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Dad and Uncle Gil fly to Savannah for surprise visit to attend Jimmys Deployment to Kuwait for the War with Iraq.

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3 Dad and Uncle Gil fly to Savannah for surprise visit to attend Jimmys Deployment to Kuwait for the War with Iraq.

4 Jimmy gives Uncle Gil a hug and thanks him for coming.

5 This sure was a nice surprise for Kelseys Daddy.

6 Uncle Gil hugs Gina and thanks her for letting he and her dad stay at her home.

7 The whole group decided to have some wholesome fun and so they did.

8 Here Jimmy and Kristin relax on a rocker for two outside the Cracker Barrel Restaurant.

9 Bet you can guess who the special guest was and who was honored by his family with his personal going-away cake!

10 Embarrassed…just like five years ago at Shoneys!

11 An entertaining night of cards.

12 Jimmy and Uncle Gil hoist a few.

13 Draw four more, my ass!

14 Gil and Joe even got in a little golf on the warmer days.

15 Most mornings Jimmy had to go to Fort Stewart for many pre-deployment tasks and physical training.

16 Jim poses with Ginas good friend, Isaac, as it will be the last time Jim sees Isaac before Isaac deploys.

17 The week gave Jim a chance to just hang with loved ones and get his mind off impending war.

18 Uncle Gil barbecued some succulent steaks one night.

19 And Jim enjoyed the dinner and some liquid suds afterward.

20 He fielded many phone calls from proud friends and family.

21 We went to see Jims former home in Hinesville


23 And to Fort Stewart to bid Isaac farewell


25 And the rest of the 703d

26 Kelsey stole the show that day. Here she struggles to pull the car closer to formation after losing her sunglasses!

27 On the Monday following Isaacs deployment, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Kristin, her girlfriends and Kelsey have to head back to Florida.

28 This was to be the last time Jimmy would be able to see his little girl before he headed off to war.

29 He kissed Kelsey goodbye.

30 And the twins.

31 And he thought he was saying his final goodbye to his wife, but Kristin braved a twelve hour bus trip the following Monday to be with Jim for his deployment.

32 Organizational Day January 24, 2003 Fort Stewart, GA

33 Jimmy and Gil head toward Bravo Battery Headquarters to meet Jims commanding officers

34 To partake in a barbecue, tour the fort, and to receive last minute orders for deployment

35 They toured the fort, visited the 3D Infantry Division Mechanized Museum and PX



38 Gil flies back to Michigan Savannah – Hilton Head Airport Saturday, January 25, 2003



41 It was a tearful afternoon. Gina and Gil embrace.

42 Joe and Gil try to make light of a sad situation.

43 You can see the admiration in Jimmys face.

44 Final embrace before deployment

45 DEPLOYMENT DAY January 27, 2003 Preparing for hour ride to base in pick-up truck bed Savannah temperature at 8:30 AM - 38 0

46 9:45 – On GA Hwy 144 prior to entering garrison

47 10:00 – Clear out of barracks

48 11:00 – Photo Session



51 11:55 – Proceed to Formation

52 11:59 – Fall in

53 1 st Battalion – 39 th Field Artillery Regiment - Bravo Battery in formation at 12:00 hours on Deployment Day


















71 Not at your side in battle but definitely in spirit

72 Hey Jimmy, I just want you to know that I love you so very much. I want to thank you ahead of time for what you are about to do. It is men like you that continue to fight for the very blanket of freedom we all sleep under and I want you to know that your cousin does not take it lightly. I want to encourage you to read Psalms 91 every single day…out loud. I have been praying for your protection every day for the last two weeks, Jim, and I promise to continue to pray for you and your family every day from here on out. Thousands of angels will protect you at all times and Gods hand will lift you up and out of harms way, and he will always guide you on the battlefield. He will bless the hearts and minds of you and your family. God is good all the time and He has prepared you for times such as these, Jim. I love you and I am definitely looking forward to seeing you when you come home. Jimmy, thanks for being a man of courage. You, James Van Hoey, do not have a spirit of fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind. I love you, buddy. Take care, God Bless you and keep you, and we will see you soon! Love you, Heidi

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