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Humanities House An Honors Program Orientation in August some time In the future.

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2 Humanities House

3 An Honors Program Orientation in August some time In the future

4 A day in the life Of Telemachus And Telemache

5 He called me Telemachus? You heard right. Remember the son of Odysseus? What they had us read over the summer?

6 Odyssey or Adventures of Ulysses ? Well, hes Nestor. See, I did my summer work.

7 Whos Durer? Self Portraits? The director imagines I have a self to portray… Its a Picasso already. This Telemache is Andromache

8 13!

9 Lets browse this Humanities House while hes talking.


11 Nine floors. offices, elevators, images, and links to everything I need. But no exit.

12 Bell hop!

13 Even a daily newspaper. Who writes this copy?


15 Times, Globe, Onion, Honors Program Info.

16 Scroll down a couple of years… jj

17 Back in 1999… thesis meeting… File that under future plans. Look at this. Maps of Hell. What is there here on Dante?

18 The Expanded Inferno. Dante was here

19 Dante Resources. Paradise for Dantisti. The Father Jack Howard, S.J.

20 From Howard To Dante

21 BC Dante, Dartmouth Dante, Columbia Dante, Princeton Dante, Paradise, Virtual Purgatory.

22 Scholars on the internet. Who is Robert Hollander? An expert who has her own interactive web space adds a Whole new dimension to her knowledge.

23 Were in the library. Move up one level.

24 Search.

25 For what? Hollander? Quick. Before we jump elsewhere.

26 Going up. 8 th Floor. Ivory tower. Get it?

27 Here?

28 Fawlty Towers! Try Constas. hes the one on the couch.

29 Alumni. Why alumni?

30 Networking, mentoring, happenings, reading. I just want a good job.

31 What do they do about music and drama here?

32 This is Boston, You know.

33 Heres an honors thesis in the Arts?

34 Opera, BSO, And Oleanna. Mamet Yes.



37 Did you see the Abraham and Isaac? Genesis 22?

38 I wonder how many artists have painted this scene?

39 No Rembrandts, but our art museum brings in amazing shows. Hope?

40 Where do they make these sites? My high school teachers are technophobes. Same here, I bet.

41 Curriculum laboratory. Try that.

42 Technophobe or technophile?

43 I see OConnor has a site devoted to Bach and Durer. Thats what he was referring to earlier.


45 Wait! Film. Over there. Back up the Stairs.

46 Did you see Andrei Rublev ?

47 Tarkovsky. Eisenstein. Film and Great Books and art.


49 Oops. My first seminar meeting is tomorrow and Ive already got the syllabus… Here it is.


51 Prof. Constas. His is a dynamic syllabus. Its calling for a writing sample already.


53 So much writing. Did the director Just say all writing all the time? What if I suffer from writers block?

54 How much? Seven essays first term. Then seven more and longer. And longer. Peer editing. Thesis. All the Time indeed.

55 Mayday




59 Id love to be one of these Writers Block folks.

60 Writing ; and more writing They do expect us to a thesis. Look at this.


62 Start thinking About it now! How weird. Im Still unpacking.



65 Im Telemache. But Ill do my thesis in chemistry. I always tell lies. You or Odysseus? Oh, I get it. Stick to literature


67 Thesis… final stage in intellectual formation… Lets tune back in with the director.


69 A… M… I… C… O… Your friendly Oil company? Art Museum Image Consortium, Telemache!

70 The Director was just saying we might want to take a look around after hes done with his orientation speech.

71 Hypertext seminars. HP252. Not in the humanities. Must be computer science.

72 Template for student web site building. Intriguing.

73 First year seminars should do this, too. I have my own web site already. I dont.

74 Daily agenda and minutes and e-mail dialogues… Still the texts. And writing. But posted for A wider audience.

75 Todays date… 10:30 web sites. 12:30? Whose?

76 Another web page template… new names. Is there a page for each student?

77 Whats in here to do with the Honors Program?

78 Beta Group? Lets try it.

79 Hey. We can hop from student to student. Each one adds her own unique touches. Try another.

80 Heres Beta. Sibling Rivalry: alternate versions of Genesis …

81 This must be the whole seminar. Nope. Try Gamma.

82 Bens page. Bens Homeric Simile. And team Gamma ? Im quite comfortable in this place. A fifth dimension.


84 Telemache, Im taking another look at Durer Now that Im orientated.

85 A stack of floors and a library in a menu format. Which works for you?

86 Blakes book is an 1825 web site! Save it for another day. But Ill be back.

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