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LIFE SCIENCE IN STOCKHOLM - UPPSALA. Congratulations! The right place The right phase The right time The right subject area A (b)right future.

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2 Congratulations! The right place The right phase The right time The right subject area A (b)right future

3 How to get sharp Do well in courses Find your motivation/drive Establish contacts Learn some Swedish Personal initiative

4 Uppsala & Stockholm

5 Life science regions in Sweden Over 750 life science companies in Stockholm-Uppsala 60 life science companies in Stockholm-Uppsalas business incubators Rest of Sweden 4% Göteborg 17% Malmö/Lund 20% Stockholm/ Uppsala 54% Umeå 3% Source: VINNOVA and Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science

6 Stockholm-Uppsala A dense life science region 3 million inhabitants 26 % with a university degree 750 life science companies with a workforce of over universities persons active in academic life science research 3 university hospitals GRP/capita USD

7 Stockholm-Uppsala participates in 28% of the 680 life science projects within the EUs framework 6 program. RegionProjectsProportion Paris % London % Stockholm-Uppsala % Medicon Valley % Milano / Turino % München % Heidelberg % Madrid % Rom % Barcelona % Source: EuroBiotechNews (2009) 8 (3-4) 10 Stockholm-Uppsala

8 Universities and University Hospitals Large Companies Regulatory authorities and expert bodies

9 Uppsala has been described as the worlds most biotech- concentrated city.

10 Biotech strip (Dag Hammarskjölds väg) Linnæus Center for Bioinformatics Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Ångström Laboratory material sciences, physics, energy, MEMS Center for Mathematics and Information Technology Uppsala Genetics Center plant biology and forest genetics Veterinary Medicine Center University Hospital clinical research, clinical trials Uppsala Clinical Research Center Uppsala BIO SVA National Veterinary Institute Rudbeck Laboratory molecular genetics and medicine MPA Medical Products Agency BMC ICM, chemistry, pharmacology, surface biotechnology, bioinformatics EBC ecology, genetics, organismal biology

11 World-Class BIO Research Biology/Biotech/Bioinf/Biomed finds its strength in breadth and interdisciplinarity. A recent comprehensive research assessment graded 50 research groups as world leading and 100 groups of high international standard – several of these were within Biology and related fields. BIO in Uppsala was awarded a CHE excellence ranking Several large strategic, long-term research grants have in recent years gone to Biology and related interdisciplinary areas.

12 Fields for the Future Genomics and proteomics Drug research Neuroscience, cognition and behaviour Sythetic biology … etc.

13 Uppsala RNA Research Centre (URRC) Centres of excellence and major strategic ventures Uppsala Centre for Evolution and Genomics (UCEG) Science for Life Laboratory - Uppsala Cancer U-CAN Developing new antibiotics Lakes & climate change Structure determination Human Protein Atlas

14 Research turned into innovations and growth Source : CIND, Turnover for 2010: 1 USD = 7 SEK IgE Phadia 301 MUSD Dextran Pharmacia Biotech Amersham Biosciences GE Healthcare 1004 MUSD Solvay Pharma (NeoPharma) Electrophoresis Function of Hyaluronic acid 2000 Duodopa Personal Chemistry Microwave synthesis Pyrosequencing SPR Biosensors Biacore (Part of GE Healthcare) Q-Med 128 MUSDBiotage 39 MUSD 1980 AMO Uppsala 76 MUSD Heparin Fragmin Padlock Probes Olink 3.8 MUSD Neuropeptides effect on ocular blood flow Xalatan ModPro 0.1 MUSD Synthetic protein binders

15 Nurturing innovations Support / bridging partners in Uppsala: STUNS Uppsala Innovation Centre Uppsala BIO Innovation Akademiska Energihuset Drivhuset UU Innovation UU Holding SLU Holding

16 4 684 employees in Uppsalas 249 life science companies 29 life science companies in the incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre

17 Life science industry Employees in subsectors

18 Tools for Life Science Employees: Approx. 1,500 in privately- owned industries in Uppsala Speciality: Drug discovery systems, medical diagnostics, protein separations

19 Pharmaceuticals and biomedical devices Employees: Approx. 1,800 in privately-owned industries in Uppsala Speciality: Improved drug delivery is a strong niche

20 Diagnostics Employees: Approx. 600 in privately-owned industries in Uppsala Speciality: Both human and veterinary applications

21 Life science industry Development in Uppsala 2003 – 2010 Number of Companies 249 (+74 %) Private employees (+15 %) Turnover, bn SEK 17,6 (+84 %) Exports 96 % Photo: Markus Marctic

22 Almost every 5 th Uppsala job is in life sciences Industry 1) University Hospital 2) Academic Research 3) National Agencies 4) Dedicated Service Suppliers 5) 300 Total or 19 % of all jobs in Uppsala 1)CIND, )Uppsala University Hospital 3)CIND, University Indicators, Data from )Uppsala BIO, Insamlade resultet.xls 5)CIND, 2009:2

23 Uppsalas largest employers are in life sciences Employer City of Uppsala County Council Uppsala University5 500 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences GE Healthcare Life Sciences AB1 200 Police authority Air Force base700 Fresenius Kabi AB Medical Products Agency Apoteket Gamla Uppsala Buss AB Posten450 Phadia AB NCC Construction AB400 Q-Med AB National Veterinary Agency400 Church of Sweden National Food Administration330320

24 Getting on the right track: IBG practical support

25 Welcome to Uppsala! The future is yours!

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