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MICEX Settlement House As Major Settlement Services Provider.

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1 MICEX Settlement House As Major Settlement Services Provider

2 MICEX Settlement House business profile MICEX SH is one of the basic infrastructures of trade business, since 1997 effecting settlements on all MICEX markets, such as: State securities market Corporate securities market Foreign exchange market Derivatives market MICEX SH provides its customers with a full range of settlement services in Russian rubles and in foreign currencies The number of MICEX SHs customers achieved 839 organizations

3 Main financial figures as of 01 October 2009 Average annual total assets – RUB bln Average annual customers funds – RUB bln Average annual equity – RUB 3.2 bln (RUB mln) Average annual balances with the Bank of Russia and foreign prime banks - RUB bln Average turnover through account with the Bank of Russia in the previous 6 months – RUB mln Average turnover through customers accounts in the previous 6 months – RUB mln

4 Settlements Safety and Reliability MICEX SH is a financial institution specializing in settlements MICEX SH maintains obligatory liquidity ratio at the minimum level of 100%, does not effect any investment activity and thus does not carry any credit or other market risks Back-up procedures are in place for all data E-documents exchange is protected by certified encryption mechanism Alternative communications channels are provided Settlement procedures are fully automated

5 Wide network of LORO correspondent banks in Russia Payments within MICEX SHs LORO-network are effected in real-time mode Currently 467 Russian FIs and foreign banks subsidiaries are keeping their RUB bank accounts with MICEX SH

6 Operational advantages MICEX SH is direct participant of BESP system A technological solution providing simplified RUB settlement instruction input for non-Russian banks and organize STP for these settlements is being developed by MICEX SH This development is combined with an initiative for co- operation between MICEX and ICAP

7 Merger with NDC Synergy effect in project realization and service render High capitalization Reduction of costs Lower operational risks New unique opportunities of development Diversification of transactions

8 ContactsContacts * 1/13, stroenie 8, Sredniy Kislovskiy Pereulok, Moscow , Russia ( Administrative Office: Correspondent Banking Department: Fax: SWIFT: MICURUMM Теlex: , MICU RU "

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