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Nashville School of the Arts Orientation Orpheum Theatre July 24-25, 2012.

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1 Nashville School of the Arts Orientation Orpheum Theatre July 24-25, 2012

2 Welcome!

3 Administration Faculty and Staff Guests Introductions

4 Vision and Mission Magnet School Policies Before and After School Procedures School Calendar Daily Schedule Conduct and Discipline The Nashville School of the Arts Dress Code Communication Agenda

5 The Nashville School of the Arts is committed to leading the nation in the integration of arts and academics. The Nashville School of the Arts Vision

6 We will provide our students with a rigorous college preparatory education and the skills to succeed as professionals in the visual and performing arts. The Nashville School of the Arts Mission

7 The primary goal of our school community is the pursuit of artistic and academic excellence. Educational growth will occur through the consistent integration of arts and academics. Artistic excellence requires exhibition and performance in a public venue. We believe that…

8 Through the lens of Common Core, we will provide knowledge and opportunities that are culturally relevant, globally aware, and based in 21 st Century skills. Local, national, and international collaboration is vital to our success. We believe that…

9 You are a student at The Nashville School of the Arts. 2013-2014 Approx. 850 Auditions Only 180 Positions Available Congratulations!

10 You are a student at The Nashville School of the Arts. What is required to remain a student at The Nashville School of the Arts? Congratulations!

11 Students may be sent to their School of Zone for: 1.Academic Reasons 2.Attendance Reasons 3.Behavior / Conduct Reasons Magnet School Policies


13 NSA Opens: 7:30 A.M. NSA Closes: 4:00 P.M. Students must be under the direct supervision of a professional at all times! Before and After School


15 Developed 100% upon student requirements toward graduation. Developed through district mandates. Developed utilizing post-secondary models. Developed through professional staffing. Master Schedule

16 Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Period 6 Period 7 90 Minute 100 Minute A/B 50 Minute 90 Minute 50 Minute 50 Minute 100 Minute A/B 90 Minute 50 Minute 50 Minute 100 Minute A/B 50 Minute 50 Minute

17 Executive Principal Associate Principal Leadership Team Teachers and Counselors Students NSA Communication: Assumed

18 Students Teachers and Counselors Leadership Team Associate Principal Executive Principal NSA Communication: Actual

19 GradeSpeed Email School Website Teacher Website NSA Communication


21 Counseling Corner Ms. Frame- Counselor for grades 9-11, last names A-K Ms. Hoge- Counselor for grades 9-11, last names L-Z Mrs. Gung- Counselor for all 12 th graders. The mission of the counseling program at Nashville School of the Arts is to implement a comprehensive, standards-based counseling program that will provide educational support for all students by promoting and facilitating their academic, artistic, personal/social, and career development Translation: We are here to make sure you can do your best at NSA.

22 Social/Emotional concerns: Examples could include Issues with peer relationships, difficulties at home, problems with self-esteem, etc. College/Career concerns: Examples could include wanting to know more about college acceptance, what career field you may be interested in, etc. Academic concerns: For example, how can I raise my GPA? Can I take an AP class? Can you help me find a tutor? Why do students see us?

23 Our School Counseling Website!

24 If you have academic concerns, you are to come during your lunch. Other times are reserved for social/emotional or on-going issues/concerns with students. If we are unavailable (with another student, in a meeting, etc.) Fill out our referral form! It is a lime green, half sheet form in the office. Be respectful of each students time with us. New policies in the Counseling Corner

25 9 th graders! Take out your BINGO card, grab your pencil, and head to the aisle on the right. To win the game, fill five boxes in a row. Fill in 1 box with your name, the rest you must fill with the names of new friends you meet! Each new friend can only sign one of the boxes. Meet as many people as you can! The first one that has BINGO and calls it out WINS A PRIZE. Parents! Now is a great time to get to know the parents of your childs peers. Here are some conversation starters: 1.Is this your first child at NSA/in a MNPS high school? 2.What is something that you are concerned about this year? 3.In what ways are you excited about getting involved at NSA? Getting to know you BINGO!

26 Wednesday Conferences This year, Wednesday Conferences will be primarily student-led. We want students to be advocates for their own education! To schedule a conference, fill out the conference request form with Ms. Winfrey in our office. The counseling office will provide students with guidelines to assist them in facilitating these meetings with teachers

27 1.The PSAT will help you work on pacing. Even if you know the content cold, you could have trouble on the SAT/ACT if you're not a fast test- taker. 2. The PSAT can be a great way to start your hunt for the perfect college. 3.Great way to identify if you/your student is capable/ready for AP classes. 4.The PSAT can qualify you scholarship competitions, one of the most prestigious include: National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC)National Merit Scholarship Corporation 5.And an added bonus…. The first 100 students to sign up for the PSAT this year will be entered in a drawing to win $100.00! Why Freshman should take the PSAT?

28 The PSAT will be administered on October 16 th, 2013. The cost to take the PSAT is $15.00. You can sign up and pay your fees to Ms. Frame in the counseling office from Monday, August 12 th - Monday, August 26 th The last day to register AND bring fees to be eligible for the drawing will be Monday, August 26 th. NO EXCEPTIONS. More information about the PSAT is available on the Counseling Corner website. Other PSAT Info…

29 AP (Advanced Placement) The Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States created by the College Board offering college-level curriculum and examinations to high school studentsUnited States College Boardcurriculum Why take AP classes? Earn college credit in high school. Stand out in college admissions-shows colleges you are capable of college-level work already. Skip introductory classes in college. AP credits can make it more feasible to add a second minor/major. Taking AP increases eligibility for scholarships Students who take an AP course in high school are 62% more likely to graduate from college in four years than those who do not. SAVE MONEY! You can save anywhere between $1,200-$3,000/class for each AP class in which you score a 3-5 on the exam

30 Several students have not registered for fall classes Please take orange instruction sheet and handout Can set up MNPS email today in counseling No fee if one of your seven classes. Additional courses cost $175/semester Virtual School

31 Report to Small Gym to get schedule Report to 1 st period (or Cafeteria if no 1 st period) 1 st Round of Schedule Changes: only for students who have no class assigned during that period 2 nd Round of Schedule Changes (TBA): for other students whose classes are incorrect If you have a class listedeven if its not the correct classyou must stay in that class for attendance purposes until your schedule is fixed 1 st Day Procedures

32 Welcome NSA Graduates! Graduate Panel Q&A

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