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Restaurant Operations

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1 Restaurant Operations
Chapter Four Restaurant Operations

2 This Chapter Should Help You...
Identify the three main divisions of activity found in restaurant operations, and summarize their respective roles. Explain the best way to become familiar with operations in a restaurant or other food service organizations.

3 This Chapter Should Help You...
Describe the main responsibilities and jobs associated with each of the following: front of the house Back of the house Office Identify the two basic approaches to increasing profits and the primary tools used to measure financial results in food service operations.

4 Three Main Areas of Food Service Operations:
Front of the House Back of the House Office

5 Front of the House: The key responsibility of the front of the house is GUEST SATISFACTION! It is extremely important to remember that as a front of the house employee, the key to providing excellent guest satisfaction is fulfilling the guest’s wants and expectations depending upon what type of Food Service Operation is employing you

6 Front of the House Tasks Include:
Some tasks include: Greeting the guest Taking the order Serving the food Removing used tableware Accepting payment and accounting for cash and charge sales Thanking the guest and inviting them for future business

7 Back of the House The principal responsibility of the back of the house is the quality of the food the guest is served Sanitation is an extremely important responsibility of employees in the back of the house Finally, cost control - food, labor, and supplies - is a “make or break” responsibility of the back of the house

8 Back of the House Tasks Some Tasks Performed include: Food production
Food quality and cost control Dish washing and pot washing Labor cost control Back-of-the-house cleaning Pest control

9 Office The first responsibility of employees in the office is providing administrative assistance to the general manager and his or her staff The office staff is responsible for all of the daily correspondence, phone calls, and office procedures to help free the managers from these time-consuming duties Lastly, the office staff is responsible for keeping the books

10 Office Staff Tasks Correspondence Phone calls
Bookkeeping, (i.e., preliminary processing of cashier deposits, payroll preparation, and bill approval) Cost control report preparation

11 Division of a Restaurant’s Day
Opening Before and after the rush Meal periods Closing

12 Controllable Expenses
Payroll costs Employee benefits Utilities Advertising and promotion Administrative costs Repairs and maintenance

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