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Webinar: EPA WATERS System & STORET Water Monitoring Data Warehouse July 20, 2011.

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1 Webinar: EPA WATERS System & STORET Water Monitoring Data Warehouse July 20, 2011

2 Agenda Introductions –Sarah Swenson, EPA (facilitator) –Thomas Dabolt, EPA (presenter) Format –EPA speaker (30 minutes) – overview of Water datasets –Lines are muted - submit questions as the speakers talk –Questions and Answers (15 minutes) See the website: 1

3 Background about the Challenge Apps must use EPA data and address one of EPA Administrator Lisa Jacksons Seven Priorities Judged based on usefulness, innovativeness, and usability Submissions are due by September 16 Winners and runners up for Best Overall App and Best Student App, plus Peoples Choice Recognition from EPA in Washington, D.C. in November Get more details at 2

4 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Watershed Assessment, Tracking & Environmental ResultS (WATERS)

5 5 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WATERS Overview Watershed Assessment, Tracking & Environmental ResultS (WATERS) - Unifies federal and state data from many different sources to provide easily accessible water quality information. The primary goal of the Office of Water is to achieve clean and safe water. Many different OW programs work together toward achieving this goal and WATERS helps them share important water quality information to meet this goal. Unites water quality information that was previously available only from several independent and unconnected databases. Program databases are connected via the digital network of surface water features known as the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD). Powers a variety of applications, web services, database services and Geographic Information Systems mapping services for both public and internal EPA consumption. Additional Information:

6 6 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Available WATERS Data National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Plus NHDPlus Smoothed Catchments Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) Legacy Watershed Boundary Dataset Water Program Features indexed to the NHD –303(d) Listed Impaired Waters –305(b) Assessed Waters –Beaches –Combined Sewer Overflows –Clean Water State Revolving Fund Benefits Reporting –Clean Watersheds Needs Survey –Facilities that Discharge to Water –Fish Consumption Advisories –Fish Tissue Data –Impaired Waters with TMDLs –Nonpoint Source Projects –No Discharge Zones –Water Quality Standards * Note: The above list does not include program system databases contained within WATERS. Additional Information:

7 7 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency GIS/Mapping Services Native support for both North American Datum (NAD83) and Web Mercator (WMERC) projections. Strategic WMERC services are pre-projected and stored in File Geodatabases. WMERC services are also on demand cached. OGC Standards Compliant. Provides access to spatial data via both REST and SOAP formatted endpoints. Additional Information:

8 8 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Flexible mapping service allow data to be consumed by various clients Web Applications :JavaScript, Flash, andSilverlight based ArcGIS Desktop, Online, and Explorer based Other: Mobile, Google Earth, etc. GIS/Mapping Services

9 9 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Web Services HTTP, SOAP, and/or Database Services –Validate and Convert Lat/Long –Get Entities by Lat/Long, HUC, and Radius –Get Program Waters Entities –NHD Event Indexing –NHD Point Indexing (Raindrop and Distance Snap) –Identify –Total Waters by state, HUC, FCODE, bounding box, and custom geometry –NHD/GNIS Name Lookup –Upstream/Downstream –Navigation –Navigation Delineation Most commonly used services in bold. Additional Information:

10 10 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WATERS Services Web Page Services web page contains high-level overview information about available services. Indicates if service is available through the JavaScript Library, HTTP (REST-Like), SOAP and/or as a database service. Additional Information:

11 11 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WATERS Services Web Page Services web pages contain detailed level information about individual services. –Description of the service –Sample Usage Scenarios –Input parameters –Output object (including UML diagram) –JavaScript Library Function –HTTP Endpoint information –SOAP Endpoint information –Sample SOAP Request and Response objects

12 12 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WATERS JavaScript Library WATERS JavaScript Library - provides an abstraction layer on top of the WATERS REST-like service endpoints, making them even easier to consume. By using the library, consumers do not need to worry about cross-browser Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) communication, AJAX infrastructure code setup, changes to the underlying endpoints, and cross domain browser limitations. This library is similar to the libraries provided by ESRI and other industry leaders. Diagram depicts how the library fits into a consumer application Example NameService call using library

13 13 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Code Playground A code playground is available that helps showcase the WATERS Services along with providing direct access to working code that could be reused in consumer applications. The playground provides: Cut and paste-ready code samples that showcase the usage and syntax of the WATERS Services. The ability to try out WATERS mapping and analytical services from the interface. The ability to use the embedded code editor to try out different service parameters without needing to save the code locally.

14 14 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Additional Information Pravin Rana Phone: (202) 564-1909 E-mail: Brad Cooper Phone: (703) 852-3586 E-mail: Waters Support E-mail: Waters Mailing List Information: List List

15 Questions and Answers Potential topics: Questions about accessing or using data systems How to submit ideas for apps Ideas for future webinars – what datasets do you want to learn about? 3

16 Next Steps Check out our new webinar site to catch up on any youve missed! Weekly webinars – Wednesdays @ 2 PM EST –The next webinar is on Wednesday, July 27 at 2 PM eastern –Topic: EPAs GIS data - Check the website for registration info Submit your apps by September 16 Check the website for the latest news and sign up for the listserv (EPA App Developer Community) Check out our blog at Email us at 4

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