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ATMA Foundation An NGO for RELATIONSHIPS. Global Family Global Market Alarming increase in Suicide Rates Liquor Consumption Psycho somatic diseases Teenage.

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2 Global Family Global Market Alarming increase in Suicide Rates Liquor Consumption Psycho somatic diseases Teenage crimes Family disintegration …

3 Problem Frame to Solution Frame Lack of Love & Healthy Relationships is the root cause The Remedy is to reclaim Love & Family Values

4 ATMA Foundation Assists people to live Happier lives with Healthier Relationships

5 The Founder Counsellor, Trainer & Performance Coach Social Activist since 1977 Leadership roles in many socio – cultural organisations C K SURESH Helping people Help Themselves

6 Attitude Training & Management Associates (ATMA) Established in 1997 by C K Suresh To Impart Excellence Training to Individuals & Organisations Regular Motivational Trainings, NLP, Educational Supplement Programmes, LD Remediation workshops etc

7 RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING Unique approach developed by C K Suresh Empowering individuals to solve their own problems By tuning up their relationship with self & others Without any Psychological labelling

8 Living in Harmony Practical philosophy of Happy Living Developed by C K Suresh LIH assists in shifting the attitude to life Life is a life – long celebration An individual can celebrate every moment By creating harmony within self & with others

9 Aatmano Mokshaaya, jagat hithaaya cha Forum that assists individuals & organisations to Achieve the Best & Share with the Rest By exploring the possibilities of Living in Harmony Registered Charitable Trust in 2006, NGO registration with Govt of India in 2008 ATMA Foundation

10 PROJECTS All ATMA Activities are termed E C Initiatives Aim to make the individual Empowered & Compassionate EC Teacher EC Labs EC Groups EC Youth EC Kids EC Parent

11 L I H Series 5 day yagna 11 L I H campaigns 11 Corporate Harmony Seminars 41 Family Harmony Workshops 31 E C Parenting 60 L I H Topic Talks 60 Monthly Get together 48 Relationship Counseling Training 13 Old Age Harmony workshops 2 Dine & Gain Seminars 1 E C Labs 7 E C Woman 1 L D Workshop 1 Spiritual Harmony 3 Navarthri Programmes 1 (10days) E C kids 17 E C Youth Meet 5 Family Trip & Camp 1 A total of 314 Programmes In 6 years

12 EC Adolescence The latest ATMA Initiative to address the issues and challenges faced by our Youth A series of programmes involving Teenagers Their Parents & Teachers To tackle the issues of Adolescence Is being organised in Schools & other Associations

13 LEAd with A+ The launch of EC Adolescence One- day seminar for students of X, XI & XII On Oct 2, 2012 @Thrissur Regional Theatre 600+ young delegates from over 50 schools Parenting Adolescents Half day session for parents On oct 14 Guiding Adolescents Half Day session for Teachers on Oct 14


15 EC TEACHER The Need: Increasing psychological problems among school children The Teacher is unprepared to guide them The ATMA Vision: To Provide Counselling Training to 1000 teachers every year Making them Empowered & Compassionate High- Touch Teachers The search is on… for agencies that can support the project … to organise this package seminars at more institutions

16 A New Milestone An initiative of Pre & Post Marital Training from the ATMA Centre for Marital Encounters

17 Saha Dharmam Chara Pre Marital Guidance Objective To empower youngsters to enter Married Life with Sensible & Sensitive Preparedness Content Physical, Emotional, Financial & Social aspects of Marital Harmony; Values; and Conflict Resolution in Marriage Process Sessions by experts from respective fields, Scientific approach with Focus on the Person –Vision, Values, Attitudes & Abilities of the Individual

18 Saha Dharmam Chara Pre Marital Guidance The ATMA Vision: To develop a Pre Marital Training Centre that functions throughout the year Syllabus Development Workshop at KILA in 2009 To move ahead, we are looking for a Project Sponsor

19 ATMA Harmony Village A residential centre away from the hustles of modern living, incorporating An elders home Childrens home Pre & Post Marital Guidance Centre Family Harmony Cottages Campsite, Yoga Centre, Arts Centre…….. The ATMA Dream Project

20 ATMA Harmony Village Elders can spend their days with purpose & joy Children will get the love & security of family Youngsters can serve & learn Families can solve their discord All around, a sense of happiness & well being… The ATMA Dream Project

21 ATMA Gurukulam - the first step has been taken The first step to Harmony Village Free – of- cost residential facility Giving educational & developmental support to Talented children from backward circumstances Current location at Puranattukara Expansion is stranded due to lack of space Now we have 6 + 1 students and a care taker family staying with them

22 Support us!! With Support and Involvement of more Blessed souls, we can realise our dreams faster.. Sponsor – Arrange financial support Mentor- Give your time & personal care to a child Volunteer – Assist with Organisational activities

23 We Deserve a Better World! Let us Create it!!

24 ATMA Foundation Surya Gardens, Paliyam Road, Thrissur Pin- 680 001

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