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OPEN HOUSE SPRING 2005 Marty Wood, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education.

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2 OPEN HOUSE SPRING 2005 Marty Wood, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education

3 What does UConn have to Offer? o A Carnegie Foundation Research I University o 17 Schools and Colleges o 8 Undergraduate Degrees – 106 majors o 13 Graduate Degrees – 80 Fields of Study o 4 Professional Degree Programs o Ranked #1 Public University in New England (U.S. News & World Report)

4 The University of Connecticut o Completed the 10-year UCONN 2000 initiative that has invested $1 billion in buildings and infrastructure. o Starting 21 st Century UCONN initiative-A $1.3 billion State initiative to establish UConn as the best Public Research I university in the Northeast

5 The University of Connecticut o Approximately 18,000 undergraduate students enrolled at the Storrs campus and 27,700 students enrolled at all campuses o UConns freshmen enrollment has grown by 100% since 1997 and entering students average SAT score is increased by 90 points o Offers 4-year Academic Merit & need-based Scholarships to entering freshmen

6 Why should I attend UConns School of Engineering? o We are a small school within a University! o Small Classes taught by full time faculty. o A faculty advisor to mentor, coach & advise you. o Growing Undergraduate Enrollment o Common First Semester Courses o 12 Programs and other educational options o Opportunity to conduct UG research with Faculty members o Facilities and Technological Resources

7 Accreditation Agencies o New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) o Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (EAC/ABET) o Computing Science Accreditation Board (CSAC/CSAB) o Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

8 Undergraduate Enrollment o Freshmen enrollment has more than doubled since 1998 o Total UG enrollment has increased by 78% to 1600 students o Over 300 students on Scholarship

9 Undergraduate Enrollment cont. o Typical admitted student profile for Fall 05: 1293 combined Verbal & Math SAT score and ranked in the top 20% of HS class. o SOE has the highest percentage of honors students of any of the 17 schools at UConn o 50 Valedictorians and Salutatorians admitted this year

10 SOE Scholarships o $957,000 academic merit scholarships offered to Fall 05 entering students o Awarded $550,000 to 204 continuing students on April 19, 2005

11 Admission Requirements/Options oIf a prospective student has: oMinimum 1200 combined Math & Verbal SAT score, top 30% of HS class and minimum 3.0 GPA - Admission Office authorized to admit to SOE oMinimum 600 Math SAT, top 30% HS class and minimum 3.0 GPA – Application is reviewed by me and each case is evaluated individually

12 Admission Requirements/Options o All other applicants are eligible to take a freshmen engineering course in addition to math and science courses and will be admitted to SOE in January providing they have earned a minimum 2.7 GPA

13 School of Engineering Today oSix Academic Departments: oChemical Engineering oCivil & Environmental Engineering oComputer Science & Engineering oElectrical & Computer Engineering oMechanical Engineering oMaterials Science & Engineering

14 School of Engineering Today oUndergraduate Degrees oBachelor of Science in Engineering oBachelor of Science oJoint BSE and BA in German Language oJoint BS with Engineering and Physics oJoint BS with School of Business

15 Bachelor of Science in Engineering o Biomedical Engineering o Chemical Engineering o Civil Engineering o Computer Engineering o Computer Science & Engineering o Electrical Engineering o Environmental Engineering o Mechanical Engineering o Materials Science Engineering

16 Bachelor Degrees o Engineering Physics (BS) o Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (BS) o Computer Science (BS) o International Engineering - EUROTECH (BA in German Language plus BSE)

17 SOE Minors o Biomedical Engineering o Bioinformatics o Environmental Engineering o Information Technology o Materials Science & Engineering

18 Common First Semester oFall semester oChemistry oMathematics oEnglish oProgramming course oIntro to Engineering 15 credits oSpring Semester oChemistry/Physics oMathematics oEngineering course oGeneral Education oGeneral Education (optional) 14 (17) credits

19 Faculty & Research o 110 highly qualified teachers, researchers and mentors o 17 endowed named and chair professorships o 11 female faculty members

20 Additional Student Resources and Support o Faculty Advisor o Center for Mentoring, Advising & Tutoring (MAT) Center o 84+ hours per week of tutoring in Math, Science and Engineering courses o 15 professional & scholarly student societies o Two Engineering Learning Centers o Diversity Director and Special Programs o Director of Advising o Study Abroad/COOP/Internships

21 As a Carnegie Foundation Research I University oWe generate knowledge, new processes and ideas which have resulted in 175 patents oSince 2002, the SOE has increased its annual research expenditures from $12. million to $18. million oThe following are a few examples of external funding agencies: o Department of Energy - $1.6 million oOffice of Naval Research - $1.2 million oNational Institute of Health – 1.1 million oSeveral $500,000 grants from DOD, NSF and others oAll grants have provisions for UG research

22 School of Engineering Facilities oThis building housing Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering – completed in May 2003 oA new Engineering Building as part of 21 st Century UConn oEngineering complex and physical plant comprises eight existing structures at the Storrs and adjoining Depot Campus oRenovation and retention of 36,000 sq. ft. building for our Biomedical Engineering Program and environmental research laboratories o16,000 sq. ft – CT Global Fuel Cell Center oSchool maintains its own network of computing services (ECS) o$147 million sophisticated engineering graphics and analysis software

23 School of Engineerings Future Plans o Achieve recognition as the most comprehensive public engineering program in the Northeast, become a regional center for excellence by: Recruiting, embracing, supporting, and retaining excellent students, faculty and staff

24 How will this be achieved? oRecruit top students by offering innovative programs and world renowned faculty oRetain students by offering free tutoring services – MAT Center, Peer Tutoring, student societies, mentoring oFull time faculty teach all our courses and advise your daughters and sons. oFour Endowed Chair Professors - Searches in progress oSix Named Professors for younger faculty oResidential and Course Clustering oBecome a model for public university-industry cooperation and partnership

25 Summary o Six major academic departments o Twelve undergraduate programs o Five minor programs o Approximately 1600 undergraduates & 110 full time faculty o Lets meet the faculty & students.


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