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1.Manager Making Power Will be with CRO only : a) Manager Should have At-least 10 Directs. b) Manager Should make a Qualification Video. c) 10 Directs.

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3 1.Manager Making Power Will be with CRO only : a) Manager Should have At-least 10 Directs. b) Manager Should make a Qualification Video. c) 10 Directs Should be Fully Paid. d) List of 10 Directs Fully Paid & Appointment letter/mail should be forwarded to CRO. 2.Fake Scan Button : Fake Scan button will be working Fine and quick strict actions will be taken. 3.Invisible Slips will Not be allowed : While Providing Help Genuine/Original Slip Upload will be mandatory. 4.Maintain Proper Records and Statistics with New Date Option : IN PARTICIPANTS PAGE : There will be a new Row of Date of Joining. There will be a new Row of Date of Promotion of a Manager. 5.Tickets : Will be solved at earliest, Special Team will be appointed to solve the matter quickly on time within max 24 - 48hrs.

4 6.Check Activeness of Receiver : Its Mandatory For Both Receiver and Sender to Communicate in Message Box. If Receiver Is Not Responding in Message Box then he will be Blocked. 7.Default TIME Limit : Default Time limit of every order will be 24hrs only and if a person or his manager clicksI consent to make payment Button then automatically 24hrs more time extension will be given. 8.Sender is Willing !! But There is No Response From Receiver : Now if Sender is ready and Receiver is not responding in message box. Every New Order will have default time of 24 hrs. Sender can get extension of 24 hrs by clicking I consent to make payment for getting total 48Hrs time. Now if Receiver is not responding in message box then after 36 hrs A New button calledCancel Order will appear to the sender. Sender Can Press This Cancel Order & Cancel his order and new order will get generated for the sender and on the other side The Receiver Will Be Blocked. If Now again New Receiver is Not responding then Sender Can Use this power Number of times till he finds a Genuine Receiver who replies to him in message box. NOTE : CANCEL ORDER BUTTON WILL ONLY COME AFTER 36 HRS IF RECEIVER DID NOT RESPOND IN MESSAGE BOX, IF RECEIVER RESPONDS, THEN IT WILL NOT APPEAR.

5 8b.Receiver is Willing But There is No Response From Sender : Now if Receiver has already responded and Sender is not responding in message box. Every New Order will have default time of 24 hrs. Receiver by default can always give extension of time to sender. Now if Receiver gives Time Extension then a Unique Power For Receiver to Cancel the order will get activated after 36 hrs. If time extension was given to sender by receiver and there is No Reply From The Sender till 36 Hrs then after 36hrs a button called Cancel Order will appear to the receiver and receiver can use it to cancel this order. Sender will be Blocked. If the Sender who is Blocked has Partly Paid or Nothing Paid then He will be Unblocked with Guidelines to Rule Number 9.Number 9 Example : 1) SINGLE FULL ORDER A is Sender, A makes request to Provide Help for 10,000 INR and A gets a Single full order to give help, if A didn't press button of Consent, Receiver can increase time and after 36 hrs cancel this order. In this case A was blocked and As Request(Provide Help) will deleted and then system can unblock A. 2) Multiple Orders : A is Sender, A makes request to Provide Help for 10,000 INR and A gets 2 orders to give help, if A didn't press button of Consent, First Receiver increased time and after 36 hrs cancelled the order and second receiver did nothing. In this case A will be blocked after 24 hrs or timer finishes. Any Pending Orders may be checked by CRO.

6 9. UNBLOCK ID RULE : A Partly Paid : If Any Id gets blocked, suppose he provided help for 10k and he paid 4k then on Unblock his Total Provide Help will be 4K only, 6k will be deleted out. B Nothing Paid : If Any ID gets blocked with No Orders paid then it can be Unblocked on request to CRO but any provide help in this ID will be Deleted and Participant will have to do a fresh provide help again. C Fully Paid : If Fully Paid ID is blocked due to some reason, then It will be easily Unblocked by the CRO without any conditions.

7 10. AUTOMATIC PROVIDE HELP : TO RUN THE SYSTEM FOR ENDLESS TIME THIS IS VERY NECESSARY. Every Month in between fixed dates lets say on 5 th to 10 th Of Every Month, Auto Provide will be done on every Managers ID according to a fixed percentage of his previous month Get Help. Example : A Manager Got 1,00,000 INR in January Month as get help,Now on 5th February 2014 Automatic Provide help of 15% of His Previous Month Get Help will be done which is equal to 15000 INR. (Get Help will Include = Growth+Referral/Leader/Manager Bonuses) This Auto Provide Help will be mandatory for every manager every Month. Our Ideology says not to do provide help on anybodys force but ideology is for Participants Not for Managers, We mean Managers are here to work and act upon the mutual understandings to grow the system. So we feel there is no issue to any manager here. Also In Starting Face of MMM 2014, Auto Provide Help of 1,000 INR Each on Every Manager ID has been proposed to Rotate the Wheel in start. The Auto Provide Help will not be allowed to Cancel. For Every Manager at-least 2 Fresh Registrations in his/her Direct are Necessary with Provide Helps of Minimum 10,000 INR (Fully Paid) on Monthly basis. If he fails to do so then he will not be able to do Get Help Next Month.

8 11. Provide Help : Minimum Provide Help : 500 INR Provide Help Maximum 3000$ = 1,85,000 INR (Approx) allowed on Single ID to stop promotion of multiple Ids Maximum Orders Generated will be 5-6 in Number and Single order will not be more then 800$ = 48,000 INR(Approx) in taking care of Banking Norms of India. Referral and Leader Bonus will be given on Both New and Old Money. 12. Get Help : Minimum Get Help will be : 500 INR and Multiples of 500 INR. Maximum Get Help Weekly Should Not exceed 2000$ or Approx : 1,20,000 INR. Get Help Will Not be allowed without SMS Code. Maximum Time for Get Help Orders to Generate will be 48HRS but normally in routine Get Help Orders will be Generated within 12 Hrs to 24 Hrs time. This will ensure SAY NO TO PANIC at the stage where sometimes orders get delayed by 2-3 hrs and sometimes 2 days also. 13.Advance Provide Help Orders : 10% of Provide Help done will be taken within 24-48 hrs. Rest 90%s orders will be generated within 30 days. This will ensure the genuine Provide Helps In the system and fakers will be out.

9 14. Increase The Confidence Level of Participants : As you all know that in the past days there were lot of activities in the system which lead to a Big disappointment and which further resulted in 3rd Restart which we also never wanted and never expected to happen. We do understand that before this 3rd Restart you all had put your best possible efforts to strengthen the system but due to some bad elements we all had to suffer the results. We hope that this time you will not give these bad elements a chance to flourish again. Our full co-operation will remain with you forever for the afore said. The Faith you have shown in the MMM Revolution has been clearly seen today with the functioning of system. As soon as the developments in the system will be on faster track and get stronger, the possibility of Debt Mavro Release will gradually increase. We hope that if we all succeed in this endeavour, then in coming 3 to 4 months the chance to release debt will be much higher. We can not provide absolute assurance in this way because it all depends on your sincere efforts ! MMM is a Big family and we all are the members of it ! We Promise you for 24x7 unconditional support from our side. Lets make this Society a better Place to work in with our mutual unity and integrity.



12 1.Managers Name will be Freezed and He/She will not be able to change the name. Pan Card will be Compulsory For Managers. 2.Pan Card will be necessary for Only Managers : Pan Card Number and Scan copy has to be uploaded on My page. Pan Card Number Verification will be done by special team appointed. Only After Verification of Pan Card Number Matched with the Name Written in ID will be allowed to do Provide Help. Pan Card Verification will be done within 24-48hrs Maximum. One Pan Card Number will entitle only 1 id in the system. 3.Confirmation Bonus : There are lot of issues that People Dont Confirm the payments on time For overcoming this problem 5% bonus Income should be introduced that if receiver confirms the payment in time then receiver will get a credit of 5% Bonus of that Particular Order Amount. This thing will help people to give early confirmations in greed of this Bonus. Also why should Sender suffer if he already sent payment, Receivers Manager should be allowed to confirm the order after 48 hrs and help sender in giving confirmations, So this will decrease the tasks of CRO 4. Of 10% Will Be Given to That Sender who Completes his Provide help In first 24 hrs* & also Claim Button Will be introduced if he Pays within First 6hrs. (Point No 5)Point No 5

13 5. Claim Button for Punctuality Bonus : If Sender Paid The order within 24hrs time then he is eligible to get 10% Bonus of his Provide Help only if Receiver gives him confirmation within his 24hrs time. But The point here is that Senders Time starts from the time order has got generated and Receivers time starts from the time when sender added the slip. It can be like Senders Order was Generated by = 12:00 Noon (11-Jan-2014) He made Payment by = 3:00 Pm (11-Jan-2014) So His Timer of Getting Bonus [10%] will End By 24hrs i.e. = 11:59 Am (12-Jan-2014) Receivers Timing started by = 3:00 Pm (11-Jan-2014) So His Timer of Getting Bonus [5%] will end By 24hrs i.e. = 02:59 Pm (12-Jan-2014) If Receiver Now Gives Confirmation By 01:30 Pm (12-Jan-2014) then Receiver Will Get 5% Bonus but Sender will not be able to Get 10% Bonus. This Process will totally work on Mutual understanding but we know there are many mischievous persons around who will not give confirmations on time knowingly and will try their levels best So that sender does not earn his Bonus. So to over come this issue Sender should get a BONUS CLAIM BUTTON only if he made the payment within first 6hrs. Then even if receiver did not make his confirmation according to his time Sender can Claim his 10% from CRO as he made the payment within claiming time.

14 6.Animated Countdown Timer : There will be a Live Animated Countdown Timer which will motivate participants to pay early. This will Give the Real Time Info of remaining time to complete the pending tasks.


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