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National Horticulture Conference

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1 National Horticulture Conference 17-07-2013
Protected Cultivation & Centre of Excellence Department of Horticulture Haryana

2 Opportunities Close proximity to National Capital with access to a wide range of national and international market. Scope exists for further area expansion in horticulture to cover at least 10% of cultivated area. Scope for expansion of protected cultivation of good quality vegetables and flowers. Fast growing domestic demand due to changing food habits, health conscious and fast expanding middle income group.

3 Challenges – Production systems
Productivity and quality of fruits and vegetable. To minimize chemical and pesticide residue in horticulture produce. To accelerate Research & Development activities in tandem with climate change, changing cropping pattern, protected cultivation and arrival of international commodities.

4 Horticulture – Increase in Budget Outlay

5 Horticulture at a Glance (2012-13)
Vegetables : 3,56,769 Ha Fruits : 47,224 Ha Flowers : 6300 Ha Medicinal :1020 Ha Mushroom :14.19 lakh Trays (8,647 MT) 5

6 Horticulture Department: Infrastructural Facilities
HTI, Karnal HBC, Karnal Directorate Office, Horticulture Food Tech. Centre GGNs-22 nos. Mushroom Centre High Tech. G House MFC CEV

7 New Projects CSTF, Ladwa, KKR CSTF Bee-keeping, Ramnagar, KKR
Guava – Bhuna, Fatehabad Flower, Samargopalpur, Rohtak Papaya & Banana – Sewakheri, Panipat

8 Demonstration of Technologies

9 Demonstration Projects
Sn Project Sanctioned Amount (Rs. in lakhs) Phase-I 1. Centre of Excellence for Fruits, Mangiana, Sirsa 970.00 2. Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, Gharaunda, Karnal 600.00 Total (Phase-I) Phase-II 3. Centre for Sub-tropical Fruits, Ladwa, Kurukshetra 910.35 4. Integrated Bee-keeping Development Centre (IBDC) Ramnagar, Kurukshetra 5. Flower Centre Total (Phase-II) GRAND TOTAL

10 Centres Work Completion & Inauguration
CEV, Gharaunda inaugurated on CEF, Mangiana inaugurated on

11 Centre of Excellence for Vegetables (CEV) – Gharaunda, Karnal.
CEV - A View from NH-1 11

12 Structures, Crop Demonstrations & Protocol Development
Poly-house, Net-house, Walk-in-tunnel Mulching, Low Tunnels Crops: All field crop in open Crops under poly houses 75 varieties of tomatoes (45 cherry & 30 regular hybrids), 14 hybrids of capsicum of 7 colours & 5 hybrids of cucumber have been demonstrated at this center Brinjal, Green Chillies, Summer Cabbage, Muskmelon in winter, etc. Protocol Developments: on Green tomato, cucumber, capsicum and book published for farmers.

13 Potential Productivity Achieved
The Centre has achieved the productivity of 302 MT per ha in Tomato, 211 MT per ha in Capsicum 151 MT per ha in Cucumber per crop cycle.

14 Vegetable seedling support programme
Seedling Production Under HTGH Soilless Seedlings on 50% subsidy to the farmers Facilities developed at 4 Locations CEV Gharaunda, Karnal CEF Mangiana, Sirsa Rohtak: Samargopalpur Gurgaon: GGN, Gurgaon Nursery protocols for seedling production developed. More than 50 lakh seedlings sold to the farmers for vegetables during last 2 years. 14

15 HRD and Vegetable Expo On an average 50 farmers visit the Centre per day & during last year more than farmers have visited the center for exposure visit. Training to Farmers (India & Afghanistan-UNDP programme), Extension officers, Entrepreneurs and Firms. 1st and 2nd Vegetable Expo organised in 2012 and 2013. Regular seminars & Workshops

16 Demonstration Farmers’ Field
Front Line Demonstration Centres (FLDCs) 14 nos. in 14 districts At Farmers Field Cost: Rs. 25 lacs (with 10% as farmer share) Project of 2.5 acres 500 sqm of net house 500 sqm of poly house 400x2 sqm of walk-in-tunnels 2 acres with Mulching & MI in open field

17 Financial Support Assistance Expenditure & Budgetary support
@65% on poly-house structures @50% on cultivation cost under poly-house Expenditure & Budgetary support : Rs. 10 crore : Rs crore : Rs crore Bank-loan support Bankable projects Stakeholders meeting/seminars with NABARD & lead banks

18 Policy Support Working Group Report on Development of Protected Cultivation in Haryana Haryana Kisan Ayog (Oct. 2012) Model Bankable Projects on Protected Cultivation in Haryana NABARD & Horticulture Deptt. (January 2013) Six Crops and12 structures covered

19 Regulatory & Administrative Support
Detailed Norms & Guidelines IT Support MI-NET Poly-Net Firms empanelment 22 nos. TPA execution Bank guarantee Impact assessment NABARD

20 Scope and Future Targets

21 CEV Impact Area covered during 2012-13:
132 ha under poly house and total 545 ha under poly house + mulching and tunnels.

22 Progress & Road Map (area in ha)

23 Issues

24 Horticulture - Issues Insurance cover for horticulture and poly house structures Loan on 7%: The farmers should be given loan on poly -house 7% by the financial institutions/banks or as interest subsidy. Collateral security against loan on poly-house: For availing loan on poly-house, the structure of poly-house should be considered as part of collateral security including land on which structure is being installed.

25 Horticulture Issues cont…..
R&D in poly-house structures, sheets, etc. To establish one Centre dedicated to plastics R&D in crop cultivation across the whole range of vegetables Pollination: bumble bees Low cost technologies including low cost poly houses.

26 Centre of Excellence for Fruits, Mangiana, Sirsa

27 Major Crops Citrus : 25 acres Olive : 6 acres Pomegranate : 4 acres
Datepalm : 6 acres Guava : 3 acres

28 CEF - Achievements High-tech Green House
3.0 lakh root-stock prepared under soil less media for citrus 50,000 Papaya plants produced 10.0 vegetable seedlings produced and sold to farmers

29 CEF - Achievements Insect Net Houses No of units: 5 Size 2000 sqm each
50,000 virus free Kinnow plants produced and sold to farmers Target: : 1.0 lakh plants

30 CEF – Achievements – Citrus block
Cultivars Area Covered Mandarin Kinnow 10 Acre Imported from Israel (Easy Pealers) Fremont Fairchild Murcot Michal Clementine Daisy Pearl Tangelo 6 Acre Sweet Orange Group (Tight Skinned Fruits) New hall navel Lane late navel Valencia Olinda Washington navel Fisher navel Jaffa Pine apple Mosambi Blood red Hamlin Lime & Lemons 2 Acre Germplasm Collection 1 Acre Total 25 Acre

31 CEF – Achievements – Pomegranate block
Sn. Cultivars Area Covered 1 Bhagwa 1 Acre 2 Maridula 3 Wonderful 4 Ganesh 137 Total 4 Acre

32 CEF – Achievements – Olive block
Crop Cultivars Area Covered Olive Barnea Corotina Carolina Arbiquina 6 Acres Total

33 CEF – Achievements – Dates block
Khurmegi : 1.2 acres Khalas : 1.2 acres Medzool : 1.2 acres Barhi : 1.2 acres Garhi : 1.2 acres Total : 6.0 acres

34 CEF Achievements: HRD Training to Extension Staff and Farmers
Afghan Extension Staff under USDA programme To school children


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