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Cassandra and Clytemnestra

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1 Cassandra and Clytemnestra

2 Ajax grasps Cassandra to drag her away
Attic red figure hydria, c BC Attributed to the Kleophrades Painter Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale 2422


4 Ajax drags Cassandra away from the statue of the goddess at which she had taken refuge. Lycurgus Painter, Red figure pottery, c BC

5 Ajax drags Cassandra from Palladium before eyes of Priam
Ajax drags Cassandra from Palladium before eyes of Priam. Pompeii, House of Menander

6 Cassandra seeking the protection of Pallas
Aimé Millet (French, 1819– -1891), at the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. Marble, 1877. Cacoyannis’ Trojan Women (1971)

7 Ajax and Cassandra Solomon Joseph Solomon, 1886

8 Death of Cassandra

9 The House of Atreus








17 Sacrifice of Iphigenia

18 The Sacrifice of Iphigenia
1757 by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

19 Clytemnestra from the Battlements of Argos Watches for the Beacon Fires which are to Announce the Re Frederic Leighton 1874

20 Death of Agamemnon, Aegisthos with sword.
Detail from Athenian red-figure clay vase about BC. Boston. Museum of Fine Arts W.F.Warden Fund

21 Clytemnestra After the Murder (1882), by Hon. John Collier (1850-1939).


23 Marble relief late 6th century found 1791 in the Temple of Diana at Lake Nemi, Ariccia.
Acquired by Copenhagen in 1898 from the Despuig Collection in Raxa, Mallorca. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Inv

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