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By: Raymond Tyler Dalke Dr. Jan Brink Mr. Mark Weller.

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1 By: Raymond Tyler Dalke Dr. Jan Brink Mr. Mark Weller

2 Steel Manufacturing Open Hearth Furnace Basic Oxygen Furnace Electric Arc Furnace Steel Categories Killed Semi-Killed Rimmed Capped History of Spark Testing s

3 Cost Availability Ease of Use


5 Grinding Wheel Prototypes Compressed Air 1015 Plain Carbon Steel

6 Baldor 8 inch Bench Grinder ¾ Hsp 3600 RPM 2.4 Amp Serial# G Coarse grit Al 2 O 3 grinding wheel Medium grit Al 2 O 3 grinding wheel

7 1015 plain carbon steel 12 3

8 Mounting Arm 2x 2 box tubing One- 5/16-18 x 1 ¼ machine screw One- 5/16-18 x 2 bolt

9 Current Backboard 2 – black poster boards Inch scale Future Backboard 2x 2 pine studs (frame) 40x 45 black background ¼ paneling Inch scale

10 Remove eye shields, tool rest, and guards Utilized the existing bolt holes Loctite ® !!!

11 Plain Carbon Steel Alloy Steels Tool Steel O1 D2 Stainless Steels Others Gray Cast Iron

12 Observe Safety! Mount Specimen Turn on grinder Prepare camera and turn off lights Swing mounting arm into grinding position Stand back roughly 4 foot and take six pictures Return mounting arm to non-grinding position Turn light on and align pattern density card Take two readings, a 10 second and 30 second blast on separate cards Turn grinder off Measure the force applied to grinding wheel Record measurements Upload photos using Image J software and record data

13 Rockwell Hardness Brinell Hardness Spark Length Projected Angle Angle of Extremes

14 Spark Length Angle of Extremes Projected Angle

15 Average Force 3.3 Newtons =.74 lbs Average projected angle ° from the positive x-axis Measured RPM 3575 Spark Testing Type of SteelHRCBrinell Spark Length (in.) Angle of Extremes (°) N/A N/A O D Stainless79.33N/A Stainless75.33N/A Stainless78.00N/A Gray Cast Iron


17 1015 Plain Carbon Steel1095 Plain Carbon Steel


19 Lab Experiments Thermal Imaging Pneumatic Fixture

20 American Society of Metals (1978). Metals Handbook: Properties and selection: Irons and Steels. (Ninth Edition).Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. United States of America DeGarmo, E. P., Black, J. T., Kohser, R. A., and Klamecki, B. E.(2003). Materials and Processes in Manufacturing. (Ninth Edition) Hamilton Printing. United States of America Stookey, D. and Dargan, N.(1967). Spark Testing Training Manual Tschorn, G.(1963). Spark Atlas of Steels. The Macmillan Company. New York Azzouz, S., Brink, J., and Weller, J. M.(2011). Material Science Lab Manual

21 Dr. Magaly Rincón-Zachary Dr. Jan Brink Mr. Mark Weller Dr. Jonathan Price Dr. Rebecca Dodge UGROW


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