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D IAMONDS IN THE R OUGH The paradigm shift at the heart of Academic and Career Planning in Wisconsin.

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2 D IAMONDS IN THE R OUGH The paradigm shift at the heart of Academic and Career Planning in Wisconsin

3 Consider the Diamond Beautiful, sparkling, possibly awe-inspiring Set amongst rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc. Set in a ring, necklace, or earrings Hope Diamond or Crown Jewels Maybe industrial applications

4 The Rest of the Story The beauty and/or utility requires extensive processing by skilled craftspeople There is natural beauty before refinement, but there is also great potential The right person with the right skills can bring out the potential

5 Unique Potential of a Diamond Some excel on their own Some excel best amongst other diamonds Some excel amongst other gems Some excel in certain settings but not others Can depend on current market conditions

6 The Sorting of Diamonds Diamonds are sorted by characteristics Most go through a standardized refinement process for industrial uses Further sorted by industrial use qualities Gem quality diamonds refined individually by highly skilled craftspeople

7 Strength and Beauty Forever? Diamonds remain strong with great potential regardless of treatment Skilled craftsperson can restore or repurpose Without attention, can be underutilized Can be crushed with too much of the wrong types of pressure

8 The Diamonds in Our Schools Genetics and nurturing form unique characteristics of each child There is natural beauty in each child Children bring smiles and joy Children hold incredible potential, but it is sometimes hidden deep inside

9 The Sorting of Students Refinement and polishing can occur before and outside of formal schooling – Caring nurturing adults – Surrounded by books, reading, etc. – Challenged by games and activities – Access to camps, trips, cultural events, sports, drama, clubs, etc. Not all students have such exposure and opportunities

10 Revealing the Potential Good teachers look deeply and carefully at each student They find the unique characteristics and strengths They apply different tools and techniques tailored to the unique characteristics They constantly reassess and adapt their approach for each child

11 Schools not Always Conducive Increasing academic demands Increasing knowledge and skills required for most living-wage jobs Limited time to carefully discover each students unique characteristics Limited opportunities to develop meaningful, trusting, mutually respectful relationships

12 Hidden Strength and Beauty Children remain strong with incredible potential even after neglect, abuse, or experiencing tragic situations, but… They need the interventions of a caring adult Schools should facilitate the opportunities for such interventions which can benefit all students, even if they havent faced such things

13 Honor Each Students Uniqueness Academic and Career Planning – Adult mentor (guide, advocate) – Engaged student (designs and implements personal plan) – Student becomes his or her own craftsperson – Student takes ownership of planning, decision- making, learning, and developing

14 Opportunities Better than Ever Web-based and other technology tools for: – Student self-discovery and awareness – Labor Market Information – Visioning, goal-setting, and planning Numerous means of career exploration New ways to deliver instruction New contexts for students to learn Acceptance of and push for innovation

15 Academic and Career Planning Students develop academic, career, and personal goals then plan how to achieve them Vehicle for designing and delivering truly student-centered instruction and activities Engage and empower students Close achievement and opportunity gaps, improve academic performance, address workforce and academic challenges

16 To learn more about Academic and Career Planning and its implementation, view: Academic and Career Planning in Wisconsin – An Overview Academic and Career Planning

17 Diamonds in the Rough - Prologue Red carpet vs. Red Cross Diamonds vs. Children Every child deserves the opportunity to become his or her best self

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