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An Introduction to Glued Rigs

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1 An Introduction to Glued Rigs
A step by step guide to making professional looking rig bodies using the Rig Glue and Glue Tube system Christchurch Angling Centre

2 Equipment you will need
For this exercise you will need the following items: Scissors Rig Glue Line Rest Glue Tubing (Here we use 0.5 Tube) Line (Here we use 0.5mm Line) Two Beads A Swivel

3 Step 1 Using Sharp scissors cut two small pieces of tubing to the desired length. For this demonstration we use 4mm length pieces.

4 Step 2 Now thread your components onto the line, in the same order you would a crimp rig. Tube, Bead, Swivel, Bead and Tube.

5 Step 3 Now place your rig onto the Line Rest so the components are in between the blue line holders.

6 Step 4 Slide all the components to one side of the Line Rest. Carefully squeeze out a SMALL drop of glue and dab it onto the line. You may wish to use a cocktail stick to apply the glue.

7 Step 5 Slide the first bit of tubing up to and over the drop of glue. Try and do this in a slow and positive motion. The glue will draw into the tube and should fill the tube completely.

8 Repeat the process for the other side.
Step 6 Repeat the process for the other side.

9 Step 7 The finished product. Once mastered, it is easy to do three lots on one jig in very little time!

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