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Linking for E-literacy Project 2012. Debbie Whitehead.

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1 Linking for E-literacy Project 2012. Debbie Whitehead.

2 Congratulations, so you are about to undertake a course for a qualification! This may also a time to begin considering whether you will use your qualification to gain or change a job, go on to further study or a combination of both.

3 To help you to be successful in your current course work, and to ensure you have the skills to pursue further study in the future, it is important that you learn learning to learn skills. This is not only important for now, it is a skill that will carry you through the rest of your life, helping you to achieve your personal, and your career goals well into the future.

4 This online preparatory course aims to ensure that you will be ready and well equipped to pursue your chosen career goals. We will do this by guiding you through the process of: Making a personal learning plan Choosing learning options that suit your personal learning style and needs Developing a personal portfolio for use in your career development Introducing options for e-learning and m- learning

5 Learning can be defined as: A measurable increase in knowledge. Memorising. Acquiring knowledge or skills that can be called for use as necessary. A change in behaviour. From the moment you are born you are learning! You are gathering information, acquiring knowledge and skills which result in a change in behaviour.

6 Change is everywhere in the world, from the technology we have in our homes to the way the business world operates. In order to maintain our ability to participate in the world we need to keep up with the changes. That means continuous learning & updating of our skills and knowledge

7 The motivation to do this can come from keeping in mind the benefits: increased personal & job satisfaction better prospects for work & increased pay. Remain employable as work expectations change to maintain confidence in your own abilities to participate in community & work activities.


9 Learn what you can from every situation at home and work Use reflective practice or journaling Ask questions Practice new skills and knowledge Use what you learn to your benefit Make things happen Involve yourself in life.

10 No matter which field of work or occupation you choose to work in today, there are certain skills that most employers really value in their employees. These skills are what we call transferable skills because most of them do not only apply to our work-life, they are also valuable in almost of all areas of life.

11 Career & Life planningCultural Understanding Learning to learnNetworking Organising and analysing informationSelf-management & Performance management Using mathematical ideas & techniquesPresentation Communication, both written & verbalProblem solving & negotiation Interpersonal skillsTeam skills Computer literacyLeadership skills Using technology


13 You can find a range of web & print based resources on the website for this course: http://linking4eliteracy4students.coonarah

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