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Llanelly House – A Community Future Llanelli Community Heritage September 2008 Robert Parker - CHRT.

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1 Llanelly House – A Community Future Llanelli Community Heritage September 2008 Robert Parker - CHRT

2 A Brief Introduction Diolch – Thank You Lets talk of the future … How to make £1m from heritage development Its a very competitive world out there A little about what we are doing … A little about what you might do to … Who owns Llanelly House?

3 Llanelly House - In a Nutshell 10,000 sq ft. over 3 main floors Ground Floor – free access to heritage displays and interpretation; café / restaurant; small shop First Floor – public access to heritage items; CCC supported community facilities Second Floor – job creating heritage incubation centre with Trinity College

4 The Future 2007PRF – bad news HLF – good news! 2008Pedestrianisation HLF and EU Applications Community involved 2009Stage 1 planning ends Stage 2 restoration begins 2010Restoration 2011Restoration ends 2012New Centre opens

5 Previous Work Wealth of research WPW Associates Feasibility Study CCC Three Year Business Plan Diane Gilby study KEY QUESTIONS appropriate restoration? suitable after use? sustainable contribution to regeneration? support of partners and funders?

6 Planning £5m scheme Work ongoing now - £300k Raised £500k – rest from HLF, EU and Welsh Assembly The need for a Business Plan? Clear vision of the use of the House after 2011 Support HLF application – and AHF, EU and other funders Securing a CCC commitment … and from others Ensuring viability, sustainability, heritage gain, VFM, community involvement, contribution to regeneration of Llanelli etc.

7 Heritage, Visitor and Community Context Alderman Fenwick's House (Newcastle) Ceredigion Museum Pickford's House Museum (Derby) – Museum of Georgian Life Monmouth Shire Hall Parc Howard Visitor figures for S W Wales Catchment area (5.5m people in 2hrs drive) Community inclusion – more than consultation

8 Issues, Opportunities and Constraints Physical Location DDA Access Environmental sustainability Planning Training Volunteer involvement Virtual access

9 Options Development Diane Gilby Report 1. National Trust / CAVS etc. 2. Multi-function community facility 3. Heritage and History 4. Other interpretation 5. Applied Arts Centre Ground FLOOR 1 ST FLOOR 2 nd FLOOR

10 Developing the Proposed Market The People of Llanelli Day and staying visitors Local residents Primary, secondary and tertiary education Café Restaurant users Anchor tenants Community Partnership Stakeholder partnership

11 Concept Development as a Business Case Mission Statement The Llanelly House Community Heritage Centre will be developed over the period to 2011 around a core programme with multiple cultural and heritage activities that will draw from and enrich the local community. At the same time, the Centre will become self sustaining through a balanced selection of income generation and commercial activities. Education Weddings Café / restaurant COMMUNITY HERITAGE PROGRAMME Stepneys; painting in Wales; Llanelli personalities, ceramics

12 Financial Plan Yr 1Yr 2Yr 3 FTE10 Income£239k£282k£313k Grants£20k Exp£266k£253k£263k Other£4k£2k Net-£10k£47k£68k

13 Next Steps A. Raise the funds and restore the building B. Create an after use Trust; employ a Director and staff C. Develop the Llanelly House Community Heritage Centre D. Roll out a Community Programme E. Adopt the Business Plan F. Develop a definitive cultural heritage programme

14 A Partnership Llanelli Town Council Carmarthenshire Heritage Regeneration Trust (CHRT) Carmarthenshire County Council Trinity College Carmarthen The Community YOU!

15 How you might help Support the project Help in planning its future Arrange events relating to Llanelly House Take part in the Community Programme Contribute to the blog,, web site Llanelly House Guides Use the facilities at Llanelly House

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