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Welcome to I.B. Information for Grade 9 Parents and Students

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1 Welcome to I.B. Information for Grade 9 Parents and Students

2 IB Mission Statement The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

3 IB Learner Profile

4 Three SL subjects are studied at standard level – minimum 150 hours
Three HL subjects are studied at higher level - minimum 240 hours Three SL subjects are studied at standard level – minimum 150 hours All three parts of the core—extended essay, theory of knowledge and creativity, action, service are compulsory for diploma candidates and are central to the philosophy of the Diploma programme.

5 IB Courses at Western Group 1: English HL or SL
Group 2: Spanish: B HL or SL or ab initio SL French: French B SL or HL, French ab initio or Chinese school Group 3: History of Europe HL, Philosophy SL/HL Group 4: Biology SL/HL, Chemistry HL, Physics SL/HL Group 5: Math SL/HL, or Math Studies SL (important Math placement pre-test May 20th) Group 6: Visual Arts HL may be offered (HL = higher level SL = standard level)

6 IB vs. AP (AP is not offered here)
IB is a second diploma with a learner profile, 3 core components… IB has HL and SL courses (with regular reviews of curriculum) IB courses have an inquiry based internal assessment (25%) and exams (75%) IB teachers have mandatory P.D. Advanced placement is only offered course by course AP courses are equivalent to HL AP grades are based off of exams only AP is likely less expensive

7 Full vs. Partial IB Full IB (Diploma Student) Partial IB
(IB Courses Student) Must take 6 IB courses (3-4HL/2-3SL) Groups 1-5 are mandatory but group 6 (Visual Arts) may be replaced by a second course in another area (ie. language, science, philosophy) Must complete EE, ToK, and CAS over grade 11 and 12 May qualify for automatic scholarships, early entrance to university … Bilingual diploma possible Must complete min. 2 IB courses to the exam level If these exams are written in different years, the IB registration fee must be paid twice You may drop from full IB to partial IB (only at the end of courses or years) *fees are only paid in exam years (grade 11 and / or 12)

8 Other Benefits of the full IB Programme
Children’s neural connections are still being “pruned” until they are 20 years old. Seen as the “classic” liberal arts education by post-secondary institutions. A broad – based education will exercise parts of the brain that could otherwise shrink with disuse. If something is difficult (or not a favourite class) one needs to work that part of the brain extra hard before age 20 to maximize its potential for the rest of LIFE.

9 Misconceptions of IB “It is only for gifted students.”
“I can’t be well-rounded in IB because I won’t have any time for outside interests.” “The homework is WAY more than the regular program.” “There is no flexibility and no choice.” “IB is only for people who want to go to school overseas.” “IB and AP are the same.”

10 What full IB students don’t normally have time for:
CTS in grade 10 pre-IB year Phys-Ed after grade 10 Other options that are not offered “outside the timetable” the way that band, choir, and art can be offered (Non-IB have 3 options.) 3 IB Sciences cannot be taken by full IB students (3rd non-IB Science is sometimes possible). CALM is usually taken on-line during grade 11

11 Marks in pre-IB and IB classes
Pre-IB classes are pre-requisites for IB classes. Marks in pre-IB and IB classes are generally standardized for each report card to reflect what we believe students would achieve in a regular Alberta program. Students who are expecting to maintain their average from Grade 9 may be disappointed.

12 Who should choose IB? Partial IB applicants will want to choose courses that they are VERY interested in & should go with their strengths. Full diploma IB applicants should be motivated students who are not challenged enough in the regular program. They should not be “marks driven” and enjoy looking deeper than required. Partial & Full are evaluated equally for admission.

13 Application Process Students apply to the CBE area IB school for their primary residence with a full application (for ours: link from our website or go to main CBE website) due January 14th. For other areas – you may include a transfer request letter to their coordinator. If you live in our IB area but child attends a private school, charter school, or a separate school you may apply directly to Western. If you live outside of Calgary you may apply directly to Western.

14 Application Evaluation
All IB schools use the same system to rank applications based on marks, extra-curricular activities, well-roundedness, study habits, and global perspective. Results letters are mailed by mid-February Acceptance letters get sent with information on non-feeder school registration night (7pm March 12), and date for the Math diagnostic test (4 pm May 20th). If not accepted, March 15th is the deadline to apply for transfer for our regular program

15 Math Diagnostic Test Students who are accepted into a full IB programme, or students wishing to take Math IB must write this test in May (French and English tests are both offered). Please bring a calculator, pencil, and ruler. Preparing for the test is not required (Pascal Math contests may help). Recommendations on course placement are mailed quickly (you decide on the course). No entrance exam is required for IB.

16 University Recognition of IB
Most universities have benefits for IB grads University of Alberta Counts a “7” as a 98% for admission. Gives advanced credit for HL and some SL classes Gives guaranteed early acceptance (and scholarships) based only on predicted IB grades. University of Calgary Gives advanced credit for HL, up to $8500 automatic scholarship *Both give credit for full IB diplomas*

17 What I.B. Students have said…
“Grade 11 is the hardest year.” “Try full I.B. to keep your options open.” “First year university was a piece of cake.” “Don’t procrastinate!”

18 Application Checklist
-Application form -Recent Report Card (from student or school official) -Transcript (from student or school official) -Confidential Teacher Reference (from school official ONLY) -Canadian Birth Certificate Photocopy (or citizenship document) -Transfer Request if WCHS is not the regular designated CBE high school **you may not apply to our IB programme directly if you live in Area I, II, III, or V.

19 IB Courses to choose if partial IB
Biology SL / HL English Literature HL / SL Mandarin ab initio / B SL (offered off campus) Physics SL / HL Visual Arts HL Cantonese B SL (offered off campus) Chemistry HL Spanish B SL French B SL Math SL Spanish B HL French B HL (for French Immersion students) Math HL Spanish ab initio French ab initio Math Studies SL World History HL Philosophy SL

20 Application Questions
Application Questions 1. Describe the school related extra-curricular activities in which you have been involved in during junior high. 2. Describe your involvement and/or participation in groups or activities outside of school including competitions and volunteer work: for example, Scouts, youth groups, music lessons, Sports, dance etc. 3. Outline briefly your plans for post-secondary education after you leave high school and how the IB Programme fits into your future plans. 4. Do you have a regular part-time job? _____ No _____ Yes If yes, what do you do? 5. Describe your strengths and weaknesses as a learner and your ability to learn and work independently.

21 Frequently asked questions…
What are conditions for transfer? They should be IB programme reasons or sibling currently attends Western. You MUST apply to your area IB school – there is no need to fill out a Western application. What if I move into your area in the spring? Apply where you live and you may apply for a transfer after you have proof of address (no new IB application is required). If you purchase before Jan. 14, include purchase agreement / rental agreement with application. Can I apply for F.I. IB, but take S.S. and Math in English? No. Can I apply for English IB and still take FLAIB? Yes, with caution. What if I am an elite athlete; will I have time for IB? If school is too easy now…yes. What if I can’t write the May 20th Math test? You will be contacted for a June date. What if I already have Math 10? Science 10? We recommend you still take the WCpreIB courses. Individual situations may apply.


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