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MARSHALL REGISTRATION SYSTEM (MRS) Fall 2012 Marshall Graduate Elective Registration As a Marshall graduate student, you will use this system to select.

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1 MARSHALL REGISTRATION SYSTEM (MRS) Fall 2012 Marshall Graduate Elective Registration As a Marshall graduate student, you will use this system to select your business classes. 1

2 AGENDA & HIGHLIGHTS I.Important Dates II.How to use MRS Bidding Round Resolution & Add/Drop III.Open Registration How to use USC Web Registration System IV.Marshall Graduate Registration SharePoint Wait List Form Fall 2012 Graduate Electives Matrix Student Rating Results Wait List History 2

3 IMPORTANT DATES FOR FALL 2012 REGISTRATION 2 nd Yr FT MBA, MBA.PM, MSBA and Marshall Graduate Certificate Programs Bidding Round April 9 th – April 10 th, 12:30PM – 12:30 PM Resolution & Add/Drop April 12 th – April 13 th, 12:30 PM – 12:30 PM Open Registration May 1 st at 2:00 PM (USC Web Registration) April 27 th at 9:00 AM ( BFNBP students only ) Last day to register and settle without late fee August 24, 2012 by 5pm You can also go to for information on 3

4 2 nd Yr FT MBA and FT MSBA Students 1000 points 15 units maximum Not applicable to dual degree students or students admitted to the SIF or ABAC programs MBA.PM, Part Time MSBA and Marshall Graduate Certificate Programs 400 points 6 units maximum BID POINTS AND UNITS ALLOWED 4

5 ADVISEMENT REMINDER CLEAR YOUR HOLDS! Check your record on for Restrictions/Holds. Login with your 10-digit Student ID and 6-digit password. If its your first time logging in then your password is your 6-digit birth date (mmddyy). You cannot register for classes if you have a hold. You will be able to participate in MRS but you will NOT be registered for your classes until the hold is resolved. 5

6 LOGIN MYMARSHALL MRS PORTLET Log into MyMarshall to get to the MRS web page to participate in Bidding Round and Resolution & Add/Drop Round. Contact Marshall Help Desk at (213) 740-3000 if you are unable to log into MyMarshall. Once you are in MyMarshall, click on the link in the MRS Portlet. The MRS Portlet will show up in your MyMarshall Home page the morning of Bidding Round. 6

7 START BIDDING ROUND Click on View Section link on the left to start bidding for your elective classes. The amount you bid for a class will determine whether you are enrolled or possibly wait listed. If you are wait listed, your bid amount will determine your priority on that wait list. Its NOT a first- come first-serve basis. Priority is given to highest bidders and tie bids will be randomized. If you review your materials ahead of time, it should only take a few minutes to use MRS and submit your bids. During Bidding period, you can return to MRS to adjust any of your bid points if you wish. Be sure to make all of your adjustments before the Bidding period ends. 7

8 BIDDING ON CLASSES To bid for a class, enter your points in the box and click bid. To change your bid points, enter your points in the box and click on change bid. To drop your bid from a class, click on drop bid. If a class has a prerequisite requirement or a time conflict, a warning in red will appear in the upper left corner. To bypass the warnings, click on ok to proceed with bidding for that class. However, you will need to get a prerequisite waiver from the instructor in order to get registered for a class that you have not met the prerequisite requirements. MRS will allow you to bid for conflicting classes during the Bidding Round but you HAVE to resolve any conflicting classes during the Resolution & Add/Drop Round or else you will be dropped from ALL conflicting classes. Conflicting classes are duplicate classes and classes that are scheduled at the same time. To view room location and a short description of the class, click on the course. 8

9 BIDDING ROUND WHEN MAX UNITS ARE MET OR ALL POINTS ARE USED You can use ALL of your points to bid for as many units as you are allowed. When you have reached the maximum units allowed or used up all your bid points, the option to bid for the rest of the classes will disappear but if you drop one of your bids, the option to bid for the rest of the classes will appear again. You can make as many changes as you would like until the end of your Bidding Round. 9

10 MY BIDS & COURSES To view the classes that you have bid on, you can click on My Bids & Courses link. You can also drop your bids or adjust your bid points on this page. You will need to resolve conflicting classes during Resolution & Add/Drop Round by dropping a class or else you will be dropped from all conflicting classes. 10

11 MY ACTIONS PAGE (AUDIT TRAIL) To view all the actions that you have made in MRS, click on My Actions link to the left. It displays the audit trail of your bids and adjustments. 11

12 In Resolution & Add/Drop Round, no bidding is allowed. You can add and drop classes based on seat availabilities. Its first-come first- serve basis. You will see a drop option next to the classes that you are enrolled in and drop waitlist for classes that you have been wait listed in as a result of the Bidding Round. If you have units to fulfill, click add to add any available classes. No actions are allowed for classes that are full. You may submit a Wait List form to to get on the wait list. Remember, if you are enrolled in conflicting classes, you need to resolve the conflict or you will be dropped from ALL conflicting classes after the Resolution & Add/Drop Round. Note: Wait list forms will be accepted ONLY at the start of Resolution & Add/Drop RESOLUTION & ADD/DROP 12

13 CAUTION: If you are enrolled for your maximum units and a space becomes available in the class(es) that you are waitlisted in, you may be automatically promoted (enrolled) into the waitlisted class(es). As a result, you will exceed your maximum units allowed causing a DELAY in your registration process. Please check your results in View Sections or My Bids & Courses before Resolution & Add/Drop ends and drop the extra class(es) if necessary to ensure a smoother registration process. RESOLUTION & ADD/DROP AUTOMATIC WAITLIST PROMOTION 13

14 RESOLUTION & ADD/DROP WAIT LIST FORM To get on the wait list for a class, go to and download the form, fill it out and email it to or fax it to (213) 740-8936. You can also get the form on Marshall SharePoint by going to MyMarshall Community Marshall Community Groups Marshall Graduate Registration Registration Forms. Your priority on the wait list will be based on the date and time the form is received by our office. You will receive an email of your waitlist status 14

15 RESOLUTION & ADD/DROP MY BIDS & COURSES You can also view your Enrolled classes and Wait Listed classes generated from the Bidding Phase in My Bids & Courses page. 15

16 OPEN REGISTRATION (USC WEB REGISTRATION SYSTEM) TUESDAY, MAY 1 ST AT 2:00 PM After MRS has ended, you can still make adjustments to your registration schedule until Add/Drop Deadline of the Fall semester using the USC Web Registration System during Open Registration. When Open Registration begins, you can log into the Universitys Web Registration System using your 10-digit USC ID# and your 6-digit PIN. You can find your ID# on your USCard and, unless you have changed it, your PIN should still be your birth date (mmddyy). Click on Web Registration Instruction if you need help. Go to for the date and time of Open 16 Problem with Login – call USC Registrar at (213) 740-8500

17 USC WEB REGISTRATION SYSTEM Once youve logged into your WebReg record, you can review your registration schedule in myCoursebin. Verify that all of your MRS classes show as both Scheduled and Registered. If not, contact your program advisor immediately. You can use the WebReg to make changes to your schedule such dropping a class or registering for other Marshall electives that were not available to you during MRS period. You can also view and register for non-Marshall classes. If you are registering for non-Marshall classes, please consult your program advisor first. When youve made all of your changes, be sure to click on Register (add/drop) to update your record. If you go to Calendar View, the green boxes are your registered classes, yellow boxes are scheduled classes and red boxes are conflicting enrollments. 17

18 USC WEB REGISTRATION To add a class, click on Department List then go to Marshall School of Business section and choose the department of the class you would like to register. It will take you to the screen above. Click on the Add to myCourseBin link on the right hand side of the class to add it to your myCourseBin bin. Go to myCourseBin and click on Register (add/drop) on the top of the page to proceed with your registration process. To drop a class, click on Unscheduled next to the class you would like to drop then click on Register (add/drop) to proceed. 18

19 In MyMarshall, go to: Community Marshall Community Groups Marshall Graduate Registration Wait List Form Wait List History (Marshall graduate electives) Elective Planning Matrix Student Rating Results Entertainment Concentration Courses Email it to Prioritized by date and time received WAIT LIST FORM & USEFUL RESOURCES FOR REGISTRATION MARSHALL SHAREPOINT To help you plan your schedule before MRS, you can view the Graduate Electives Matrix, Student Rating Results and the Wait List History in MyMarshall as shown above. 19

20 Priority – in the order of date and time received Conditions & Conflicts – will be registered in the order of priority on the wait list – if you make it off the wait list, you will be dropped from registered classes that conflict Email updates & postings – you will receive periodic email updates regarding your placement and status Want to be removed? – send an email to to request removal from wait list once you are satisfied with your Reminder: Wait list forms will only be accepted at the start of Resolution & Add/Drop Round. WAIT LISTS CONDITIONS 20

21 REMINDERS FALL 2012 Check your record in OASIS holds Last day to register and settle bill without late fee: August 24, 2012 by 5:00 pm at Last day to add/drop classes is September 14, 2012 MRS Questions? Marshall Registration Office: HOH 103 (213) 740-5424 21

22 PROGRAM ADVISORS 22 MBA.PM, Los Angeles Dawn Kohn – Associate Director JKP 106, (213) 740-0673 MBA.PM, Los Angeles Carissa Quiles – Program Advisor JKP 106, (213) 740-7837 MBA.PM, Orange County Harriet Stubbs – Program Advisor OCC 111, (949) 437-0011 FT MBA Janella Chiang – Academic Services Manager, JKP 200, (213) 740-0672 FT MBA Anne Ziemniak – Associate Director JKP 200, (213) 740-0667 MSBA, BFNBP, FAV, OSCM (Certificate) Sue Hunt – Assistant Dean for Masters Programs RAN 313, (213) 743-1588 TCCM (Certificate) Jackie Yu – Program Coordinator BRI 1, (213) 740-0505

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