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Changing In-House – Outside Counsel Relationships.

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1 Changing In-House – Outside Counsel Relationships

2 Panel Arthur Molins Lufthansa Airlines Kara Ong AT&T Mobility Victor Leo Eaton Corporation Livingstone Johnson The Coca-Cola Company John Letchinger Wildman Harrold

3 The Changing Relationship The Financial Relationship Fee Arrangements Billing Processes Outside Administrators Outsourcing Legal Work Communicating with In-House Counsel In-House Solicitor – Maintaining Privilege

4 The Financial Relationship How Financial Considerations are changing In-House and Outside Counsel Relationships Increasing Competition Reducing the Number of Outside Legal Service Providers Requests for Proposals Fee Arrangements

5 The Financial Relationship Billing Processes Cost Controls The Classic Stressor to the In-House / Outside Counsel Relationship Budgets and Forecasting Billing Guidelines Legal Services are a commodity

6 The Financial Relationship Monitoring Costs Assessing the Bang for the Buck Use of External Billing Review Services How Do They Work What Information Do They Provide Billing Databases E- Billing Mandatory and Discretionary Matters Internal Billing Reviews By Internal Counsel and Outside Counsel Proper Staffing Marking Up Third Party Supplier Costs

7 The Financial Relationship Monitoring Costs Outsourcing to Reduce Costs? –Experiences and Concerns Off Shore Suppliers Quality Control Issues Privilege and Confidentiality Concerns

8 Communicating With In-House Counsel Importance of the Relationship –Is it a Mercedes or a Volkswagen Case –No Surprises Budgetary Substantive

9 Maintaining Privilege for In-House Counsel Communications between In-House and Outside Counsel Communications between In-House Counsel and Business Units Communications between US In-House Counsel and Counterparts in the U.K and E.U.

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