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Sayings in Science and Technology

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1 Sayings in Science and Technology

2 Calculation For it is unworthy of excellent men to lose hours like slaves in the labour of calculation which would safely be relegated to anyone else if machines were used. 1685, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. I wish to God these calculations had been executed by steam. 1821, Charles Babbage C. Pronk, 2008

3 Computers I think there is a world market for may be five computers. 1943, Thomas Watson, president of the board of IBM C. Pronk, 2008

4 Computers Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 19,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vacuum tubes and perhaps only weigh 1.5 tons. Popular Mechanics, March 1949 C. Pronk, 2008

5 Computers No one has sufficient problems, sufficient work for more than one or two of these computers. 1950, Howard Aiken, Creator of the Mark I, in a conversation with John Curtiss. C. Pronk, 2008

6 Computers Never trust a computer you can't lift. 1970?, Stan Mazor, co-worker on the first microprocessor on a chip There is no reason for anyone to have a computer in their home. 1977, Ken Olsen, President and founder of Digital Equipment Corporation C. Pronk, 2008

7 Computers 640K must be sufficient to calculate everything needed. 1981, Bill Gates talking about computer memory C. Pronk, 2008

8 Operating systems An elephant is a mouse with an operating system. Donald Knuth The human mind usually operates just at 10 percent of its capacity; the rest is operating system overhead. Nicholas Ambrose C. Pronk, 2008

9 Computers The future lies in designing and selling computers that people don´t realize are computers at all. Adam Osborne, 1983, in an interview in Time Magazine C. Pronk, 2008

10 Radio This wireless music box has no commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular? 1920s, David Sarnoff, Pioneer in the development of radio and TV transmission; founder of RCA and NBC C. Pronk, 2008

11 Radio and TV While theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially I consider it an impossibility, a development of which we need waste little time dreaming. Lee DeForest, 1926 (American radio pioneer) C. Pronk, 2008

12 Radio and TV Who the hell wants to listen to actors speaking? 1927, Harry M. Warner, President of Warner Brothers. C. Pronk, 2008

13 Radio and TV They never will try to steal the phonograph. It is not of any commercial value. Thomas Edison (c. 1915) C. Pronk, 2008

14 Telephone The telephone has too many problems to be considered a serious method of communication. The invention has no value for us. 1876, internal memorandum of Western Union C. Pronk, 2008

15 Flying machines Heavier than air flying machines is impossible! 1895, Lord Kelvin, President of the Royal Society C. Pronk, 2008

16 Inventions Everything that could be invented has already been invented! 1899, Charles H. Duell (patent officer) C. Pronk, 2008

17 This museum The 'vitrinemuseum' shows early computer hardware as used for various labs at Delft University of Technology. Have a look at C. Pronk, 2008

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