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Jennahs and Koris Travel Project. We began our 14 day journey leaving Chicago Airport and flying into Mexico City on a 3 and a half hour flight.

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1 Jennahs and Koris Travel Project

2 We began our 14 day journey leaving Chicago Airport and flying into Mexico City on a 3 and a half hour flight.

3 We ate McDonalds at the airport, and rented a Chevy Sonic.

4 The hotel we checked into was The Marriott and that night we ate at the #1 rated restaurant in Mexico City, Les Moustaches.

5 The National Palace (Palacio National) A historic building where Hernan Cortes, the Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs once lived.

6 Day One Total- $3,192 Per Person- $1,596

7 Breakfast: Coffee and donuts at the gas station Lunch: Tacos at El Kaliman Dinner: Pizza from Amore

8 Teotihuacan The Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. We got to take a tour for 51 pesos ($3.94) which lasted about an hour.

9 Templo Mayor Museum An indoor and outdoor museum displayingThe Great Temple of preHispanic civilization. The tour was only 45 pesos each ($3.47)

10 Tlatelolco This site was once a major Indian city that rivaled and eventually was conquered by the Aztec empire. (Free tour)

11 Back to the hotel to order our pizza, swim and watch TV.

12 Day Two Total- $46.82 Per Person- $23.41

13 Breakfast at the highly ranked Barracuda Diner for $70 a plate

14 Depart Mexico and Arrive in Cozumel after a 2 hour flight. Rent a Chevy Aveo Check into Aura Cozumel Grand Resort

15 After we got all checked in and settled, we walked out to the beach behind our hotel and spent the rest of the day swimming, tanning and drinking margaritas. That night we went to the Haze Grill for dinner.

16 Day Three Total- $2,710.48 Per Person- $1,355.24

17 A tour on dune buggies We got to see the island in a pretty cool way. The tour made 5 stops where we could get out of the dune buggy and look around.

18 Snorkeling! On this tour we got to see three different reefs, where we saw many species of fish, corals, and sea creatures. *Lunch included

19 Lunch at Kinta. We both ordered spaghetti and two cokes

20 An extreme speed water tour. *Lunch included Afterwards youre taken to a beach with refreshments and time to relax and swim.

21 Dinner at Danube. For Pasta and bread sticks

22 Day Four Total- $536.79 Per Person- $268.40

23 Paradise beach from 10:00 am-1:00 pm

24 For lunch we went to a restaurant where a guest chef taught us how to make Mexican food.

25 Mayan steam lodge. Mayan steam lodge. A place we visited where steam lodges were used for healing. We laid in hammocks as our tour guide Petrus told us tales about the steam lodges. We got to actually go in and experience the steam lodge ourselves. Our favorite part was the cenote. To the Mayas, cenotes are tunnels to the underworld (sacred sinkholes of the Maya). The Mayans considered cenotes sacred not only because they were sources of water, but also because each cenote was believed to be an entrance to the underworld. Sacrificial pottery, animals, and even humans were tossed into the watery depths as offerings, skeletons have been found at the bottom of many cenotes in the Yucatan. There was even a huge ceiba tree on the shore, which is supposed to connect our world to the overworld. *$80 a person, lunch was included.

26 Day Five Total- $305 Per Person- $152.50

27 Day Six- Our nice relaxing day in Cozumel We spent the whole day walking around the island. We ate breakfast at the hotel, ordered in room service for lunch ($30 total), and ordered a pizza for dinner ($15). We went into shops around our hotel, went to the beach, and took a pottery making class at one of the stores. ($20 per person)

28 Day Six Total- $85 Per Person- $42.50

29 Unfortunately there are no flights from Cozumel to the Cayman Islands, so we have to fly back to Mexico City to fly to the Cayman Islands. 9:15 am- Cozumel Departure (2 hour and 15 minute flight) $491.52 per ticket 11:30 am- Mexico City Arrival. Ate lunch at the airport. 12:00 pm- Mexico City Departure (7 hours and 40 minute flight) $491.52 per ticket 8:40 pm- Arrival in George Town, Cayman Islands.

30 At the airport we rent our Jeep Wrangler and then drive to check into our hotel, The Grand Cayman Beach Suites for $1,435 per night. And then order in room service for dinner.

31 Day Seven Total- $6,817.98 Per Person- $3,408.99

32 Breakfast: Sunshine Grill Lunch:Tukkas

33 The #1 attraction in the Cayman Islands. A tour on horse back, riding along the edge of the Caribbean Sea and even swimming!

34 Dinner at the Stingers Bar and Grill for live music and food

35 Day Eight Total- $250 Per Person- $125

36 Kayaking tour A short, fun group kayaking experience

37 Fishing and Sailing Trip A relaxing excursion out on the water.

38 A nice game of golf before dinner

39 Dinner at the Grand Old House for burgers and fries

40 Day Nine Total- $300 Per Person- $150

41 10:00 am- Continental breakfast at the hotel, then to the airport to drop off the rental car and board the flight to Jamaica. 1:00 pm- Arrival in Kingston, Jamaica ($228 a ticket) 1:15 pm- pick up the rental car 2:00 pm- Check into the Spanish Court Hotel ($321 a night)

42 Jungle River Tubing Tubing down the White River by Ocho Rios getting to see the interior of the Jamaican jungle through small rapids. Stop halfway for food and drink

43 Canopy Tour / Zip Line! Getting to experience a series of 9 traverses over a unique geological feature caused by erosion of a mountain by a artesian river.

44 Dinner @ Chinese Cuisine

45 Day Ten Total- $2,642.18 Per Person- $1,321.09

46 Somerset Falls, Port Antonio, Jamaica Waterfalls, surrounded by lush greenery. These falls are the best spectacular.

47 Walked two blocks from our hotel to Scotchies where we had steak, backed potatoes and cheese sticks

48 Day Eleven Total- $60 Per Person- $30

49 Climbed up Dunns River Falls. Ranked the #2 attraction in Jamaica If you are physically capable, its a must!


51 Day Twelve Total- $180 Per Person- $90

52 11:00 am- Free continental breakfast 12:00 pm- Head to Kingston, Jamaica Airport 12:30 pm- Board the flight to Trinidad and Tobago ($194.61 per ticket) 3:00 pm- Arrival

53 Spa Esencia (#6 ranked attraction in Trinidad and Tobago) We both got the Deep Tissue Massage for 80 minutes, 1,020 TTD and the Apricot Body Bronzer 50 Minutes, 750 TTD Totaling $553.56 for both of us

54 5:30 pm- Take a taxi to the hotel and check in, The Courtyard by Marriott Port of Spain 6:00 pm- Order room service

55 Day Thirteen Total- $1,197.28 Per Person- $598.64

56 7:00 am- Continental breadfast 7:30 am- Take a taxi to the airport 8:00 am- board our flight to Chicago ($644 per ticket) A 13 hour and 20 minute flight 9:20 pm- Arrive at the Chicago Airport, pickup our car and HOMEWARD BOUND 11:45 pm- Arrive home

57 Day Fourteen Total- $1,291 Per Person- $645.50


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