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Level F Unit 15 Your Task: Which two words can be used as antonyms for one another? Three words can be used as two parts of speech, and one can be used.

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1 Level F Unit 15 Your Task: Which two words can be used as antonyms for one another? Three words can be used as two parts of speech, and one can be used as three! Name them. Complete the RPS for this unit. Do you believe that presentiment makes something more likely to happen? Why? Answer on the lines next to the word.

2 adamant The government was _____ in its refusal to negotiate with terrorists. I came to realize that the demusre little woman who never raised her voice had a will of pure ______. He was willing to compromise on many issues, but elimination of the “Male Only” requirements for those jobs was the one oint on which he was absolutely _____________.

3 brouhaha After the ______ had finally subsided, we asked the group to give us a written list of all their complaints. I was surprised that so trivial a n incident should have provided such a fearful _____ in the popular press. The recent ____ over the choice of a host for our local beauty pageant seemed to me nothing more than a tempest in a teapot.

4 bulwark The only remaining evidence of this once thriving civilization is this _____ against the encroachments of the sea. Although we must have armed forces to protect the country, the most important _____ of national security is the devotion of our people to democratic institutions. Scientific knowledge and the scientific method stand as a _____ against the tides of irrationality and superstition.

5 choleric His _____ temperament and erratic behavior made him an erratic ruler. I think that the phrase ‘having a short fuse’ aptly describes the new boss’s ________ and curmudgeonly disposition. His constant blustering and ____ behavior may be no more than an attempt to conceal his lack of self-confidence.

6 cloy A steady diet of TV began to _____ and I was glad to begin a book. Her unvarying sweetness, like a diet composed entirely of desserts, does become _____ alfter a while. How can you watch those silly soap operas day after day without being _____ by their gooey senimentality?

7 curtail It is time yet again to _____ the flow of unsolicited nonsense that somehow reaches me as . When the chairperson saw that the speakers were becoming more heated, without offering any new facts or ideas to clarify, she decided to ______ the discussion period. The special priveledges extended to members of the senior class have not been entirely withdrawn, but severely _____ for the remainder of the term.

8 deference Some moderate _____ is due the boss, but too much can seem to conceal other motives. I am really surprised that he now shows such exaggerated _____ to people whose ‘aristocratic pretentions’ he has always regarded with contempt. In _____ to the wishes of the widow, the funeral services will be brief, and the eulogy will be delivered.

9 definitive She is working on what she hopes will be the ______ biography of Emily Dickenson. We are all looking for a ______ answer to the questions of whether or not our prisons can rehabilitate as well as punish. There are so many aspects of Shakespeare that there will never be a truly _____ study of his work.

10 Demeanor Charles Dickens’ Mr. Pickwick has such a cheerful and sympathetic ______ that few can resist him. We all admired her ____, which was dignified without any suggestion of superiority. Throughout the trial, she maintained a ______ of quiet dignity and confidence that made a favorable impression on the jury.

11 enigmatic He was staring me straight in the eye, neither pleased nor displeased, his expression _______. The circumstances surrounding his death are so _____ that even the police aren’t certain that a crime was committed. Expressing his mystification at the Soviet Union, Churchill referred to it as a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an _______”

12 impromptu His _____ speech allowed him to express not only what he was thinking, but what he was feeling. (fix the correlating conjunction error) The candidate seems much more human and appealing when she delivers an _____ speech than when she reads a prepared text. Far from being _____, all those jokes and wisecracks you hear on TV talk shows are usually prepared by professional writers and carefully rehearsed.

13 mawkish In It’s a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Stewart was praised for making his character poignant without being ______. I am a great admirer of Dickens, but even I must admit that the death of Little Nell in The Old Curiousity Shop is too ______ to be truly effective. At first, I was glad to see my old classmate again, but he embarrassed me with his _____ talk of the ‘golden old school days’.

14 mollify The Senator hoped to ______ her angry public, but nothing she said was likely to get her reelected. By getting more students to apologize for their thoughtless discourtesy, we ______ the anger of the elderly elevator operator. His bitter anger was eventually ____ by the effects of time and by our skillful appeals to his vanity.

15 onus If the ____ for a defective product is placed on the consumer, some complicated legal and ethical questions are sure to arise. Let us place the _____ for the defeat where it belongs– on each and every one of us! Somehow, whenever our more money is needed for our club, the _____ of raising funds seems to fall on me.

16 presentiment It was strange irony that in denying their ______, they made their worst fears come true. By talking so much about your _____ that “we’re going to have an accident,” you are simply making me nervous and preventing me from driving properly. According to psychologists, when you have an “uncanny” feeling that something is about to happen, you may unconsciously act in a way that will help the _______ come true.

17 profligate This was the _____ son in the family; the one of whom nothing was expected. After years of _____ living, he experienced a religious conversion and devoted the rest of his life to serving mankind. He was so _____ with his inheritance that he consumed in a few years the fortune it had taken his parents a lifetime to accumulate.

18 remit They would ______ a certain sum each year to a local charity.
Attached to every bill for the merchandise was a brief notice asking the customer to _____ payment promptly. The cancer from which she was suffering went into _______.

19 requisite “If you have the ________ physical strength and an ear for music, I’ll pay for your first year of dance instruction,” she said. Scholastic proficiency, emotional stability, and a genuine interest in young people are the _____ for a good teacher. I see no point in your applying for that job when it is perfectly clear that you lack the ______ qualifications.

20 sartorial Paging through historical picture books is a fascinating study in the _______ standards through the years. In his plaid jacket, light gray slacks, and tailored sport shirt, he was a model of _____ elegance. He delivered his speech porly, but since he as the best dressed man on the dais that afternoon, he enjoyed a ______ if not an oratorical triumph.

21 thwart Our dog’s friendliness would _____ the sternest efforts of the most expensive guard-dog trainer. Their efforts to win the game by a last-minute trick play were _____ when our alert safety intercepted the deep pass. We heard that South High fans were planning to ‘kidnap’ our mascot before the game, and we were determined to _____ them.

22 Completing the Sentence
Brouhaha Sartorial Enigmatic Bulwark Presentiment Clyoed Requisite Demeanor Profligate Adamant Mollified Impromptu Choleric Deference Onus Curtail Definitive Thwart Mawkish remit

23 Choosing the Right Word
Mollified Cloying Enigma Sartorial Requisites Choleric Curtailed Adamant Mawkish Bulwark Demeanor Impromptu Thwarted Definitive Brouhaha Deference Remission Presentiment Onus profligate

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