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CCH Document Management Savita Patel Jason Pearce.

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1 CCH Document Management Savita Patel Jason Pearce

2 Agenda Conversions Features of CCH Document releases Portal

3 Legacy conversions Most Docfx conversions completed Singleview conversion process has been improved to include mapping of Document Type and Keywords as well as Assignment and Job Most clients are taking the draw a line in the sand approach due the time it will take to sort out SV data for conversion Can now configure the Documents tab to read Singleview Archive Clients should be fully aware that conversions take time during which central will be unavailable and their servers will be heavily used during the process - this is normally out of hours and once a conversion starts it should not be stopped – weekends are ideal for this 3

4 Singleview conversion – Option 1 Link Folder which comprises: 1 day consultancy 1 day DM install 1-2 days of training This option will not convert any Singleview data into CCH DM but we will run a script that will add documents to the Document Tab (which can now be renamed) 4

5 Singleview Conversion – Option 2 Full Conversion which comprises: 1 day consultancy 1 day DM install 1-2 days of training PLUS 1 day conversion consultancy 1 day setting up and running a test conversion The rest of the conversion will be down to the client to run No workflow will be converted 5

6 Version 1.3 New features File management – no longer saves a copy on your local machine Get local copy – allows users to browse to a folder (including Dropbox and iPad) Audit Trail Document Linking Virtual Inbox Watch Folder Integration to CCH Accounts Production 6

7 CCH Document Management 2012.3 (Q3) New features 7 Attach documents from Document Centre in Outlook Open documents from Document Centre using MS Office New Add Document Screen - Document Types link to Assignment Type – insolvency filing Document Archiving – This version complies with the British Standard BS 10008 Better Document Security - Ensure DM adheres to Centrals Client & Assignment Data Security and Client/Assignment Team Security. Also to include Document type Security

8 CCH Document Management 2012.3 (Q3) 8 Enhanced Flow-view – Citrix compatible Enhanced Reporting – Missing File Extensions, All Checked Out Documents, All Documents Created By Ability to sort Documents by Last Modified date Increase standard view in Document Centre – Configuration Key Rename file when adding documents New features

9 CCH Document Management 2012.3 (Q3) Key fixes Remember the sort order: e.g. defaults to low – high Ability to delete templates Search in the description field Customisation of Properties Panel and Task Bar will be retained Documents displaying incorrect preview Document type selection when creating documents Plug in issues when offline (opening and closing Word and Excel) issues with loading Doc Centre within Outlook when offline 9

10 CCH Document Management Questions

11 CCH Document Management Portal What type of information do you currently exchange with your clients and how? Are you currently using any kind of cloud technology within your practice already? 11

12 Would you like to be able to offer your clients their own online document archive facility (similar to Dropbox)? Would your clients be prepared to pay for an online document archive facility? 12 CCH Document Management Portal

13 Would you ever see yourselves offering the following options to your clients? Inputting of Tax Return information online Viewing Tax Return information, (date filed, Total due, POA) Approval of Tax Return online Approving Financial Statements online Viewing past invoices / statements Payment of your invoices online Amending basic client details held in Central, (change of name / address / tel / email) 13 CCH Document Management Portal

14 Do you have any other ideas on the use of a Portal? 14 CCH Document Management Portal

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