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1 TAKASBANK Derivatives Market Clearing House Operations London, December, 2004.

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1 1 TAKASBANK Derivatives Market Clearing House Operations London, December, 2004


3 3 Clearing and Settlement Institution for the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Central Securities Depository of Turkey Money Market for ISE Members Official Custodian for Pension and Mutual Funds National Numbering Agency of Turkey Clearing House for the TURKDEX Unique Functions of Takasbank in Turkey

4 4 Bridge Role in The Turkish Financial Markets Capital Markets Board Issuers Capital Markets Intermediaries Istanbul Stock Exchange Banks Banking Regulation and Supervision Board Central Bank of Turkey TAKASBANK TAKASBANK Investors indirect TURKDEX Central Registry Institution

5 5 Shareholder Structure The total value of paid-in capital is USD 41.3 million

6 6 Off-site Disaster Recovery System with an operations center; with real time backup facility. All operational program products are developed in house All members are online connected to Takasbank system and using our proprietary program products. The Takasbank Electronic Transfer System (TETS) enables brokerage houses to transfer both securities (G-Bonds &T-Bills) and cash in and out of the Takasbank system electronically in real- time connection with the Central Bank's EFT / ESTS systems. Real-time connection to Turkdex, Istanbul Stock Exchange, Central Bank of Turkey and Capital Markets Board. Operational Efficiency

7 7 Custody System with Numbers EquitiesBonds & Bills Asset Value under Custody (17.11.2004) 25.725.7USD (Billion.)20.7 Total number of investor sub-accounts (equities) with balance Pension and Mutual Funds Portfolios 17.1 1,111,356

8 8 Number of Members : 113 Number of Companies Traded: 295 Average Daily Trading Volume: 579 ml$ Average Daily # of Contracts : 202,000 G-Bonds&Bills Market Clearing and Settlement Number of Members : 140 Average Daily Trading Volume: OP&SM: 980 ml$ Repo M: 4.126 ml$ Organized Market Clearing and Settlement with Numbers (Equities)


10 10 Takasbanks functions Clearing member selection with Turkdex, Central counterparty to derivative contracts, Determining the collateral type and procedures, Collateral valuation daily, Mark to market daily margining on sub account basis, Monitoring collateral composition and margin call, Managing of collaterals in case of default, Guarantee fund management, Cash collaterals management, Member training.

11 11 General Clearing Principles Margin deposit requirement before buying or selling of a derivative contract. Futures contracts are marked-to-market daily and final settlement on T+0. Contracts are settled on cash basis. Margin calls are paid in cash (TRL). Clearing system and collateral management system are totally customer based. On line real time connection (Trading System Messages Router) with TURKDEX. Takasbank guarantee is limited only with the following sources; Margin collateral Guarantee fund

12 12 Membership types Direct Clearing Member (DCM): DCM is only authorized to trade and clear its own portfolio and clients trades. DCM can not provide clearing services to non clearing members. General Clearing Member (GCM): GCM is authorized to trade and clear its own portfolio and clients trades GCM may addititonally provide clearing services to the non clearing members, who are also authorized to trade in Turkdex.

13 13 Membership requirements Capital adequacy, Sufficient financial resources, Certified as a derivatives intermediary by the Capital Markets Board, Approval of Turkdex Board of Directors as a market member, Sign Clearing Membership Contract, Fullfillment of clearing member obligations such as contribution to the Guarantee Fund.

14 14 Portfolio Market maker Client Global (omnibus) Account types

15 15 Collateral types Initial margin Maintenance margin Extra-ordinary margin Guarantee fund collaterals

16 16 Eligible collateral margin TRL Foreign currency (USD, EUR) FX Indexed Bonds G-Bonds & T-Bills Equities (ISE 100) Mutual fund certificates

17 17 Composition of collaterals

18 18 Collateral Deposit/Withdrawal Operations Collateral deposit/withdrawal takes place in the electronical environment. Collaterals deposit to relevant a/c by the clearing members. Depositing is made sub a/c basis. Account owners can get available balances through members. Available collaterals are calculated as follows: Available Collateral = Deposited - Required +/- Profit Collateral margin (Loss)

19 19 Collateral Valuation Collateral valuations is done by Takasbank at the and of day process with the following price data: for Bonds valuations, by ISE calculated prices which is used in Repo collateralization, for Equities valuations, by ISE market closing price, for FX valuations, by Central Bank FX price, for Mutual Fund valuations, by unit price.

20 20 Daily Mark to Market Daily losses are cut from the cash collateral while profits added to the cash collateral on the same day. Because the loss is cut from the cash balance, if the collateral is below the Maintenance Margin, margin call announcement is made by Takasbank. Daily profits can be withdraw after the session, as long as the collateral composition is satisfied.

21 21 TURKDEX DERIVATIVES MARKET TRADING TURKDEX TAKASBANK RISK CONTROL Buying member Selling member Col. Deposit or withdraw request are collected and transmitted to Turkdex Position Collateral Buy OrderSell Order Session hours: 10 am- 3 pm Trading Engine Cash+Non cash = Total collateral Tot.Col > Req. margin Order match Order canc. E H COLLATERAL 1 2 3 4 Col. deposit

22 22 TURKDEX DERIVATIVES MARKET CLEARING TURKDEXTAKASBANKMEMBER 14:45 Turkdex DM is updated with the latest collateral balance. 15:15 Turkdex announce the settlement price and calculates the margin call amount. 15:15 Takasbank receives the Req. Margin and Profit/Loss amounts and starts the daily mark to market operations. Losses cut from the cash collaterals. Margin call announcement to members. 15:30 Last hour for the cash management order for daily cash withdrawals. 16:30 Last hour for margin call. Daily profits are added to the cash collaterals. 16:30 Cash management, money transfer and placement is exercised. 17:00 Last hour for omnibus position details. 18:00 + End of day operations (valuation, reporting, accounting, cash management, a/c transfers etc.) DM MBS SCREEN (WAN) -Deposit-withdr. -Omnibus a/c -Default -Gurantee fund -Cash management -Reports (MIS) -a/c opening

23 23 Guarantee Fund Guarantee Fund is established by the Clearing House with the clearing members contribution. This fund makes payment in case of the defaults.In any default, the defaulting members contribution is used first and if necessary then non defaulting members contributions are used on a pro rata basis. Clearing members must contribute this fund with cash and non cash collaterals. Fixed amount of the contibution is determined by the membership type, while variable amount is calculated with open positions and volume of the member.

24 24 Eligible Collateral Types for Guarantee Fund TRL Foreign currency (USD, EUR) FX Indexed Bonds G-Bonds & T-Bills Mutual fund certificates Letter of Guarantee

25 25 Cash Management Cash margins and Cash Guarantee Fund contributions are subject to cash management. Contract based margin colleteral is subject to cash management and net interest income is added to cash collateral following business day.


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