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2 Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Mark Preece Family House!
We depend on volunteers to maintain operations and would not be here without the many hours donated by volunteers. This presentation will provide you with the information you will need to decide if volunteering with The Mark Preece Family House will be a good fit for you.

3 Objectives About the House History of the House
Why we use and need volunteers Volunteer positions Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities Qualifications Screening Process Policy Overview Next steps

4 About the House The Mark Preece Family House is a “home away from home” for families of critical care patients who are being treated at Hamilton area hospitals. The house is located at 191 Barton Street East, beside the Hamilton General Hospital. The Mark Preece Family House provides affordable and accessible accommodation, hope and healing in a comfortable, homelike environment.

5 Our Vision “To build and sustain a ‘home away from home’ that provides affordable, accessible accommodation in a compassionate environment, for families of patients receiving treatment in Hamilton area hospitals”

6 The need Hamilton is a regional centre serving the healthcare needs of 2.3 million residents in central west and Southern Ontario, as well as referrals from Northwestern Ontario. Hamilton Health Sciences’ family of hospitals provides leading edge health care for more than 40,000 acute care inpatient cases.

7 Each year over 2,900 critical care inpatients have spent time in the Hamilton General Hospital intensive care units. An aging demographic and a concentration of specialized services at area hospitals, including the Hamilton General site, support the need for a hospital Family House in Hamilton.

8 Our Guests Guests of the house are referred by their loved one’s doctor, social worker or other member of the health care team. Families supporting loved ones in critical care are sleep deprived and face stressful situations and uncertainty. They may be miles away from home, or living in the community, but want to stay close to the bedside of their loved one. The Mark Preece Family House will be a “calm in the storm” for these families.

9 The House The house has: 14 family bedrooms with baths
A spacious family room with comfortable furnishings A kitchen/dining area Laundry facilities TV and internet access Administration offices Guest parking available


11 Dr. Mark Preece In 1997, a young Hamilton doctor, Mark Preece became ill with cancer. Mark was a loved and respected physician within the Intensive Care Unit of Hamilton Health Sciences. His final six month battle with cancer took Mark to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to undergo specialized care not available in Canada. During his treatment at Pittsburg University Hospital, Mark’s family stayed at a hospital family house which enabled them to be near to support and comfort him.

12 After his death, friends, colleagues and family recognized the need for a similar accommodation for families of patients experiencing medically stressful situations in Hamilton area hospitals. They formed a not for profit charitable organization (Hospital Family Houses of Ontario) with the goal of building and operating The Mark Preece Family House to honour Mark’s contribution to the Hamilton health care community.

13 Hospital Family Houses of Ontario became a registered charity in 2002
Hospital Family Houses of Ontario became a registered charity in Since then, Board members and supporters have worked diligently to create a strong and sustainable framework upon which to build, operate and sustain The Mark Preece Family House in Hamilton. Hospital Family Houses of Ontario is an active member of the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses, a U.S. based organization with nearly 200 family house members in North America.

14 Construction In 2006, Hamilton Health Sciences agreed to a long term lease of a 1870’s stone structure at 191 Barton Street East; the structure to be adapted for use as a hospital family house. Construction began in the fall of 2007. The structure, while under renovation, suffered a devastating fire in December 2008.

15 Insurance claims and continuation of capital fundraising have made the revitalization of the project possible. The structural rebuild was finished in February 2010 and the interior is projected to be complete in October 2010. The Mark Preece Family House will open in early 2011.

16 Why we use and need volunteers
The House started as a volunteer-led organization, therefore we recognize the huge contribution that volunteers can make to a particular not-for-profit organization. We recognize that without volunteers, The Mark Preece Family House would be unable to provide a home away from home for families in need. Volunteers are an integral part in The Mark Preece Family House and contribute in many ways towards achieving the mission and values of the organization.

17 Volunteers bring individual varied experiences, skills and expertise which are invaluable to The Mark Preece Family House. Volunteers extend and enhance the services offered to guests of The Mark Preece Family House

18 Volunteer Positions The Mark Preece Family House has the following volunteer positions available. If you are interested in helping out in a way not listed, please contact the Volunteer Manager to discuss how we can use your skills!

19 House Volunteer Duties include administration/office work, greeting guests, answering phones, and daily house routines. Time Commitment: minimum two, four-hour shifts per month

20 Housekeeping Volunteer
Duties include assisting with folding linens, tidying common areas, restocking supplies, and maintaining the general appearance of the house. Time Commitment: minimum two, two-hour shifts per month

21 Maintenance Volunteer
A maintenance volunteer helps with minor repairs throughout the house performing duties such as painting, and changing light bulbs. Time Commitment: as required

22 Special Events Volunteer
Events such as Golf4Life require volunteers to assist with organizing fundraising events and committee work. Time Commitment: as needed

23 Professional Skills Volunteer
Includes those with skills, such as graphic design, research, and writing proposals, who would like to volunteer their services to a specific project. Time Commitment: as available

24 We are committed to involving volunteers in all of The Mark Preece Family House direction setting, decision making and service delivery. The Mark Preece Family House recognizes that without the skill, generosity and commitment of volunteers, it would be impossible to maintain the efficiency and quality of our Family House services.

25 Volunteer Rights The right to work in an environment, which promotes mutual respect The right to have a meaningful volunteer experience The right to have clearly defined roles The right to an orientation and training The right to a place to work The right to have input respected The right to be heard The right to reimbursement

26 Volunteer Responsibilities
The responsibility to display regular, prompt attendance The responsibility to respect confidences The responsibility to respect professional attitudes, methods, etc The responsibility to state his/her limitations The responsibility to treat individuals with respect The responsibility to communicate concerns

27 Qualifications Volunteers possess the following qualities:
Compassionate, warm, caring, have an interest in working with people Ability to work independently and/or as part of a team Effective communication and good listening skills Shows initiative and close attention to detail Ability to follow directions Respectful of confidentiality Non-judgmental and objective Dependable and punctual Ability to perform all essential functions

28 Screening Process Preview the E-Orientation session
Submit an Application form Attend all mandatory training sessions Obtain a criminal record check Provide two character references Undergo an interview with the Volunteer Manager Receive on the job training

29 Policy Overview Maintaining confidentiality is of utmost importance. Breach of confidentiality is considered grounds for dismissal Volunteers are ambassadors to the family house, and are asked to represent the house in a positive manner

30 If a volunteer has/perceives to have a conflict of interest, the House Manager is to be notified immediately Volunteers will be recognized for their work Volunteers will not overstep the boundaries set out in their position description

31 Next Steps Please take some time to decide if volunteering with The Mark Preece Family House is a good fit for you. If you are interested, please complete the Volunteer Application Form found on our website. Once completed, return by mail, , or fax to the family house. You will be contacted by The Mark Preece Family House within five business days.

32 Thank you for your interest in The Mark Preece Family House!
For more information, or if you have any questions, please call or Jennifer Scott x44822


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