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OZONE TECHNOLOGY The Step to a cleaner tomorrow Tel: 0096626146464 Address: Al-Andalus Street, Almtpola Center Plaza, 5 th.

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1 OZONE TECHNOLOGY The Step to a cleaner tomorrow Tel: 0096626146464 E-mail: Address: Al-Andalus Street, Almtpola Center Plaza, 5 th Floor Jeddah, KSA

2 What is OZONE? Ozone (O3) is a natural element and is readily found in nature. O2O2 O3O3 Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant Destroying 99.99% of: bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, protozoa, yeast, cysts, algae…. O Ozone (O3) is composed of 3 Atoms of oxygen

3 What is OZONE? Ozone is 3 Atoms of oxygen The world 3 rd most powerful oxidizer Ozone is suicidal in a way: Ozone destroys contaminants and revert back to normal oxygen Video: Click to watch

4 Oxidizing Agents comparison Oxidizing AgentOxidation PotentialRelative Power to Chlorine Fluorine (F2)3.062.25 Ozone (O3)2.071.52 Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) 1.771.30 Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) 1.671.23 Chlorine (Cl2)1.361.00 Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2) 1.270.93 Bromine (Br2)1.090.80 Ozone is 1.5 times more powerful than chlorine and 3000 times faster acting than chlorine

5 Where ozone can be found? Ozone is naturally produced in the atmosphere by lighting discharges Ozone is also produced from suns ultra-violet rays in our upper atmosphere producing the ozone layer

6 How is ozone Created industrially? O3 Attacks Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Fungi, pollution, Contaminants Normal Oxygen molecule O2 present in the air Applied energy splits O2 into Atomic Oxygen Atomic Oxygen O1 connects with O2 and O3 is formed O3 is very Unstable and Start to performs Oxidation O3 will revert back to O2 after the oxidation Ozone is produced by applying electrical energy to split the oxygen molecules Ozone is produced on spot by ozone generators No chemicals Added Ozone is immediately consumed as it reverts back to normal oxygen

7 CHLORINE DISINFECT Creates Toxic By-Products Remain in water or on food Chlorine: the Traditional Disinfectant Chlorine reacts with natural organics present in water to form chemical by- products Chlorine is an effective disinfectant, But: Chlorine chemical by-products are highly toxic, carcinogenic and very hard to remove (ex: Trihalomethanes formation or THM)

8 Chlorine effects on Health: Exposure to chlorinated water can triggers Asthma Chlorinated water increases Cholesterol/HDL ratio Chlorinated water increases the risk of bladder Cancer Chlorinated water significantly increases Dermatitis episodes Repeated exposure to chlorine in air or water adversely affect the immune system, the blood, the heart, and the respiratory system of animals. World Health Organization, Geneva 2003 : Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) USA:

9 Chlorine effects on Environment: Chlorine causes environmental harm at low levels. Chlorine is especially harmful to organisms living in water and in soil. (EPA – Environmental Protection Agency USA) Chlorine damages the gills of fish, inhibiting their ability to absorb oxygen Chlorine affects the behavioral changes of migratory movement of fish Chlorine creates reproductive problems in animals Tiny concentrations of chlorine kills many aquatic life-forms

10 Ozone effect on Health: Ozone is 1.5 times more powerful than chlorine and 3000 times faster acting Ozone safely reverts back to Normal oxygen OZONE NO chemicals Residue SAFE & BENEFICIAL for Health Degrades pesticides, Herbicides and contaminants present on food or water NO chemical by-product formation DISINFECT

11 Ozone is 100% chemical-free Removes Chemical contaminants (including Pharmaceutical contaminants) Improves Biodegradation of contaminants True destruction of pollution (the only technology to truly destruct contaminants) Ozone effect on Environment: Water treated with Ozone can be easily recycled

12 Brief History of Ozone

13 Is the application of ozone approved by regulatory agencies? Ozone may be safely used in the treatment, storage, and processing of foods, including meat and poultry. Processed Food disinfected with ozone are permitted to be labeled as Organic or Made with Organic Ozone is also Approved by:

14 ozone in drinking water treatment Complete removal of Odor & Color Taste Enhancement Degradation of pesticides, pharmaceutical residue and other contaminants NO environmental or health endangering by-products More powerful than traditional water treatment (chlorine) in disinfecting; destruction of microorganisms even the resistant bacteria, viruses & parasites After Treatment with ozone After 30 days

15 Ozone in Municipal Drinking water treatment Los Angeles the largest drinking water treatment plant in the world, uses ozone for water treatment. Europe: 652 Municipal Plants USA & Canada: 368 Municipal plants

16 Ozone in water bottling Over 90% of bottling water companies in USA and Europe use Ozone for disinfection of water & bottles. WHY? Because till now there is no disinfectant or sanitizing agent that can be mixed in with the beverage without having an adverse effect on the organoleptic properties of the beverage.

17 Some multi-national companies that uses OZONE for bottling beverages

18 Ozone in Waste water treatment Degrades Agriculture chemicals Degrades industrial Waste Able to treat Complex Industrial waste Dramatically Increase filters life The most efficient system True destruction of toxic contaminants; other systems only Displace pollution whereas Ozone really destruct toxic contaminants If an organic is resistant to oxidation by ozone it will be resistant to oxidation by other oxidants (Rice & Browning, 1980 )

19 In 2008 the city of Montreal announced that it will be the 1 st city in the world to disinfect all of its wastewater using ozone. The total projected cost was $200 million. Ozone in Waste water treatment

20 Some multi-national companies that uses OZONE for Wastewater treatment

21 Ozone sanitize food, leaving no chemical trace behind. Ozone Reduces pesticides and other contaminants on Food. Ozone doesnt affect the organoleptic (taste, texture, color & smell) properties of foods Ozone in Food Disinfection

22 Effect of Ozone on Food borne Bacteria Source: California Polytechnic University

23 Reduce chilling cost Reduce water consumption Reduce waste water fees. Effect of Ozone on water consumption in food processing industries Ozone reduce water consumption up to 90%. The same water is recycled back into the system and is converted back to ozonated water. chlorine water needs to be replaced every 2-3 hours; chlorinated water is wasted

24 Ozone effect on produce: 21 days of life extension of fruits & vegetables 50 to 80% extension of fish and beef Reduce weight loss of fruits and vegetables Ozone reduce brown spot on fruits & vegetables Improve sensory qualities of the produce OZONE Tap Water After 8 daysAfter 16 days

25 Ozone in food processing industries Featured on abc Chanel (Click to watch) Video: Click to watch

26 1- Decrease in firmness, Softer produce; produce more prone to mechanical injury 2- Fruits & Vegetables life extension: 10 days 1- No change in firmness, Crisp look 2- Fruits & Vegetables life extension: 21 days 3- Chlorine will provide strong odors in the plant employee discomfort 4- Chlorine will cause off-flavors in food 5- Chlorine have harmful effect on health and environment (THM formation) 3- Ozone will give a fresh odor in the plant (the same pleasant odor after a thunderstorm) 4- Ozone will not cause any off-flavor 5- No harmful effect on health or nature as ozone will revert back to normal oxygen CHLORINEOZONE VS

27 Ozone on Vegetables before and after (Click to watch) Video: Click to watch

28 Ozone Uses in the food industry -Seafood industry -Poultry Industry -Beef Industry -Produce industry -Processed food -Ready to eat food (Sandwiches, salad,…) -Transport of produce -Food catering & restaurants -….anywhere there is a food disinfection need

29 Ozone in Agriculture Increase oxygen in the soil by 3 times Increase roots depth ; Greater uptake of nutrients Decrease in use of fertilizers The Pure oxygen enrich the soil creating a better growing environment Increase in harvested produce quality Increase roots depth of tomato irrigated by ozone water Ozone Irrigation Normal Irrigation

30 Ozone in Agriculture Ozone irrigation in golf turf Normal Water Irrigation Ozone Water Irrigation Eliminates Sodium Build-up Neutralize Bicarbonates, Salts & sodium Stop bicarbonates from binding to light metals such as calcium & iron After 67 Days Increase in vital metals biologically available to the soil (increase calcium, iron & Magnesium levels in soil)

31 Ozone in Agriculture Ozone water in Animal farms & zoos Improve water quality without any chemicals (high in oxygen) Improve performance & recovery time during races and training Animal wash without harmful chemicals that many animals are allergic to Disinfect animal rest place

32 Ozone Greatly decreases the risk of infection The converted oxygen (Dissolved Oxygen) is beneficial for fish Ozonated water can be easily recycled into the ponds Ozone in Fish farming While farmers nowadays always are looking for ways to increase production, the easiest way (and less costly way) is to increase the numbers of fish in a given volume. This increase in fish density will proportionally increase the risk of Infections

33 Ozone Air Treatment Ozone is used as a Shock-treatment in its gaseous form to decontaminate and provide a perfectly clean environment (no bad odors, no microorganisms etc…) US army use ozone to neutralize weaponized Anthrax Traditional use for hospital disinfection is chemicals use

34 Disadvantages of using chemicals for room decontamination: -High cost of chemicals -Wiping with chemicals requires much work and is unsuitable for walls, curtains and ceiling -Retention of an unpleasant disinfectant odor in the treated room after decontamination -Potential inhalation of chemicals by hospital staff Ozone Air Treatment Ozone can be used for Hospitals & Hotel rooms decontamination - It is quick (15 min), easy and much more powerful

35 Ozone Air Treatment AMA (American Medical Association): 50% of all illnesses could be attributed to indoor air pollution Air Pollution EPA (Environmental Protection Agency – USA): Indoor air pollution can reach as much as 200 times as outside pollution OZONE can easily provide indoor clean pollution free environment Center of disease control – USA: HOSPITAL ACQUIRED INFECTIONS - Is the 4 th leading cause of death in the USA -More than 100,000 people will die each year as a result

36 Ozone Air Treatment Ozone Odor removal & disinfection in:

37 Ozone Air treatment in hospitals (Click to watch) Video: Click to watch

38 Pools & spas Prevent the formation of chlorine byproducts Remove the typical problems associated with pools such as red eyes and respiration ailments. Improve water quality. In Germany alone there was 1908 ozonated swimming pools in 1997.

39 Ozone as a general Sanitizer OzoneChemical CleanersGreen Cleaners Ozone is the most environmental friendly way to sanitize. No toxic By-products or pollution Cost effective 100% eco friendly Easy to use; manufacture, utilize

40 Ozone as a general Sanitizer in North America Schools/Universities Michigan State University, MI University of Michigan, MI Loma Linda University, CA University of Vermont, VT Maine East HS,IL Johnson State College, VT University of California, CA Central Maine Community College, MA Marlborough School, NH Dublin School, NH Concord School, NH Childs Play Daycare, NV West Valley, NY Roosevelt School District, AZ Northern Maine Community College, ME John McGivney Childrens Centre, ON Skowhegan Maine School Department,ME Allendale Schools, MI …… Hospitality MGM, MI Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino, ON Luxor Hotel and Casino, NV Excalibur Hotel and Casino, NV Morongo Hotel and Casino, CA The Portola Hotel and Spa, CA Harrah's Casino, CA Hollywood Slots Hotel, ME Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, MS The Cortina Hotel, NY Spearmint Rhino, NV Vitos Pizza, ON Leopards Lounge, ON Rogers Roost Restaurant, MI Hampton Inn and Suites Airport,TX Pheasant and Quail Pub, BC Best Western, MN Marriott Hotels & resorts …….

41 Ozone as a general Sanitizer in North America Government Agencies AATC(Atlanta Airport), GA City Of Lewiston, NY State of Ohio, OH City of Salt Lake City City of Satellite Beach, FL Anaheim Convention Center, CA Windsor Fire Department, ON Town of Tecumseh, ON The City of Windsor, ON ……. Health Care Clean Care/Texas Health, TX Elderwood Senior Care, NY Smith Medical, OH Summerlin Hospital, NV Windsor Regional Hospital, ON Overlook Hospital, NJ Washington Adventist Hospital, MD Hospice of Windsor, ON Sprenger Nursing Home, OH Caribou Rehab and Nursing, ME Chartwell Seniors Housing, ON Seasons Nursing Home, ON Aspen Lakes Nursing Home …….. Manufacturing Valiant Tool and Die, ON Atlas Tube, ON Advantage Engineering, ON Hitachi, CA Robinson Transport, ON Drive Logistics, ON The Narmco Group, ON Chrysler, MI Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass, ON Riverview Steel, ON Anglin Enterprises Inc, ON …….

42 VISION: Saudi ozone is Dedicated to Enhance Public Health & Safety while Protecting the Environment Mission: To be the Gulf leader in the implementation of ozone systems to meet the needs of municipal & industrial markets. Goals: - Provide & implement the world highest standards in ozone disinfection systems. - Increase community awareness about ozone technology and its environmental benefits. - Establishing strategic partnership with governmental agencies & industrial leaders to set the pace for environmental protection. SAUDI OZONE Company Overview

43 Saudi ozone design & implement a wide range of ozone systems with technical superiority: 2- Municipal Drinking water: To reduce the risk of waterborne diseases, a growing number of countries are implementing strict limits on these pathogens through new regulations. Saudi ozone offers the best solutions in effective water disinfection for small to very large water treatment plants. 1- Municipal waste water (& sludge treatment) To protect the environment, increasing regulations are being implemented to limit the release of pathogenic microorganisms. In arid areas like the gulf region, due to water scarcity, a part of the treated wastewater can be reused in many areas like irrigation. Saudi ozone provide ozone disinfection systems for: -Treatment disinfection -Water recycling SAUDI OZONE Company Overview

44 3- INDUSTRY: Food Industry: Ozone systems for Produce disinfection & water recycling for large, medium and small food industries Food storage air ozone systems Mobil ozone systems for plant & machinery wash Beverage Industry: Ozone systems for bottled water purity & for packaging disinfection Agriculture Industry: Ozone systems for vegetable irrigation Ozone systems for post harvested produce Aquaculture Industry: Ozone systems for aquaculture water disinfection & recycling systems Animal farms & horse ranches Ozone water systems for animals drinking water & washing SAUDI OZONE Company Overview

45 Healthcare: Air treatment ozone systems for complete room disinfection. Continual air treatment systems to provide clean air. Water based ozone systems for cleaning & disinfection Hospitality & Restaurants: Air treatment ozone systems for improving air quality & removing room odors Water based ozone systems for cleaning & disinfection Pools & spas ozone systems Food sanitizing ozone systems Large commercial, airport & malls Continual air treatment systems to provide a clean & safe environment Water based ozone systems for cleaning & disinfection Personal & home use: Clean air ozone systems Disinfection water based ozone systems SAUDI OZONE Company Overview

46 Honoring of His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Aziz bin Miteb bin Abdul Aziz, Chairman of Saudi Ozone Saudi ozone CEO in Ankara conference with the Turkish President of ozone federation and the Egyptian President of ozone federation Saudi ozone participation in the International ozone Conference SAUDI OZONE Company Overview

47 Saudi ozone CEO visiting the Ministry of Health in UAE Visit for cooperation with UAE ozone center Saudi ozone participation in Beirut international ozone conference Saudi ozone visit to the French ambassador SAUDI OZONE Company Overview visit to Zayed Hospital in Dubai for cooperation in the fields of ozone Saudi ozone CEO visiting Sultanate Oman Government officials

48 Saudi Ozone cooperation with the National Research center, Egypt Saudi Ozone cooperation with the center Moulay Yacoub, Morroco Saudi Ozone cooperation with Dr. Saad Jassim from the Canadian environment Agency Saudi ozone Accreditations: SAUDI OZONE Company Overview

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