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Welcome 4 TH Avenue and 16 th Street Redevelopment Area Open House December 12, 2011, 5:00 PM.

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1 Welcome 4 TH Avenue and 16 th Street Redevelopment Area Open House December 12, 2011, 5:00 PM

2 Opportunities for Redevelopment The City of Yuma is interested in working on a voluntary and cooperative basis with private property owners to improve the 4 th Avenue Corridor south through the intersection with 16 th Street. The City is considering creating a redevelopment area to provide economic development incentives to promote new public and private investment.

3 Overview 1. Provide a presentation on the Property Survey for the 4 th Avenue and 16 th Street Redevelopment Area. 2. Discuss particulars about the property survey with RSP Architecture consultants. 3. Provide City Staff with your comments and input.

4 Purpose for Redevelopment Area Survey To determine if property conditions within the 16 th Street and 4 th Avenue Study Areas meet the requirements of State Statutes for the creation of a Redevelopment Area.

5 Redevelopment Area Property Survey Map for 275 Properties

6 Arizona State Statute Definition The following must be true in order to establish a Redevelopment Area: 1. There is a predominance of buildings or improvements, whether residential or nonresidential. (75% within Survey Areas) 2. The public health, safety or welfare is threatened because of any of the following: Dilapidated, deteriorated, aging or obsolescent buildings or improvements. The inadequate provision for ventilation, light, air, sanitation or open spaces. Overcrowding. The existence of conditions that endanger life or property by fire and other causes. (86% - Deficient, Substandard or Vacant within Survey Areas)

7 Property Condition Analysis Condition A Standard Example: Meets Current Codes with little or no Deferred Maintenance Condition B Deficient– Rehabilitation Feasible Example: Rehabilitation of the property and structure would not exceed 50% of its replacement cost.

8 Property Condition Analysis Condition C Deficient– Rehabilitation Questionable Example: Moderate to Major Deferred Maintenance Rehabilitation likely to be in excess of 50% of replacement costs. Condition D Substandard Example: Major Deferred Maintenance Evidence of Structural Issues May include Environmental Hazards requiring mitigation. Rehabilitation appears Unfeasible.

9 Survey Results Total Number of Properties Evaluated 275 - 100% Total Condition A Properties 37 - 14% Total Condition B Properties 105 - 38% Total Condition C Properties 56 - 20% Total Condition D Properties 8 - 3% Total Condition E Properties 69 - 25% Total Deficient, Substandard or Vacant 238 - 86%

10 Potential Incentives for Expanding Central Business District Potential use of Federal and State Grant Funds for Rehabilitation Programs. Property Tax Abatements for new development and major rehabilitation. Public-Private Partnerships, Development Agreements and Land & Improvement Leases.

11 Voluntary and Cooperative Participation Provide Your Comments Volunteer to participate on a continuing basis.

12 The Next Step City Council Regular Meeting Action Items on January 18, 2011: Public Hearing for Finding of Necessity Expansion for Central Business District

13 Questions/Answers Thank you

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