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Science Department Open House Integrating Technology into Science Courses.

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2 Science Department Open House Integrating Technology into Science Courses

3 Using pocket technology One of the main drives of our science department is to fully implement the integration of pocket technology into all our foundation courses. This drive is focused in two main directions: Using Calculator Based Laboratory (CBL TM ) to collect experimental data. Using Graphical Analysis TM and TI- Interactive TM software to present and analyze experimental data.

4 The CBL TM / TI graphing calculator interface Collects a variety of experimental data electronically. Using different probes, students can measure; temperature, pH, pressure, colour, force, conductivity, light intensity, voltage and motion. The TI graphing calculator (a standard for most college math and science courses) displays the data graphically and enables students to manipulate the data quickly and accurately.

5 The Graphical Analysis TM software Provides a link between the calculator and computer to enable transfer of experimental data for further analysis and report writing. Allows students to graph multiple data sets simultaneously and manipulate data sets for graphing. Enables students to determine mathematical relationships between physical properties.

6 The benefits of using this technology The CBL TM enables students to collect more data points more frequently. The students are not lost in the drudgery of data collection. The TI-graphing calculators enable students to view experimental data instantly for analysis. The what ifs can now be investigated with the additional time made available. Graphical Analysis enables students to clearly present their graphical results in a report form. This provides teachers with the opportunity for complete evaluation of student skills.

7 Results from a Integrated Science Lab

8 Results from a Biology Lab

9 Results from a Chemistry Lab

10 Results from a Physics Lab

11 Science Department Open House Presentation The End

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