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Welcome to everything you ever wanted to know about V V IA de C C RISTO IN-KY Christ is Counting on You Christ is Counting on You.

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1 Welcome to everything you ever wanted to know about V V IA de C C RISTO IN-KY Christ is Counting on You Christ is Counting on You

2 Via de Cristo is a Spanish phrase meaning Way of Christ. Via de Cristo is a highly structured three-day weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christian people and bring them to a new awareness of living in God's grace. It is a combined effort of lay people and clergy toward renewal of the church. What does Via De Cristo mean? Way of Christ Way of Christ

3 The movement originated as Cursillo ® in the late 1940's in the Spanish Catholic church and moved to the United States in the late 1950's. The first Lutheran sponsored weekends were held in 1972 in Iowa and Florida and have now been held across the U.S. and several foreign countries. Via de Cristo is the Lutheran expression of this weekend. Other denominations including Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Brethren, and Reformed churches have similar 3-day retreats with different names, all based on the original Cursillo methods. Cursillo, The Great Banquet, The Emmaus Walk, Way of Christ, Via De Cristo…

4 Via de Cristo is based on the fundamentals of Christianity, concentrating on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. The objective of Via De Cristo is to inspire, challenge and equip local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches and communities as leaders. Whats in it for me? Whats in it for me?

5 What happens on a weekend? A Via de Cristo weekend is 72 hours long. It begins Thursday evening and ends Sunday evening. Everyone lives, studies, laughs, sings, worships, and eats together daily. You are never asked to do anything youre not comfortable doing. You are never asked to pray out loud.

6 Weekend Talks Fourteen talks are given, nine by lay people and five by clergy. Following each talk, small round table discussions focus on the main points of the talk and a poster is drawn. The talks, in an overlapping fashion, present the Christian life, based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. The titles of these talks indicate their content: Ideal Habitual Grace Laity Actual Grace Piety Study Sacraments Action Obstacles to Grace Leaders Environment Life in Grace Christian Community Total Security

7 You may attend Via de Cristo only ONCE in your life, but you are asked to build on it for the rest of your life. After you have attended a 3-day Via de Cristo weekend you begin your Fourth Day (meaning the rest of your life), and you are encouraged to: 1.Expand your inner spiritual life through study and church participation. 2. Become more active witnesses for Christ in your daily life. After attending…then what?

8 Via de Cristo also encourages two ongoing means of perseverance: 1.REUNION GROUPS, small groups of men or women who meet regularly to study, pray, share and help one another in their quest for spiritual development, 2. ULTREYA, gatherings of the Via de Cristo community for encouragement and fellowship. Perseverance? Continued Renewal!

9 Via de Cristo is intended for lay people, for pastors, for people who live strong and active lives in Christ, and also for those who seek to be renewed and strengthened in their relationship with Christ and the people around them. Via de Cristo weekends in the are either paired, with men attending the first weekend, and women attending the second weekend or Co-ed or Mixed weekends. Mixed weekends arent just for married couples; singles are welcome and encouraged to attend as well! Who should attend?

10 Keep an open mind and heart in making your decision to attend Via de Cristo. Many of those who have attended also wondered whether they should go. Now that they have attended, they want to share this wonderful gift from God. Please understand that their experience attending Via de Cristo was unique, and all the conversations in the world will not become a substitute for your weekend. Through the 15 talks you will learn valuable tools to use as a leader in your church and in your communities. You will gain new and lasting friendships. You will walk with Christ. How do I decide?

11 Frequently Asked Questions about V V IA de C C RISTO IN-KY

12 Can I take my golf clubs? How much does it cost? Sorry, this is a spiritual retreat. The weekend is jam packed with activities. The only time available to golf would be bedtime…and you should be in bed then, right? Other items not necessary include toilet paper, cell phones, pagers, computers, canned foods, and pets. Great question! The weekend itself costs $100 per person. There is a $20 non-refundable registration fee for a total cost of $120 per person. This amount covers the entire weekend: your transportation to and from the retreat site, 9 meals and snacks, supplies, and 3 nights accommodations. All expenses for the weekend are covered. You won't need to bring any extra money on the weekend. INKY Via De Cristo is a non-profit organization, donations are tax-deductible. Chances are good that your weekend has been paid for by someone who attended before you. You will be given the same opportunity.

13 What should I bring? Comfortable, casual clothes. An umbrella in case of rain. Comfortable shoes. An open heart. Bedding, towels, toiletries. Dont worry, if you forget something, we usually bring extra supplies. Will I be sleeping in a tent? No! Its not home, but it has everything youll need to be comfortable. The weekends are held at Retreat centers. Depending on the location, sleeping arrangements are in bunk-style dorms or 2 beds to a room. Restrooms are located within the buildings (whew!)

14 How do I sign up? You need to have a sponsor. Once youve decided to attend, they will have an application for you. You will need to complete it, have your pastor sign it and then return it to your sponsor. They will send it to VDC. Your sponsor will take care of everything else. They will pick you up on Thursday night, take you out to dinner and return you safely home on Sunday.

15 What if my spouse cant go? We encourage couples to attend the same set of weekends together. You can then share your experiences with each other. If one cant go, it places a hardship on the spouse attending because the other wont be able to relate to the talks or activities of the weekend. If plans cant be changed, perhaps a different weekend when both can attend would be better. Attending separately is discouraged. What if my spouse WONT go? Perhaps the spouse doesnt attend church, or isnt the same place in their faith. It is unfortunate, but it does happen. Discuss the matter with your pastor. What is their opinion? If they agree that the weekend would be beneficial to you without spousal support, you will need a special exemption from the Via De Cristo council.

16 V V IA de C C RISTO IN-KY Christ is Counting on You Christ is Counting on You Fall Calendar Rector: Mary Coffman Oct 11-14 SonRise Camp, Anderson IN #69 Womens North Rector: Greg Frazier Oct 4-7 SonRise Camp, Anderson IN #68 Mens North Rector: Rick Kloos Nov 1-4 Camp Lakeview, Seymour IN #18 Coed South

17 More Questions? If you still have unanswered questions, please contact someone who has attended the weekend. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If youd prefer to learn more on your own, please visit our website at

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