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Green House Effect I am doing green house effect By: Breanna ONeill.

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2 Green House Effect I am doing green house effect By: Breanna ONeill

3 What causes it? Green house effect is caused by electricity. Its from heat reflecting off the earths surface and heating it. Its also caused by the temperature of the earth rising and the heat not being able to escape. It is also called global warming.

4 How can we prevent it? We can prevent it by turning off lights and television and things that use electricity when we aren't using them. We can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases. Using electricity is not wrong, but its good not to use too much.

5 About Greenhouse Greenhouse isn't that bad. If there was no such thing, we would all be dead! It helps us in a lot of ways. For example, keeping us warm. If there was no such thing, we would probably all freeze to death.

6 Ways to save energy We can save energy by sometimes taking a bus or riding a bike or walking to places. It saves energy very well. In spare time, you can read. You can even plant a tree. That is a good way to save energy. Trees absorb carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas in the air.

7 So, what's the big deal? Scientists dont know what global warming will ever bring. The temperature changes every day! Some changes could be good though. Not all are bad. Days and nights could be more comfortable if you live in a cool climate. Some people can get heat stroke or heat stress. Some other people find heat nice and comfortable. Air pollution, changes in food and water, flooding, and disturbances are impacts that can affect human health. Sea levels rise too.

8 When do you send greenhouse into the air? You send greenhouse into the air doing the simplest things. Like: Driving in a car, turning on a light, using a hairdryer, Using air conditioners, washing or drying clothes, watching TV, listen to a radio, microwave some food, play a computer, play a video game, and ALOT more.

9 The greenhouse effect

10 Green House The kind of greenhouses that look like little houses grow plants. They work by trapping heat inside it from the earth or the sun and that helps plants grow healthier. Sunlight enters the earths surface and warms the earth up. Land and water absorb the energy from the sunlight. Once the light is absorbed, it goes back to the atmosphere.

11 What's In It? 60% carbon dioxide 12% CFCs 15% methane 5% nitrous oxide 8% tropospheric ozone

12 What things are in it CFCs= CFCs stands for Chlorofluorocarbons. They are non-toxic and nonflammable chemicals that contain atoms and carbon, chlorine and fluorine. Carbon Dioxide= Carbon dioxide is a odorless, colorless, non- poisonous gas. It is a normal part of the air. It is a product of fossil fuel combustion. Methane= Methane is a gas that is lighter than air. It reacts violently with chlorine and bromine in sunlight. Nitrous Oxide= Nitrous oxide is a powerful greenhouse gas. It includes soil cultivation practices, organic fertilizer, fossil fuels, nitric acid, and biomass burning.

13 What things are in it Tropospheric ozone= Tropospheric ozone is an ozone located in the troposphere. It plays a roll in greenhouse gases and urban smog. Areas its in Smog

14 References ml

15 Credits Victoria for looking at my PowerPoint Mr. Macintyre for showing us how to use PowerPoint Kim for helping me get music on my PowerPoint Thank-you everyone for your help. It made my PowerPoint better!! Katelyn for looking at my PowerPoint Brittney for looking at it

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