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House of Commons House of Lords Presented by :. Parliament,Britain The Crown The House of Lords The House of Commons.

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1 House of Commons House of Lords Presented by :

2 Parliament,Britain The Crown The House of Lords The House of Commons

3 House of Commons Democratically elected body 659 MPs 659 constituencies max 5 years Lose a vote of confidence fails to carry its legislation resign or dissovle Election General Election By--election

4 Candidates &Voters a citizen of the UK, of a British overseas territory, of the Republic of Ireland, or of a member of the Commonwealth of Nations Age 21 or over for candidates, 18 or over for voters Not qualified – such as, Members of House of Lords, undischarged bankrupts, mental illness…

5 General Election --preparation nominated on an official nomination paper giving his or her full name and home address Paper must include the signatures of 10 electors who will support him or her including a proposer and a seconder must stand either for a registered political party or as an independent.

6 Must pay a 500 pound deposit which is lost if they do not secure 5% of the total number of voters cast in their constituency ---------discourage large number of frivolous candidates from standing Usually approved by head office & selected as prospective Parlimentary Candidate

7 3 weeks before,Local campaign Contest for the most votes Make public speeches appears on local TV canvasses from house to house Hand out manifesto In the constituency Candidate with the Most votes wins Election day First-past-the-post

8 when a Member dies, retires or is disqualified from membership of the House of Commons By-election Voting only in the Constituency Without a member The same electoral System as in General election

9 The House of Lords – unelected body Senior clerics of The church of England The Lords Spiritual Certain members Of Peerage The Lords Temporal As long as their ecclesiastical positions Serve for life

10 The Lords Spiritual No more than 26 Lords Spiritual Include the 5 most important ecclesiastics of the Church: the Archbishop of Canterbury (southeast England) the Archbishop of York (northern England) the Bishop of London (southern England) the Bishop of Durham (nouthern England) the Bishop of Winchester (south-central England)

11 The church of Scotland is not representation by any Lords Spiritual--- Presbyterian( ) institution, no archbishops or bishops The Church of Ireland did obtain representation in the House of Lords after the Union of Ireland and Great Britain in 1801. However, it was disestablished in 1871, and ceased to be reprensented by Lords Spiritual Hence,all Lords Spiritual in the present House are of the Church of England

12 The Lords Temporal Originally, the Lords Temporal included several hereditary peers dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts, barons, and lords of Parliament. Such hereditary dignities are created by the Crown, in modern times on the advice of the Prime Minister of the day. dukes marquesses earls viscounts barons lords of Parliament However,The House of Lords Act 1999 provides that only ninety-two individuals may continue to sit in the Upper House by virtue of hereditary peerages.

13 A.92 Hereditary peerages 2 90 The Earl Marshal( ) The Lord Great Chamberlain ( ) 15: elected by the whole House 75: chosen by fellow Hereditaries in the House of Lords

14 B.Life peers– the largest group Created by the Sovereign, who acts on the advice of the Prime Minister By convention, PM allows leaders of other parties to select some life peers ---maitian a politacal balance in the House of Lords Some non-party life peers are nominated by an independent house of Lords Appointment Comminsson

15 C.The lords of Appeal in Ordinary A group of individuals appointed to the House of Lords so that they may exercise its judical functions Selected by the Prime Minister, but are formally appointed by the Sovereign Hold seats the House of Lords for life

16 The House of Lords, as of 1 November 2004: Affiliat ion Life Peers Hereditary Peers Lords Spiritual Tot al Elected by Party Elected by Whole House Royal Office- holders Conservative Party 15639800203 Labour Party 1972200201 Liberal Democrats 64220068 Cross-benchers 15429220187 Other party/ Non-affiliated 8200010 Lords Spiritual 000026 Total 5797414226 695


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