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Monster Tales Mrs. Glenns 3 rd Grade Eugene Field Hannibal, MO.

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1 Monster Tales Mrs. Glenns 3 rd Grade Eugene Field Hannibal, MO

2 Soskay the monster says, Can you find the rest of me?

3 Soskay By Jaiyden One morning I was just playing my game then something shut it off. I ran down the steps and jumped off the last step and halfway fell down the steps. Then I asked my dad what happened. When I went back up the steps there were slimy tracks. I followed them and it lead to the closet door. I opened it. Guess what was in there. My dad looked. Said nothing he went back down the steps. He did not see the other going to his so I followed them. Then it drag me down the steps. I yelled, Dad help me. He thout I was up the stairs so I think he couldent see me then when he looked in his room. Next he looked in my room. I kicked the monster and the monster said, Stop kicking me! I said, No! and then he pulled me to his house. It was all blurry, slimy and goowey. Then I kicked him in the face again. He let me go. I heread through the ally. He was still chasing me. I heread and stopped, threw a stick. He got weaker and weaker. Then I looked at every house. I coulnt find mine. I looked at every house. The monster told me his name. His name is Soskay. I said, Still not going to give up on finding my house, but when I aid that he started chasing me again. I said, When are you going to give up? Never! he loudly said. Then I finely found my house but he was still chasing me. So I had to run down the street, swim across the river. Then I looked behind me. His family was following me, too. I said, Oh snap! and started swimming faster and something pulled me under water. He rered up and threw a stick at him then his eyes turned red and then they started to melt. So I got out of the water and ran back down the street to my house. Then I was safe until I herd a Bang on the door and ran up the stairs and couled find my dad. Then I whent back to his house and my dad was there. I hurried up and got him and ran threw the ally and down the street and in the house and started to rain and they melted.

4 All About Saskay By Kimmiesha One day we made a monster. It was my class and I. It has buttons. It has one leg, two knees, and a 6 inch foot. Jennifur and I made the lips. They are big. The monster lives in the school. His name is Soskay and he is a boy. He goes to a hunted house. He scares people. If you go to this school you will see him. They say hes spooky some people say that. Hes hairy with one eye. Its big too. Soskays wife name is Sosha. They are a good couple., But they dont live together. Soskay loves to watch walk down the hall way. He sses some of the kids run. Then he scares me. I touch him every morning. He looks at me with his one eye. I say, Old McDonald had a haunted house. In that haunted house there is a monster and he goes Boo here Boo there and Boo here and Boo there again here a Boo there a Boo and has a haunted house. Thats the end of all about the monster.

5 By Stephen A big monster would come after you but I would run and hide frome him He is a good hider He can run an he can get you he can hide frome you because he is biger than you H can chase you He loves to be nise but if you be mean to him he will chase you.

6 Old McDonald had a Monster By Margaret (A song) Old McDonald had a farm ei ei ooo and on that farm he had a monster ei ei ooo With a boooo here a boooo there here a booooo There a boooo everywhere a booboo Old McDonald had a farm ei ei ooo

7 By Cara It was hard making our monster named Soskay but it was fun. We read our description and did what it said. We out knob on our knee and that is why we called it a knobby knee. My friends and I made a nickname called Big Body because it has a Huge body. My friends made like that. It has a lot of stuff on it. Its relly funny looking. It has one big foot thats slimy.

8 The Monster Poem By Brenda The monster is a boy. His name is Soskay. He has a wife named Lizy, 15 littel kids. The wife is 50. The kids are girls and they all are 1 years old and twins. Their names are Catlunn Gillem. Their father is icy, sicky and disgusting. The kids do not want to scare people so their mother and father says they do not have to.

9 Soskay By Lloyd Soskay lives on the north side in a big haunted house. His house number is 1408. he lives next to a grave yard. I his slime on the grave stone. Soskays house is a pice of junk. He has worms by the grave sontes. He scars kids at night and they jump.

10 Soskay By Jacob Once upon a time a monster named Soskay was born. His mom was ashamed because he had one eye one leg and two knees Nobody wanted to marry him so he moved to mansion on Spooky Street. Ohhhhh! Was the sound the ghost made in the mansion 1,000,099 years later he died.

11 Soskay the Monster By Javionna Soskay is a boy. He is married to a woman named Ashoeyana. His mom is name is Sokera. He has two kids. They both are grils. The oldest is Jade and the youngest sister is CLoe. They have a brother that is a ghost so he lives in a haunted house. December the fifteent was Cloes birthday. She turned ten. Four days after that it was Jades birthday. She was nineteen. Her mom and dad decided to let them go to Kansas City with their Aunt Yasmine.

12 Soskay By Shelby Our monster is a boy. Its name is Soskay and he was born Thursday, October 18, 1990. He comes alive at night. He is the scariest monster ever. The monster is mean. He is married. He is 17 years old. We went to the graveyard an we dug up the monster. We brought him back to school. He haunts the hallways at night.

13 By Dana Soskay has one leg, one eye. He is a boy. Soskay is really nice to others. You better watch out for the monster. He will get you. Soskay lives in a spooky haunted house. Soskays house is really slimy and scary. You better run He is really good at tagging kids. Soskay is 24 years old. He is married. Soskays wifes name is Sasha. Sasha has a job in Quincy, IL. Sasha just got married to Soskay. Soskay has a job in Springfield, MO. Sasha is 25 years old. Sasha heard a noise. It was her husband. When Soskay blows his nose worms come out of his nose. Sasha wears a dress everyday.

14 By Shawn Hi! Our monster name is Soskay. He is a boy and he has a flaming arm. Soskay is married. He likes his house a mess. Soskay is 25 years old. He likes to eat bugs. Soskay drink slime. He will case you too.

15 By Katherine One scary night Soskaey He found a woman that looked like him He said you look pretty Pleas dont hurt me. I live on the stret do you want to live with me ok mister They went next to the fireplace and they fell in love Then they had got married and had 100 kids

16 My Monster Story By Desare I love Halloween because it is scary! Kids getting scared. Ad dressing up how ever you want to. Soskay is our monsters name. Its a boy. It is realy old. Its like in the one Hundred years old. We did have Bratz names on the list but all the boys crossed them off. That was sad. Instead they cosed Soskay. How we made the body I took off the lids off the glue bottle and squirted lots of glue on the body. The people how helped me were… Dana, Selena, Katherine, and me. I love monster projects.

17 By Jennifur The name of our monster is Soskay. The monster is slimy. Our monster is married and has two kids. He lives in a graveyard. At night he scares people. And kids. Our monster is scary. The monster will jump out and will give you afright at night. The monster is so scary at night. The monster walks down the steet and dose Trikes on people all the time.


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