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Education available in Europe. Why exactly Czech education is better?

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1 Education available in Europe

2 Why exactly Czech education is better?

3 Czech Republic is a full-value EU member and enters the Schengen agreement zone. Czech Republic is surely a Europe heart.

4 If you compare Czech Republic EU developed countries, you will see that the crisis hasnt affected this country in full force. That is why its economy continues to grow showing one of the world best indexes. Annual inflation equals 2 percent, and that is why the banking system is rather stable. Mortgage is allowed not only for Czech citizens but for foreigners as well, and range from 2% to 6% annually. Population welfare is constantly increasing.

5 Disregarding the fact that Czech Republic is the member of EU from 2004, it is not in a hurry to go into Euro zone and continues to use the rather stable national currency (Czech crone) the rate of which is practically unchangeable for already many years comparing to Euro. Thus competitive prices for goods and service are kept.

6 Its natural that life in Czech Republic is cheaper than in other European countries. At present prices in Czech Republic are 1,5-3 times lower than in Germany or Austria, which contributes to tourist industry development. A rather high service level is provided at a relatively low – for Europe – prices. There is no heavy stratification on poor and rich.

7 There is a very high level of high education in the country. There are 28 State and more than 40 private high educational institutes on the territory of Czech Republic. Charles university is the main university of the country. It was found in the beginning of 14 century and is one of the first European educational institutions. Czech technical university, being found in 17 century is the first technical high educational institute in Europe.

8 A free high education is available in Czech Republic at present both for citizens and foreigners which is in State (Czech) language.

9 A high education in commercial high educational institutes is chargeable. The price varies between 850 - 2200 EUR for one term. The payment amount depends on the number of moments: prestigiousness and location of the high educational institutes, suggested professions, pedagogical staff, and other options.

10 Apart from nonrecurring costs for access course and entrance into Czech high educational institute, it is necessary for parents to consider an enrollees regular spending and running costs. As a matter of experience, average running costs for a student in Prague (the most expensive and desired for students city of the country) are about 350 400 EUR per month. That includes: residence payment, meals, text books purchase and rest.

11 Czech Universities graduates occupy prestige positions in world leading companies, conduct successful business, are in great demand and held in respect as specialists and are distinguished in high level training.

12 We will help to choose an educational institute in Czech Republic taking into account your wishes and requests, will prepare all necessary documents, Will oversee your education from the moment of enrolment till receiving of specialty. Cooperating with us you will gain a quality European education for a reasonable price!

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