaths that were a direct result of fires at dorms or Greek housing from 90-00 50 – Percentage of collegiate housing fires that involved fraternities or sororities 75 – Percentage of fire-related deaths at campus housing that occur at fraternities or sororities

8 Fire Safety By The Numbers cont…. 1,700 – Average number of fires each year in dormitories and Greek housing from 1990-2000 580,000 – Average, in dollars, the amount of property losses suffered in Greek house fires 50 – Percentage of savings to house corporation property insurance bill once a fire sprinkler is installed and active in the house

9 Kitchen Safety Food Storage Food Handling & Preparation Keeping Surfaces Clean Keeping Cooking Ware and Utensils Clean Fire Suppression System Grease Trap Common Sense

10 Operations and Maintenance Systems Maintenance Handling an Issue with the Physical Plant Renovations Construction Work Weeks Seasonal Concerns Education and Communication

11 System Maintenance Utilities Household Appliances Fire and Life Safety Wells Sampson – American Alarm Co. Trash and Recycling

12 Daily Management Entry ways of house close securely Adequate lighting throughout house Hallways, stairways and exit ways clear Exit Signs illuminated Fire Alarm panel online and working properly Phone line for alarm monitoring is working Kitchen is in good order (food stored properly, etc…) Candles arent unattended Extensions cords unplugged when not in use Fire doors are closed securely Clothes Dryer lint trap is cleaned

13 Weekly Management Make sure all non- system smoke detectors are working properly Test Exit Signs and Emergency Lights for proper functioning Area around boiler is clear, path to sprinkler is clear Network/IT closet is well kept, safe, and functioning properly Hazardous Materials are properly stored Clothes Dryer exhaust hose is clear/clean Exterior of house (yard) is well kept; FD connections have caps

14 Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually Kitchen Grease Trap – Monthly Alarm System – QUARTERLY – by alarm company Ansul – SEMI-ANNUALLY – by licensed contractor Hood - SEMI-ANNUALLY – by licensed contractor Fire Pumps – SEMI-ANNUALLY – by sprinkler co. Dishwasher – SEMI-ANNUALLY – check water temp. Fire Extinguishers – ANNUALLY - by licensed contractor Boiler Plant – ANNUALLY - by professional Common Area heat – ANNUALLY – by professional Sprinkler System – ANNUALLY – by sprinkler co. Elevator – ANNUALLY – by professional Fire Escapes – EVERY 5 YEARS – Recertification Check structure annually to assess for deficiencies

15 Household Appliances Helpful Hints on pages 25-27 Be aware of efficiency level Be aware of maintenance schedule Invest in a heavy duty appliance

16 Trash and Recycling Boston Department of Public Works 617.635.4900 – holds Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Days coordinates Yardwaste Collection twice a year Spring Collection: First 4 Saturdays in May Fall Collection: Last Sat. in Oct., First 3 Saturdays in November Paint and Oil removal Call the recycling Office at 617.635-4959 for more information or check out their web site - TVs and computer monitors - call 617-635-7574 for home pickup For more information about rubbish removal and recycling, please refer to the Boston Recycling Guide -

17 Trash and Recycling cont… Cambridge Department of Public Works 617-349-4800 Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off - Mass National Guard Armory at 450 Concord Ave from 9am-1pm; April 23, 2005; June 25, 2005; October 22, 2005 Large Appliance Pick –up - contact Cambridge Public works 617.349.4800 or check out their website at TVs and Computer Monitors - call (617) 349-4800 or for more information, check out the website at tml tml Amherst Alley – MIT Facilities

18 Trash and Recycling cont… Brookline Department of Public Work 617.730.2156 Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off – one household hazardous waste drop-off in the spring. For Spring 2005, that date is Saturday May 1. 617.730.2700 or check out their web site at Yard Waste disposal - Leaves and grass clippings shall be placed for collection in proper paper sacks or proper rubbish containers labeled "YARD WASTE". "YARD WASTE" stickers are available from the Highway/Sanitation Department at the Town Hall or the Highway Garage. Large Items - Remember to inform the Department of Public Works by telephone at (617) 730-2156 to schedule the collection of oversized items one week prior to the routine collection day. The Department will schedule up to three (3) items per week. Computer Monitors and Televisions - The DPW now collects curbside for residents on municipal trash service. Please schedule pickup one week in advance by calling the DPW at 730-2156. There will be no pickups during holiday weeks.

19 Seasonal Items Service Furnace annually Leave furnace on and maintain 60 degrees Remove all exterior spigot hoses Repair all broken glass Open faucet to slow drip Leave doors to cabinets that contain water lines open Unplug non-essential appliances/electronics Clean up house before leaving on breaks

20 Seasonal Items cont… Have monitoring system during winter break Communicate to alumni about house makeup Notify neighbors and police about vacancy Lock doors and windows Communicate with FSILG Office before breaks and leave contact information in case of an emergency Increase exterior lighting if possible

21 Communication and Education To Members of your FSILG To Alumni Ongoing throughout year

22 Licensing Process and Inspections Inspection/License Renewal Timeline License Renewal Process Inspections overview

23 Licensing Process Boston – HM Manual – Pages 32-33 Cambridge – HM Manual – Page 34 Brookline – HM Manual – Page 34

24 Inspections Egress Sprinkler Ansul Hood Fire Extinguishers Fire Escapes Alarm Monitoring

25 IRDF & Strategic Planning Communication with Alumni Maintenance Schedule Capital Campaign

26 Frank Council Coordinator of FSILGs W20-549 617.258.9762


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