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Welcome to the Grade 5 Accelerated Math Open House

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1 Welcome to the Grade 5 Accelerated Math Open House

2 K - 5 District Math/Science Staff Developer
Stacey Ta K - 5 District Math/Science Staff Developer Mary Serpico Middle School Math and Science Supervisor

3 Teaching Staff Brooks Crossing and Greenbrook Mary Desai
Constable and Monmouth Junction Julie Stadler Cambridge & Brunswick Acres Vivian Scavo Indian Fields Heidi Hoover

4 Share your answers with your neighbors.
Think Math When is 3,228 a small number? When is 3,228 a large number? Share your answers with your neighbors. small - the milage on my car 3228- large- the number of s I need to answer about the accelerated math program

5 AGENDA Introductions Criteria for Placement Next Steps- Crossroads
Our Program Teacher Time

6 Multiple criteria is utilized to identify students in the district comprehensive program, three-tiered approach as follows: Tier 1: Enrichment Within the Regular Classroom; Differentiated Practices Identification: Teachers use a variety of tools for assessing students as they deliver differentiated lessons. Assessment tools may include: pre and post classroom created tests, standardized test scores, portfolio and running record assessments, performance tasks, district assessment tools, anecdotal and observation records. Tier 2: Enrichment Beyond the Regular Classroom Identification: Most enrichment opportunities are open to all students. Participation is based upon teacher recommendation and/or self, peer, or parent nomination. For each of the select group enrichment experiences, students are chosen by a set criteria individualized for each opportunity. Tier 3: Advancement and/or Acceleration Above Grade Level Identification: Academic aptitude for any curricular area is assessed through multiple criteria for each opportunity. Mathematics Acceleration: Advanced Proficient on standardized tests scores (when available), score of 85% or higher on district assessment tools, teacher recommendation, and parent approval. Grade Level Advancement: Teacher recommendation, Advanced Proficient on standardized tests (when available), highest level of performance on district assessment tools, including: portfolio, district placement and advanced tests, and parent approval. Advanced Coursework: Teacher recommendation, Advanced Proficient on standardized tests (when available), highest level of performance on district assessment tools, including: portfolio, district placement and advanced tests. This program is one arm of the Gifted and Talented program. In 5th grade, as students mature socially/emotionally/academically we broaden the net and more children are involved.

7 Criteria for Placement
South Brunswick End of Year Assessment 95% or higher on multiple choice 12/15 on open-ended South Brunswick Accelerated Assessment Short Answer/Multiple Choice Open Ended- Problem Solving Math Matrix/Teacher input Parent Input Summer confirmation with 4th Grade NJ ASK scores

8 Accelerated Grade 5 Final
NEXT STEPS CROSSROADS Accelerated Grade 5 Final Crossroads Test Review of Data Placement

9 School Home Connection Resources
Instruction Content Projects Tools Homework School Home Connection Resources JULIE: We are now going to tell you a bit about our program in 5th grade accelerated math. We will be covering the following topics:

10 The Instruction is Centered Around Deep Understandings of the Concepts
Connections to… prior knowledge real life experiences other curriculum areas Investigation/Discovery Cooperative Learning Direct Teaching Problem Based Learning Projects Journaling Technology Games Students are Expected to Justify, Explain & Teach the Process JULIE

11 Curriculum Topics The Content Curriculum is based on NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards
Number Sense All Operations and Conversions between fractions, decimal and percents Order of Operations Problem Solving Estimation Vivian

12 Content Ratio/Proportion Measurement Geometry Patterns & Algebra
Customary Metric Geometry 2 & 3 Dimensional Patterns & Algebra Probability/Data Analysis Vivian

13 Resources Using two published resources this year: Mathscape
Math Advantage New resource this year - Mathscape Mathscape Quick Review Math Handbook (hardcover) Investigations Student Guide (softcover) Teacher Created Materials VIVIAN

14 Instructional Tools Scholastic Math Magazine Calculators Projects
Computers ~ Internet ~ Study Island (gr. 5 & middle school) Manipulatives HEIDI

15 Homework 5th Grade Math Heidi

16 Homework Guidelines Homework is an extension of the classroom and is used to assess the student’s understanding of the topics presented. 20-30 Minutes Daily HEIDI

17 HW Grading A homework grade is earned for the timely completion of assignments. Late assignments will be accepted and graded, yet tardy work will be detrimental to the overall homework grade. HEIDI

18 How to Help your Child “I need help.” Prompt and Question:
Does this remind you of other problems? What have you come up with so far? Where do you think you should start? What is the problem asking you to do? Would drawing a picture or diagram help? How can I help you without solving it for you? MARY

19 Helpful Resources for parents and students MARY

20 Teacher Time Thank you for coming!
Meet your child’s teacher. Learn about the class expectations. Time for questions: Always feel free to call or your child’s teacher. Thank you for coming! STACEY

21 Higher Levels of Thinking
The value of a problem is not so much coming up with the answer as in the ideas and attempted ideas it forces on the would be solver." -- I.N. Herstein

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