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1. ConcepTest 5.1 Tetherball

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1 1. ConcepTest 5.1 Tetherball
In the game of tetherball, the struck ball whirls around a pole. In what direction does the net force on the ball point? 1) toward the top of the pole 2) toward the ground 3) along the horizontal component of the tension force 4) along the vertical component of the tension force 5) tangential to the circle W T

2 2. ConcepTest 5.2a Around the Curve I
You are a passenger in a car, not wearing a seat belt. The car makes a sharp left turn. From your perspective in the car, what do you feel is happening to you? (1) you are thrown to the right (2) you feel no particular change (3) you are thrown to the left (4) you are thrown to the ceiling (5) you are thrown to the floor

3 3. ConcepTest 5.2b Around the Curve II
(1) centrifugal force is pushing you into the door (2) the door is exerting a leftward force on you (3) both of the above (4) neither of the above During that sharp left turn, you found yourself hitting the passenger door. What is the correct description of what is actually happening?

4 4. ConcepTest 5.2c Around the Curve III
(1) car’s engine is not strong enough to keep the car from being pushed out (2) friction between tires and road is not strong enough to keep car in a circle (3) car is too heavy to make the turn (4) a deer caused you to skid (5) none of the above You drive your dad’s car too fast around a curve and the car starts to skid. What is the correct description of this situation?

5 5. ConcepTest 5.3 Missing Link
1 2 3 5 4 A ping pong ball is shot into a circular tube that is lying flat (horizontal) on a tabletop. When the ping pong ball leaves the track, which path will it follow?

6 6. ConcepTest 5.4 Ball and String
1) T2 = 1/4 T1 2) T2 = 1/2 T1 3) T2 = T1 4) T2 = 2 T1 5) T2 = 4 T1 Two equal-mass rocks tied to strings are whirled in horizontal circles. The radius of circle 2 is twice that of circle 1. If the period of motion is the same for both rocks, what is the tension in cord 2 compared to cord 1? 1 2

7 7. ConcepTest 5.5 Barrel of Fun
A rider in a “barrel of fun” finds herself stuck with her back to the wall. Which diagram correctly shows the forces acting on her? 1 2 3 4 5

8 8. ConcepTest 5.6a Going in Circles I
You’re on a Ferris wheel moving in a vertical circle. When the Ferris wheel is at rest, the normal force N exerted by your seat is equal to your weight mg. How does N change at the top of the Ferris wheel when you are in motion? 1) N remains equal to mg 2) N is smaller than mg 3) N is larger than mg 4) None of the above

9 9. ConcepTest 5.7c Going in Circles III
You swing a ball at the end of string in a vertical circle. Since the ball is in circular motion there has to be a centripetal force. At the top of the ball’s path, what is the centripetal force equal to? 1) T – mg 2) T + N – mg 3) T + mg 4) T 5) mg R v top

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