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Reading Comprehension

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1 Reading Comprehension
General English and Soft Skill Classes Day 4 Vipul R. Solanki

2 Reading Comprehension
Language consists four skills(LSRW): L Listening Passive S Speaking Active R Reading Passive W Writing Active

3 Reading Comprehension
Reading is not only to look at a page or thing but to receive or derive the information or concept or meaning with understanding. It is a process where one looks at and understands what has been written on the paper sheet/screen. The purpose of reading is to connect the ideas on the page one is already familiar with

4 Reading Comprehension
Reading is part of communication process. Sender Channel Receiver Writer Paper/Screen Reader

5 Reading Comprehension
Various factors that affect the reading and reading speed: The type of reading material(circular, time-table, memo, report, technical subject, fiction, news etc.) Interest of the reader Familiarity/unfamiliarity with the subject Formation of the text Language of the text (MT(Gujarati), Second Language(English, American English, British English, Australian English, Indian English etc.) )

6 Reading Comprehension
Tips for effective reading: Define the purpose of reading (To understand a concept, to remember, to derive information, for the sake of pleasure). Initially, learn the purpose of writing (to inform, to persuade, to order, to criticize, to explain something). Understand the authors’ point of views. Look for titles, subtitles, headings and sub-headings.

7 Reading Comprehension
Read non verbal signals like punctuation marks, bullets, numbers, color, bold, italic, underline, captions, etc. Maro mat, jane do. Maro, mat jane do. Take in more words with each fixation Do not read individual words but the groups of words. Be familiar with the unknown words as the unknown words become barrier for better comprehension of the text. Learn the meanings of the words by contextualizing. Find out the links of the words like same grammatical category.

8 Reading Comprehension
Identify the topical sentences, supportive sentences, examples etc. The moon’s gravity pulls earth’s oceans towards it as it moves round the earth.(Topical sentence). Then it lets them go again. These movements of the oceans are the tides. The sun also affects the tides. At the sea side you can see that sometimes the sea covers the beach completely. These are called high tides. At other times, the water goes back, leaving the shore uncovered. These are called low tides. Most seaside places have two high tides and two low tides every day.(Supportive sentences)

9 Reading Comprehension
Analyze the text and identity the structure of the text. The organization of the text/passages is done with number of techniques; as Definition Narration/Illustration Compare and Contrast Cause and Effect Classification Problem and Solution

10 Reading Comprehension
Relate the ideas in paragraphs and sentences . Try to find out the referent words of the substitute words Understand the order of words and sentences Anticipate to determine the meaning Refer dictionary while reading Read in short periods of time when you are getting bore and loosing your concentration Take notes while reading or just after reading

11 Reading Comprehension
Skim and skip as per the requirement, time and subject While skimming get the main idea of the text. Look only at the important word. To identify the important words, look at the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Do not worry about articles, prepositions or auxiliaries.

12 Reading Comprehension
Task 1: Read the below given news item and select an appropriate heading for the news item from the given choices: A Korean airbus with 199 passengers crashed 4.8 km away from Teipoli airport in Libya today, and burst into flames, killing at least 100 people. The official Libyan News Agency, Jana, said that the plane fell on two houses, killing four persons in one of them. Jana reported that 80 to 100 people, including the Captain survived the crash near Tripoli. The crash occurred at 7 a.m. local time, 25 minutes before the expected time of landing.

13 Reading Comprehension
Headings: Hundred feared killed in plane crash Plane crashes before landing Tragedy near Tripoli Captain survives plan crash Plane falls on houses Airbus in flames

14 Reading Comprehension
Task 2: Skim through the below given letter and choose four important words that could form the text of the telegram. Ans: TRIP CANCELLED FATHER UNWELL My dear Ravi, Hope you are fine. My father is suffering from jaundice. The doctor has advised him to take complete rest for a month. My mother is quite worried and feels helpless. At this moment I cannot leave them alone and go for a holiday. I am sorry I have to cancel my trip to Madras. Please do not get angry. I shall write to you again, when my plans are finalized. My regards to your father and mother. Yours affectionately, Suresh

15 Reading Comprehension
Scanning (Look for specific information): Do not waste time in reading every word in the passage. Read quickly to find the answer/information you are looking for. Take the help of headings, sub-headings, graphs, data table etc. Reading of railway time tables etc. is such type of practice.

16 Reading Comprehension
Task 3: Scan the required information through the below given College Examination Rules: 1 Examination start on Dec 15 and finish on Jan 16. 2 Examination fees must be paid before March 1. 3 Morning examinations begin at 10:30. 4 Afternoon examinations begin at 3:30 p.m. 5 All examinations are for 3 hours. 6 The college closes at 7:30 p.m. each day during examination 7 No dictionaries, reference books or calculators are allowed to bring the examination hall.

17 Reading Comprehension
Which rule or rules should the following students know? 1 The students who do not have much money. Rule - 2 2 The students who want a holiday in Feb. Rule - 1 3 The students whose last bus leaves at 6 p.m. each day Rule - 4 4 The students who always use dictionary. Rule - 6

18 Reading Comprehension
Summarize what you have read. Practise daily for effective reading.

19 Reading Comprehension Practice (Brief Passage):
Exercise 1: Read the following passage carefully and answers the questions that follow: Many poor farmers had been compelled to take up indigo cultivation when the British settlers were given the right to purchase land in India. Many whites, therefore, either acquired land or advanced loans to poor farmers and pressured them to forsake the farming of food grains and other cash crops for indigo cultivation. Indigo export to Europe was lucrative for the British settlers who held a monopoly of this business. Within a few years, most of the fertile lands had undergone forcible indigo cultivation, resulting in a famine situation in Bengal. When the farmers declined to cultivate indigo, they were tortured, jailed and even killed.

20 Reading Comprehension Practice (Brief Passage):
The poor farmers in Bengal took up indigo cultivation because The government gave them subsidies for the purpose It was a money earning crop They were forced to do so This was the only crop that would grow in this region British settlers bought land in Bengal in order to Cultivate indigo Grow crops for the poor farmers Own agricultural property Settle down in India Indigo export was profitable for the British settlers because: Labor was cheap They has no competitors The land was fertile They could oppress the farmers

21 Reading Comprehension Practice (Brief Passage):
Exercise 2: Read the following two letters carefully and answer the questions: Letter 1: Dear Shri Chattre, The umbrella, which you have forgotten during your visit to our department store day before yesterday, is still here. It gives very obnoxious look, besides emitting some foul smell. Will you please take the trouble to collect it as early as possible? Tomorrow it being our weekly off, our store is closed. You may collect your ‘precious’ umbrella day after tomorrow i.e. on Sunday. Yours sincerely, C. F. Francis

22 Reading Comprehension Practice (Brief Passage):
Letter 2: Dear Shri Francis, Thank you for your letter. The time that I must spend to visit your store is much more important than any precious umbrella. Also, you have now known the worth of my umbrella. I, therefore, would like to donate it generously to a friend like you. You may keep it on display in your big store as a historical monument. Thanking you once again for your kindness to remind me of my lost property. Yours sincerely, Akash Chhatre

23 Reading Comprehension Practice (Brief Passage):
Mr. Francis wrote to Chhatre because Chhatre was his close friend Chhatre was a very busy man The umbrella was really very prescious He was concern about Chhatre’s love for the umbrella Chhatre’s umbrella was a nuisance to his sote. Shri Chhatre had visited the departmental store on which of the following days? Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday None of these

24 Reading Comprehension Practice (Brief Passage):
Which of the following is true about the umbrella, as mentioned by Mr. Francis? The umbrella was a problem to the customers’ eyes only. The umbrella was a problem to the customers’ nose only. The umbrella was a problem to the customers’ nose and eyes. The umbrella was a very expensive item. The umbrella was like a historical monument. Chhatre’s act of donating the umbrella to Francis reveals that Chhatre is a very generous person Francis needed the umbrella very much He had a lot of sympathy for Francis’ store. He could not afford to spend money to collect it. None of these

25 Reading Comprehension Practice (Brief Passage):
On the basis of these two letters, which of the following can be inferred to be definitely true? Francis and Chhatre do not have good relationship with each other. Chhatre’s umbrella was very expensive. The departmental store is closed on Saturday. Francis’ sotre would benefit by preserving the umbrella None of these

26 Reading Comprehension
Thank You!!

27 Reading Comprehension
Subject, time and types of reading affect reading: Read to derive information (reading of notice-boards, circulars, memos, time-tables or instructions Reading for pleasure Reading for understanding the concepts

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