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A partnership to promote science, engineering and technology ENGINEERING THE ECONOMY EPC Brighton Congress 2005 Peter Williams.

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1 A partnership to promote science, engineering and technology ENGINEERING THE ECONOMY EPC Brighton Congress 2005 Peter Williams

2 2 The Brave New World post 16.3.05 Following the Brown Budget for Science: Where are we today & what is our natural constituency? What are our goals and ambitions? How can we afford to achieve them? But first………

3 3 ….. this? ….or this? So what is engineering?

4 4 ……or this?

5 5 My problem is that……. ….having spent time building this…… … accomplish this….. …….I cant see the boundaries any more!

6 6 So whats our market? Can we any longer talk about just E, or S, or T? And what about M for Mathematics? Has fragmentation had an impact on the following issues……..?

7 7 2004

8 8

9 9 ACADEMICS WARN OF FINANCIAL CRISIS THREATENING CHEMISTRY TEACHING IN UNIVERSITIES As scientists hail the government's success in shoring up research laboratories, they say a new crisis is threatening university science teaching - with chemistry facing the greatest threat. Financial Times 30 th November 2004 BUT:

10 10 ……and its an international issue : Korea Times, 19 th July 2004 Currently in Korea, the talk of the town is the growing crisis in science and engineering. A sense of urgency is being sharply felt after a survey of 33% of KAIST students said they intended to switch to secure careers, such as medicine, pharmacy and law Korean Scholastic aptitude test for maths, science and engineering down from 43% in 1994 to 27% today

11 11 Can we really seek to influence these choices?

12 12

13 13 i.e. isnt the UK economy the real agenda? What would they think? *ETB Corporate Partners

14 14 ETB report to Treasury April 2004 Follow up report 05/06 SET & City

15 15 But its a Changing Landscape: Lombard, FT, January 2004 :Creative Capitalist Destruction in Action Only four* of the FTSE100 Engineers survived on 20 th anniversary of Index. *BAe, GKN, Rolls Royce + Vodafone (new) But SET-related sectors produced £252.3 billion, 27.3% of total UK value added 2002.

16 16 Wealth Creation and SET : how to measure? FTSE 100

17 17 But the Dot Com legacy lives on……….. techMARK FTSE 100 FTSE 250

18 18 And even though Tech has beaten the rest since 1997…….. We still pay too much in dividends vs. R&D

19 UK productivity levels lag behind those of many of leading G8 with output per employed worker around 30% below the US and 15% below France and Germany And………….

20 20 However…….. Policy Role models & Careers Cultural barriers If SET is key to future industrial competitiveness, how to tackle issues?

21 21 Educational Supply & the young SET Community Government Where do we start? Business needs

22 Fixing the Problem : Institutions Trade associations SSCs Cpe Business Links SETNET WISE NESTA EEF HEFCE UUK LSC RDAs CRAC Demand for SET Skills RAEng British Association Royal Society Supply of SET Skills DfES ETB

23 South East Asian Model : Demand for SET Skills Supply of SET Skills Government

24 24 UK Government role………? Taxation effects on demand side Procurement BUT Key role on supply side, e.g. education HE funding issues Teacher supply

25 25 The most important role model of all…. But only 10% careers staff have any SET experience

26 Almost the Greatest Briton…… ……….. And half French!!

27 Michael Faraday : from bookbinder………. … foundation of the worlds industries


29 Engineering or Art?

30 30 Role models or… ……………. iconic objects e.g. in the built environment

31 The Great Exhibition, 1851

32 Ruskin on The Crystal Palace: The quality and bodily industry which the Crystal Palace expresses is very great. So far it is good. The quantity of thought it expresses is, I suppose, a single and admirable thought …. that it might be possible to build a greenhouse larger than ever greenhouse was built before. This thought and some very ordinary algebra are as much as all that glass can represent of human intellect.

33 CP Snow, The Two Cultures, 1959 A good many times, I have been present at gatherings of people who, by the standards of the traditional culture, are thought highly educated and who have with considerable gusto been expressing their incredulity at the illiteracy of scientists. Once or twice, I have been provoked and have asked the company how many could describe the second law of thermodynamics. The response was cold; it was also negative.

34 34 Vannevar Bush*: The impact of science is making a new world, and the engineer is in the forefront of this remaking…He builds great cities, and also builds the means whereby they may be destroyed. Certainly there was never a profession that more truly needed the professional spirit, if the welfare of man is to be preserved *1945 report Science – the Endless Frontier set vision for NSF

35 35 The end Product : SET Captains of Industry and their skills base

36 36 ……populated by the people of tomorrow

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