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CALS UPDATE MARCH 22, 2013. At the central college level, $1,050,000 will be spent on new salaries in FY14. Of this, $704,582 will be spent on salaries.

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2 At the central college level, $1,050,000 will be spent on new salaries in FY14. Of this, $704,582 will be spent on salaries committed prior to FY11 (e.g. as part of Institute for the Environment hires). The remaining $345,418 is available for new salary expenditures for the entire college, for any job title, in FY14.

3 Reality can be beaten with enough imagination. Mark Twain Current soft $ in CALS units $12,459,884 Projections for CALS college-level temporary/operating dollars

4 Towards 2021. March: Unit Reviews. April to June 30: Data issues from March; HODS and EC working on management prioritization. Shared governance input throughout. Ref. to Guiding Principles document and Strategic Plan for College and Mission areas. Watching UA as a whole closely. Infrastructure. Investing in the people that we have. Critical, quantifying potential return and relative risk. Synergy and vision. HIGHEST and BEST USE of our resources (money and people time). Innovation to give fiscal responsibility, efficiency, effectiveness Plan for the future because that's where you are going to spend the rest of your life. Mark Twain

5 Performance-based funding

6 Page 6.

7 UA Strategic Plan Beginning again now. We will need to adjust our plans in the detail (who is responsible and by when). Three committees: Academic, Budget, Physical Plant. RCM(2) =Responsibility (or Revenue) Centered Management Implementation ~2yrs from today (my guess) after extensive modeling process. To be implemented and maintained in a manner that incentivizes appropriate risk, either at the University or responsibility centered unit levels. Data driven. Colleges are the RC units. expectation on the college to balance budgets. On day 1 of implementation no-one to be harmed.

8 Responsibility Centered Management (RCM2) Steering Committee Co-Chair - Milton Castillo, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Business Affairs Co-Chair - Andrew Comrie, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Zachary Brooks, President, Graduate and Professional Student Council Meg Lota Brown, Professor of English Gail Burd, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Shane Burgess, Vice Provost & Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Elliott Cheu, Associate Dean, College of Science Anne Cress, Deputy Dean for Research and Academic Affairs, College of Medicine Vincent Del Casino, Associate Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Leslie Eldenburg, Professor of Accounting, Eller College Caroline Garcia, Associate Vice President for Research Paulo Goes, Department Head, Management Information Systems Ron Marx, Dean, College of Education Norma Mendoza-Denton, Associate Professor, School of Anthropology Katy Murray, President, Associated Student of the University of Arizona J.C. Mutchler, Secretary of the Faculty & Chair, SPBAC Lisa Ordonez, Professor of Management & Organization Levine Family Faculty Fellow and Marketing Michael Proctor, Vice President, Regional Development, Outreach & Global Initiatives and Dean, Outreach College Lisa Rulney, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, College of Engineering Melissa Vito, Vice President for Student Affairs Sub-Committees: Undergraduate Revenue (revenue distribution and financial aid) – Sandy Pottinger (CALS Admin) Graduate Revenues (revenue distribution and financial aid) Differential Tuition/Summer Session (revenue distribution) – Joy Winzerling (Career & Academic Svcs) Research/Sponsored and Indirect Cost Recovery (revenue and cost distribution) Outreach/Online Programs (revenue and cost distribution) – Randy Burd (Nutr Sci) Auxiliaries/Student Fees/Other Revenues (revenue and cost distribution) Facilities and Space (cost distribution) – Shane Burgess, committee chair Institutional Overhead Cost Centers, General Admin, Strategic Investments (cost distribution) – Elaine Marchello (SACBS) State General Fund Appropriation & units with specific appropriations/tuitions (AHS, Ag, UA South) – Linda Houtkooper (Coop Ext) I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened. Mark Twain

9 Executive Council Delegated authority, responsibility and accountability for 3 mission areas (TRE) Tripartite Governance Academic Unit Leaders Delegated authority, responsibility and accountability for academic delivery Faculty Voice Faculty Consultative Group, Research Advisory Committee, Cyberinfrastructure Advisory Group


11 Shared governance Major decisions about CALS and its future should be made under conditions of maximum practical inclusiveness and consultation. We must follow Arizona Law and UA policies. The faculty has the strongest single voice, but staff and students and all of our stakeholders must also be heard when their interests are at stake. All viewpoints must be fairly heard and considered.

12 Openness in, and diversity of, thought. University academic freedom is founded on a special mission of protecting free and open debate. None of us can expect our views to be free from vigorous challenge and we all must feel completely safe to voice our opinions. We must maintain courtesy and civility, and focus on the issues and not people, trusting that each of us wants the best overall outcome for the college.

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