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14 South 16th Street Wilmington, NC (910)

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1 14 South 16th Street Wilmington, NC 28403 (910) 254-7124
Ocean House 14 South 16th Street Wilmington, NC 28403 (910)

2 Supervisors Matrice Morrison, BA, QMHP Director Jeremy Seaman, BA, AP
Rehabilitation Therapist Laraine Mazur, RN, AP Peer Specialist

3 What is Ocean House? A psychosocial rehabilitation program for adults with severe and or persistent mental illness. Ocean House practices under a hybrid model of the International Center for Clubhouse Development and psychosocial rehabilitation. What that means is it uses some of the ICCD practices and some of the PSR practices to combine them into one program.

4 Psychosocial Rehabilitation
What is ICCD and PSR? Clubhouse Model Psychosocial Rehabilitation Operates with different prevocational units run by the members (Kitchen, Business, snack bar, and member services) Has a Work order day from 8-2 where only unit duties are performed All socials and outreach must be done after 2 Does not operate under units Member do not have the responsibility of making the clubhouse run Only have activities (educational class, exercises, etc) Can only purchase food from snack bar

5 History Ocean House opened in the late 70’s as a drop in center. People would come in and socialize. In 1984 Ocean House moved towards a clubhouse model. Ocean house at this time was operating under the model set forth by the ICCD. In the 2000’s MHA took over and started the best practices model which transformed the clubhouse into a hybrid model between clubhouse and psychosocial rehabilitation.

6 Ocean House Mission MHA Mission
The Mental Health Association in NC is our state’s oldest and largest mental health advocacy organization. The Association was organized in 1914 and chartered in Our mission is to promote mental healthier, the prevention of mental disorders and the elimination of discrimination against people with mental illness. We accomplish these goals through community advocacy, education and services. Ocean House as program at this time does not have it’s own mission statement. The Goal of Ocean House is: People Helping people.

7 What Does OH offer? Help members gain living and pre-vocational skills
Supported employment Community integration Peer Supports Recreation/Leisure programs Wellness/Recovery programs Day outings and trips Unit Duties help teach living and vocational skills and provide peer support Kitchen Unit Meal Planning, budgeting, sanitation, hygiene & food prep Snack Bar Operate Cash register, social activities, planning & laundry services Business Unit Data entry, thrift shop, & building inspections Member Services Banking, newsletter, outreach, & housing

8 A Day at Ocean House 8-9:15 Welcome (Everyone Arrives)
9:15-9:30 Exercises 9:45-10:15 Morning Meeting &/or Wellness Class 10: Social &/or Morning Duties 12:00-1:00 Lunch 1:00-1:15 Afternoon meeting 1:15-2:00 Afternoon Duties 2:00-3:30 Activity, class, or social 3:30-4:00 End of Day Each Day’s Activity Monday- Shopping Tuesday- Exercise Wednesday- Guest Speaker Thursday- Games/ Karaoke Friday- Social

9 Duties at Ocean House Interact with the members of the clubhouse assist in unit duties Observe Large and Small group discussion Assist director in scheduling intakes, orientation, and person centered plan meetings Observe and participate in intakes and person centered plan meetings Developing and administering a questionnaire Assist with record keeping Led Craft Activity

10 Other Volunteers Occupational Therapy Students from CFCC
Create Media Materials Started the OH thrift store Led Crafts and other activities Nursing Students from UNCW and CFCC Presentations on health related issues Fundraising Led other activities

11 Future Volunteers.. Should Be CPR and First Aid are a Plus! Driven
Motivated Confident Resourceful A team player Require little direction CPR and First Aid are a Plus!

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