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Survival & Adventure

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1 Survival & Adventure

2 Purpose of Lesson: Translate lateral and imaginative thoughts into English Competently discuss topics of travel, adventure and survival Improve listening and reading skills for extracting information from interviews and documentaries

3 Ask students if they know Bear Grylls and tell them you will be playing a short clip from his TV series – Man vs Wild. After playing video, get students to write 5 adjectives to describe Bear Grylls. Get each student to write their words up on the board, and then ask students which attributes they need to survive if they were lost in the wilderness.

4 Five Survival Tips From Bear Grylls
See lesson plan and play video.

5 Discussion Questions Have you ever been abroad? If so, where have you been? Could you live in another country for the rest of your life? Have you ever gotten lost while traveling? What type of places do you like to visit? When you visit places, do you go as a tourist or a traveller? Do you ever want to climb Mt. Everest? Class discussion

6 The world is going to end in 12 hours… what would you do?
The End of the World The year is 2070, the world has suffered a terrible nuclear explosion and only 10 people have survived. There is a spaceship to transport people to another world and start a new life, but it is only big enough for 5 people. You will be given a list of the people’s gender, age, jobs and important information about them. Choose 5 people from the list that you think will have the most successful chance of surviving. Give worksheet to students and follow instructions. PPT developed by Jaq James

7 Deserted Island
Split students into groups of 3-5. Give students the worksheet. Take the collection of desert island items paper cut ups and go to each group. Tell them they can swap the life of one of their groups members for what is in my hand, but they cannot see it. If they opt for a group member to die, that person does not have to present the 12 items to the class – the rest of the group members have to.

8 Choose Your Own Adventure
Work in groups of four. Imagine you have each gotten back from a different adventure holiday, the Amazon, the Sahara and the Himalayas. Decide where you went and tell each other what you did and saw.

9 Lost Tribe
In 2011, a new Amazonian tribe was finally reported to exist that had no contact with the modern human race. Play the video and ask the students what are the problems faced by the tribespeople. After watching this video, come up with four questions that you would ask a tribesperson if you had the opportunity to meet them (pretend that a translator is present). Afterwards, I want volunteers to come up on stage to pretend to be the tribespeople and have people ask their questions. Try to be funny and creative. Lost Tribe

10 Asking for Directions
Give students asking for directions worksheet.

11 Invention Test *Police Station *Hospital *Train Station *Airport *Zoo
*Local Park *Post Office *Hairdressers *Pharmacy *Ministry of Immigration *Florist Your students are tourists in a European country, and they can only find one person who speaks English – you. Get each student to choose a destination and come up with a creative story as to why they have to get there. Have them come up on stage and ask you how to get to the destination and constantly question their story. If you are satisfied that their story is interesting enough, you will give them directions. The most creative story will win a prize. Explain all of this to your students. Change this to studdents gives directions and they each have a different map where they have to work out which way to go.


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