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May 30-June 12, 2009 San Ignacio, 7 Miles, San Antonio and Cristo Rey.

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1 May 30-June 12, 2009 San Ignacio, 7 Miles, San Antonio and Cristo Rey


3 ISL Staff: Denise Neal HOUSING: Sacred Heart Retreat House Saturday 30 th : Arrival and pickup student at Philip Goldson Intl. Airport Sunday 31 st : 8am to 12pm Orientation with team leader Denise Neal, 1pm to 3pm Medical orientation with Dr. Pacheco. Monday 1 st : Triage at 7Miles village Cayo district. Tuesday 2 nd : Clinic at 7 miles village. Wednesday 3 rd : Triage at San Antonio village Thursday 4 th : Recreation day local site seeing Mayan Ruins Friday 5 th : Clinic San Antonio village Saturday 6 th : Open day Visit to a local pool and horseback riding Sunday 7 th : Option to go to church or rest Monday 8 th : Clinic San Antonio village in the morning Triage at Cristo Rey village after lunch Tuesday 9 th : Clinic at Cristo Rey village Wednesday 10 th : Clinic at Cristo Rey village Thursday 11 th : Visit to the island Friday 12 th : Return from the island departure from airport.





8 7 Miles Triage: During triage, the medical teams split into two groups and went into the towns. By visiting families in their homes, the team could provide tickets to the family members who they deemed needed further medical attention, more than they could give at the time of the visit, thus inviting those family members to the clinic the following day.


10 Dental Hygiene in School Aged Children (7 Miles): Each town visited, the medical team held teaching sessions at the towns primary school. The children were taught proper brushing techniques and demonstrated proper oral hygiene, using tooth brushes that were given to them. Children were also given coloring books and crayons. Nursing students engaged in recreational sports such as soccer, which is the popular Belize pass time.


12 7 Miles Clinic: On clinic days the medical team split up into several groups including consult groups and a group that runs the pharmacy. There is a doctor on each clinic day that rotates between the groups, providing care and prescribing medication for the patients.

13 7 Miles Clinic: The medical team sets up the clinic.

14 7 Miles Clinic: Villagers with tickets wait patiently to be seen by the medical team.

15 7 Miles Pharmacy: The medical team administered IM injections, medications, vitamins, and other medical treatments prescribed by the doctors to the villagers.

16 7 Miles Clinic: Nursing students took patients history and vitals and performed physical examinations. Students also provided simple and complex wound care.

17 The people of San Antonio had not had rainfall in over 3 months.




21 Everyone lends a helping hand in the pharmacy.




25 Cristo Rey Children: Due to a recent earthquake the school was deemed unsafe for the children. The village members and school board met to make decisions on the future of the children's education

26 Blood Pressure and Glucose Monitoring: The medical team provided blood pressure screening and glucose monitoring to villagers in San Ignacio.

27 San Ignacio Hospital: Two Nursing Students would visit the hospital every day. Students relied on their assessment skills to work with the doctor in diagnosis and treatment of patients.










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