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How to Keep GroupWise in Your Accounts with Invisible Technology.

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1 How to Keep GroupWise in Your Accounts with Invisible Technology

2 About RDA –Robert Diaz, CEO and Founder –Founded: June 26, 1986 –NYC Headquarters With offices in Los Angeles, Miami, and Bucharest, Romania –Novell Platinum Partner since 2000, Novell Partner since 1986. 5-Time Winner of the Novells Service Excellence Award and former Winner of Novell Northeast Partner of the Year Award –Other Key Partners: Intuit (QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions), Sage (ACT! and Sage CRM Solutions), Citrix (XenApp and XenServer), Advansys (Developer of over 20 Custom Solutions), GWAVA (Developed HAMmer for GWAVA in 2005) –Specialties: Networking, Custom Programming, Integration Services, CRM Solutions, Portal Development

3 Figuring out How How to retain GroupWise in the accounts? First, we must: understand why GW is being removed understand why other Solutions are harder to remove

4 Why has GW been Removed? 1. Lookout for Outlook! Reason might not be that they want the #1 application that viruses are made for, it is that they do NOT want change! 2. Application Integration with email 3. Cant get fired for choosing MS

5 What do these have in common? IBMs Lotus Notes Goldmine ACT! Oracle SQL

6 Why are other Solutions harder to remove? 1. Customization 2. Integration with Systems 3. Investment has been made 4. User Interface 5. High Availability

7 Findings 1. Customization: Companies not only make a financial investment but also make an investment into developing proprietary business practices within the software. They extend the capabilities of the software to meet the needs of their business. 2. Business Process Integration: When all the applications are integrated and data is flowing efficiently and effortlessly, it allows for staff to better perform their jobs and makes the company more competitive. 3. User Interface: MS announced on Jan 22, 2009, they are laying off 5,000 employees. Numbers show Vista is a failure but from the feedback, it is mainly due to Vistas and Office 2007s failed user interfaces.

8 Findings 4. Cost Effectiveness: You CAN get fired today for choosing a system that is much more expensive than a viable working alternative! 5. Change: If you MUST bring in CHANGE, why not bring in an alternative that actually makes Employees more productive, and saves the company a great deal of $$$ and produces better ROIs! 6. Application Integration: Look around the show, so many solutions that integrate GroupWise with other systems. Customization can further extend the applications with which GroupWise can integrate.

9 Invisible Technology Business processes being customized in the Applications Application Integration –Making Data flow efficiently, seamlessly and effortlessly within all Applications –Reducing redundant Data Entry –Reducing User Errors Extending the Data within Applications

10 Invisible Technology (Continued) Have a User Interface in which Users do not know what systems they are using, they only know it is used to do their job. –Front End Technologies Teaming and Conferencing GroupWise 8 Portal Panels Formativ Applets Custom Front End Screens that tie into multiple Applications and Databases –Back End Technologies Identity Management Single Sign On Custom Integration between Applications

11 Case Study - TSG TSG Reporting, New York City –QuickBooks Enterprise Server – 5 Users –MySQL –OpenOffice –ACT! Premium –Custom External Viewer (Does not use QBES Licenses) –Handhelds accessing Data –eDirectory and Active Directory

12 Case Study - TSG TSG Reporting, New York City –Invisible Technologies Commission Tracking System QBES extended to accommodate a complex business QBES using Standard Business forms as Data Entry Screens Handhelds using QBES and Customized Apps ACT! Using OpenOffice for Reports One Network. (Same user accounts in Active Directory and eDirectory)

13 Case Study – PA Senate PA Senate Democratic Caucus, Harrisburg –GroupWise 7.0 –Advansys Formativ –Vacation Request and Approval System –MySQL –PA Senate Mainframes –eDirectory

14 Case Study – PA Senate PA Senate Democratic Caucus, Harrisburg –Invisible Technologies Vacation Request and Approval System Import from Mainframe System

15 Case Study – RDA Enterprises RDA Enterprise, Inc. New York, NY –QuickBooks Enterprise Server –ACT! Premium –GroupWise 8.0 –Identity Management –RDAs servicetracker –MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL –eDirectory and Active Directory –2 Locations Sync (NYC Romania)

16 Case Study – RDA Enterprises RDA Enterprises, Inc. New York, NY –Invisible Technologies Service Tracking Full Customer View Email Capability in Anything Account Creation Multi-site Synchronization of Data and Users Customer Portal RDAs Portal

17 Implementation of Invisible Technology Phase 1 – Needs Assessment: Find the Pain Points, Find the Desires Phase 2 – GW8 + Formativ: Improve the Client; Get it to Lookout, not Outlook. Phase 3 – User Training Part 1 Phase 4 – Application Integration Phase 5 – User Training Part 2 Phase 6 – Business Process Integration Phase 7 – User Training Part 3

18 Need $$$ to Implement Invisible Technology in this Economy? RDAs Example Solution Look at the $$$ (Savings XLS) You CAN get fired for choosing MS today!

19 RDAs Solution Desktop Management, Simplified IT Services, Security, Alternative Solution Pick an Application for Linux: For Example, Intuits QuickBooks Enterprise Server, Oracle SQL, MySQL, Sage CRM, SugarCRM, PeopleSoft, SAP, etc. IT Services, Customization of Application, Integration Services Low Cost Alternative to MS Office and MS Windows RDA will show Complete Solution and $aving$ Your SW, HW and IT should run around your business, NOT the other way around!

20 RDAs Solution Solution: Application running on SLES. Possibly File and Print Services. Platform: 2 HP Servers running MS 2008 SBS and Linux Novell Open Workgroup Suite Expertise needed? NO, Novell's OES SLES is all GUI based and RDA will configure it to be self-managed, train the rest Services by RDA to support or provide IT Support needs Needs Assessment to find possible Customization of Application chosen to provide most Complex and Specific Business needs

21 RDAs Solution SMB Workforce: Accounting + Marketing = 10-20% of Staff Needs: Specific Microsoft only applications Remaining 80-90% of Staff Needs: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations, CRM, PDF, Network Access, Email, ZIP files, IM/Chat, Internet Browsing, AV/AS, Printing, Peripherals, Remote/VPN, Music/Videos and a MOUSE Microsofts #1 revenue comes from MS Office. #2 is from Windows. Solution: 10-20% get MS windows with MS Office managed by ZENworks. 80-90% get Linux Desktop + Open Office managed by ZENworks OR MS Windows + Open Office managed by ZENworks

22 Now for the Numbers Drumroll………. They CANNOT be ignored, not in this economy!!!!! You CAN get fired for ignoring these!!!! EXCEL FILE Hand out

23 Upcoming Events RDA Upcoming Events – Booth at GWAVACon North America – January 2009 – Booth at Sages Insights – Q2 2009 – Booth at Intuits QuickBooks Enterprise Summit – Q3 2009 – Booth at GWAVACon Europe – Q4 2009 – Booth at Novells BrainShare – Q1 2010 For inquiries: Free Trial Available for download! –

24 Thank You Good Luck in Vegas! For inquiries:

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