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Khutba of Fatima Edited by Dr. Hashim Arabic text taken from: English text taken from:

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1 Khutba of Fatima Edited by Dr. Hashim Arabic text taken from: English text taken from:

2 Salutation Peace be upon Fatima and her father And her husband and her progeny And that which she was entrusted with السلام على فاطمة وأبيها وبعلها وبنيها والسر ألمستودع فيها

3 In Searching Google (English): Term of Search Number of Websites Fatima90,400,000 Khutba of Fatima 212,000 Fadak8,360,000 Christians: Prayer about Fatima 5,600,000 Fatima Prayer in Latin 1,350,000

4 In Searching Google (Arabic): Term of SearchNumber of Websites فاطمة الزهراء 24,200,000 فدك3,200,000 خطبة فاطمة الزهراء 792,000 دعاء فاطمة الزهراء 9,540,000 زيارة فاطمة الزهراء 10,100,000

5 Fadak and Fatima After Khaybar encounter, the vanquished agreed to pay 50% of the produce to the Muslims every year in exchange for protection from attacks against them After Khaybar encounter, the vanquished agreed to pay 50% of the produce to the Muslims every year in exchange for protection from attacks against them Khaybar was a fairly prosperous area 95 Miles north of Medina Khaybar was a fairly prosperous area 95 Miles north of Medina One oasis called Fadak, was within that district. It was given to Fatima and Ali by the Prophet (pbuh) One oasis called Fadak, was within that district. It was given to Fatima and Ali by the Prophet (pbuh) Income from Fadak was coming every year to Fatima until the Prophet died and Abu Bakr, the 1 st Khalifa decided to divert the income to the general treasury Income from Fadak was coming every year to Fatima until the Prophet died and Abu Bakr, the 1 st Khalifa decided to divert the income to the general treasury Speech of Fatima is a protest mainly about this point and trying to prove her point of the usurped right in this regard. Speech of Fatima is a protest mainly about this point and trying to prove her point of the usurped right in this regard.

6 Fadak and Khaybar Fadak

7 Ruins of Khaybar nowadays

8 References to the Khutba 1. السيد مرتضى علم الهدى المتوفي 436 في كتاب (الشافي) يروي هذه الخطبة باسناده عن عروة عن عائشة 2. السيد ابن طاووس في كتاب ( الطرائف ) باسناده عن الزهري عن عائشة. 3. الشيخ الصدوق باسناده عن زينب بنت علي عليهما السلام. 4. ويروي بطريق آخر باسناده عن زيد بن علي الشهيد عن عمته زينب بنت علي عن أمها فاطمة الزهراء عليها السلام. 5. وهكذا يروي باسناده عن أحمد بن محمد بن جابر عن زينب بنت علي علهما السلام. 6. ابن أبي الحديد في شرحه على نهج البلاغة يروي عن كتاب (السقيفة) تأليف أحمد بن عبد العزيز الجوهري بأربعة طرق :(أ) باسناده عن رجال من أهل البيت عن زينب بنت علي عليها السلام. (ب) باسناده عن الإمام الصادق جعفر بن محمد عليهما السلام. (ج) باسناده عن الإمام الباقر بن علي عليهما السلام. (د) باسناده عن عبد الله بن الحسن عليهما السلام. 7. علي بن عيسى الأربلي في كتابه (كشف الغمة) يروي عن كتاب (السقيفة) للجوهري. 8. المسعودي في (مروج الذهب) يشير إلى هذه الخطبة. 9. الطبرسي في كتاب (الاحتجاج (. 10. أحمد بن أبي طاهر في كتاب (بلاغات النساء) إلى غير هؤلاء ممن يطول الكلام بذكرهم ، وإسناد هذه الخطبة إلى السيدة فاطمة الزهراء عليها السلام من الأمور المسلمة عند أهل العلم من المؤرخين وغيرهم

9 Introduction Introduction روى عبد الله بن الحسن باسناده عن آبائه ، أنه لما أجمع أبوبكر وعمر على منع فاطمة عليها السلام فدكا وبلغها ذلك لاثت خمارها على رأسها واشتملت بجلبابها وأقبلت في لمةٍ من حفدتها ونساء قومها تطأ ذيولها ما تخرم مشيتها مشية رسول الله) ص (حتى دخلت على أبي بكر وهو في حشد من المهاجرين والأنصار وغيرهم فنيطت دونها ملاءة فجلست ثم أنَت أنَةً أجهش القوم لها بالبكاء فأرتج المجلس ثم أمهلت هنيئة حتى إذا سكن نشيج القوم وهدأت فورتهم. Abdullah ibn Al-Hasan narrates, by way of his lineage, that when Fatima heard about the decision to shift Fadak inheritance away from her, she, along with children and her women folks, entered the Masjid of the Prophet. Her poise, manner of eloquence, and demeanor were like those of the Prophet. When she entered, Abu Bakr, Ansaar, and Muhajiroon were already there. When they saw her they sobbed and cried in awe of her and sympathy. She waited until they calmed down, then she gave her speech addressing Abu Bakr, then the Sahaaba. The subject was Fadak, the source of her income which the Prophet (pbuh) had given to her after Khaybar.

10 Reproduction of the Masjid Time of the Prophet and Fatima Speech

11 Headlines of Fatimas Speech In Praise of God and about Tawhid الحمد والثناء على الله.التوحيد الإستدلالي. Prophethood النبوة. About the Jahiliya times التحدث عن العهد الجاهلي The Prophet's accomplishments انجازات الرسول. Addressing the audience توجيه الخطاب إلى الحاضرين In reference to the Holy Quran التحدث عن القرآن Philosophy of Islam and its ways بيان علل الشرائع وفلسفة الإسلام The very essence of her speech الدخول في صميم الموضوع Happenings during the Message of Islam حوادث فترة الرسالة. Attitude of Ali for the Message of Islam موقف زوجها العظيم من تلك الحوادث. The uncanny attitude against Ahlul Bayt بيان انقلاب الحكم ضد آل الرسول The indifference about Ahlul Bayt بيان تخاذل المسلمين تجاه أهل البيت. The sharp exchange with Abu Bakr ابو بكر يقول وفاطمه تجيبه

12 In Praise of God الحمد لله على ما أنعم وله الشكر على ما ألهم والثناء بما قدم من عموم نعم ابتداها وسبوغ آلاء أسداها وتمام منن أولاها جم عن الإحصاء عددها ونأى عن الجزاء أمدها وتفاوت عن الإدراك أبدها وندبهم لاستزادتها بالشكر لاتصالها واستحمد إلى الخلائق بإجزالها وثنى بالندب إلى أمثالها 'Praise be to Allah for what He bestowed; And thanks be to Him for what He inspired and commended in His Name, and for what He had provided: From prevalent favors He had created, and abundance of benefactions He offered, and marvelous grants He had presented; (such benefactions) that their number is too plentiful to compute; bounties too vast to measure; and their limit too distant to realize; Allah recommended to His creatures to gain more of His benefaction by being grateful for their continuity; and He ordained Himself praiseworthy by the lavish giving to His creatures;

13 In Witnessing Tawhid وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له كلمة جعل الإخلاص تأويلها وضمن القلوب موصولها وأنار في التفكر معقولها الممتنع من الأبصار رؤيته ومن الألسن صفته ومن الأوهام كيفيته ابتدع الأشياء لا من شيء كان قبلها وأنشأها بلا احتذاء أمثلة امتثلها كونها بقدرته وذرأها بمشيته من غير حاجة منه إلى تكوينها ولا فائدة له في تصويرها إلا تثبيتا لحكمته وتنبيها على طاعته وإظهارا لقدرته تعبدا لبريته وإعزازا لدعوته ثم جعل الثواب على طاعته ووضع العقاب على معصيته ذيادة لعباده من نقمته وحياشة لهم إلى جنته I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah the One without partner, a statement of devotion to be its interpretation; hearts guarantee its continuation, and the illumination in the minds is its sensibility. Allah Who cannot be perceived with vision; neither be described with tongues; nor can His state be imagined. He originated things from nonexistence, and created them with no example. Rather, He created them with His might and dispersed them according to His will; not for a need did He create them; nor for a benefit did He shape them, But to establish His wisdom, Bring attention to His obedience, manifest His might, Lead His creatures to humbly venerate Him, and to exalt His decrees. He then made the reward for His obedience, and punishment for his disobedience, so as to protect His creatures from His Wrath and amass them into His Paradise.

14 Muhammads Prophethood وأشهد أن أبي محمدا عبده ورسوله اختاره قبل أن أرسله وسماه قبل أن اجتباه واصطفاه قبل أن ابتعثه إذ الخلائق بالغيب مكنونة وبستر الأهاويل مصونة وبنهاية العدم مقرونة علما من الله تعالى بمآيل الأمور وإحاطة بحوادث الدهور ومعرفة بمواقع الأمور ابتعثه الله إتماما لأمره وعزيمة على إمضاء حكمه وإنفاذا لمقادير رحمته فرأى الأمم فرقا في أديانها عكفا على نيرانها عابدة لأوثانها منكرة لله مع عرفانها I too bear witness that my Father, Muhammad, is His Creature and Messenger, Whom He chose prior to sending him, named him before sending him; when creatures were still concealed in what was transcendental, and guarded from the appalling, and associated with the termination of existence. For Allah the Exalted knew what was to follow, comprehended what will come to pass, and realized the place of every event. Allah has sent him (Muhammad) as perfection for His commands, a resolution to accomplish His rule, and an implementation of the decrees of His Mercy. So Muhammad found the nations to vary in their faiths; Obsessed by their fires, Worshipping their idols, And denying Allah despite their knowledge of Him.

15 The Prophet's Accomplishments فأنار الله بأبي محمد ص ظلمها وكشف عن القلوب بهمها وجلى عن الأبصار غممها فأنار الله بأبي محمد ص ظلمها وكشف عن القلوب بهمها وجلى عن الأبصار غممها وقام في الناس بالهداية فأنقذهم من الغواية وبصرهم من العماية وهداهم إلى الدين القويم ودعاهم إلى الطريق المستقيم ثم قبضه الله إليه قبض رأفة واختيار ورغبة وإيثار فمحمد من تعب هذه الدار في راحة قد حف بالملائكة الأبرار ورضوان الرب الغفار ومجاورة الملك الجبار صلى الله على أبي نبيه وأمينه وخيرته من الخلق وصفيه والسلام عليه ورحمة الله وبركاته Therefore, Allah illuminated their darkness with Muhammad my Father, who uncovered obscurity from their hearts, and cleared the clouds from their insights. He revealed guidance among the people; So he (Muhammad) delivered them from being led astray, led them away from misguidance, guided them to the proper religion, and called them to the straight path. Allah then chose to recall him back in mercy, love and preference. So, he is in comfort from the burden of this world, he is surrounded with devoted angels, the satisfaction of the Merciful Lord, and the nearness of the powerful King. May Allahs blessings be upon my Father, His Prophet and Trusted one, the chosen one from among His creatures, and His sincere friend, and may the mercy and peace of Allah be upon him.'

16 Addressing the Audience ثم التفتت إلى أهل المجلس وقالت : أنتم عباد الله نصب أمره ونهيه وحملة دينه ووحيه وأمناء الله على أنفسكم وبلغاءه إلى الأمم زعيم حق له فيكم وعهد قدمه إليكم وبقية استخلفها عليكم كتاب الله الناطق والقرآن الصادق والنور الساطع والضياء اللامع بينة بصائره منكشفة سرائره منجلية ظواهره مغتبطة به أشياعه قائدا إلى الرضوان اتباعه مؤد إلى النجاة استماعه Fatima then turned to the crowd and said: 'Surely you are Allah's creatures at the mercy of His command and Prohibition; You are the bearers of His religion and revelation; You are Allah's trusted ones with yourselves; and His messengers to the nations. Amongst you does He have righteous authority; A covenant He brought unto you, and an heir He left to guard you; that is The eloquent book of Allah; The truthful Quran; The brilliant light; The shining beam. Its insights are indisputable; Its secrets are revealed; Its indications are manifest; and the Qurans followers are blessed by it. The Quran leads its adherents to goodwill; and Hearing it leads to salvation;

17 In Reference to the Holy Quran به تنال حجج الله المنورة وعزائمه المفسرة ومحارمه المحذرة وبيناته الجالية وبراهينه الكافية وفضائله المندوبة ورخصه الموهوبة وشرائعه المكتوبة فجعل الله الإيمان تطهيرا لكم من الشرك والصلاة تنزيها لكم عن الكبر والزكاة تزكية للنفس ونماء في الرزق والصيام تثبيتا للإخلاص والحج تشييدا للدين والعدل تنسيقا للقلوب وطاعتنا نظاما للملة وإمامتنا أمانا للفرقة والجهاد عزا للإسلام With it will the divine authorities be achieved, and Allahs manifest determination acquired, and His prohibited decrees avoided; His manifest evidence recognized; His satisfying proofs made apparent, His permissions granted, and His laws written. So Allah made belief to be purification for you from polytheism. He made Prayer an exaltation for you from conceit. Alms a purification for the soul and a (cause of) growth in subsistence. Fasting an implantation of devotion. Pilgrimage a construction of religion. Justice a harmony of the hearts; And Allah made obeying us (Ahlul-Bayt) for management of the nation, and our leadership as the safeguard from disunity. And He enjoined Jihad to strengthen Islam.

18 Philosophy of Islam and its Ways والصبر معونة على استيجاب الأجر والأمر بالمعروف مصلحة للعامة وبر الوالدين وقاية من السخط وصلة الأرحام منسأة في العمر ومنماة للعدد والقصاص حقنا للدماء والوفاء بالنذر تعريضا للمغفرة وتوفية المكاييل والموازين تغييرا للبخس والنهي عن شرب الخمر تنزيها عن الرجس واجتناب القذف حجابا عن اللعنة وترك السرقة إيجابا للعفة Allah made Patience a helping course for deserving His reward. Enjoining the good as the Public welfare. Kindness to the parents a safeguard from wrath. Maintaining close relations with one's kin a cause for a longer life and multiplying the number of descendants. Allah made Retaliation (Qisas قصاص) -For sparing souls. Fulfillment of vows as subjecting oneself to mercy. Completion of weights and measures a cause for preventing the neglect of others' rights. Forbiddance of drinking wine an exaltation from atrocity. Avoiding slander, a veil from curse. Abandoning theft a reason for deserving chastity.

19 Still Addressing the audience وحرم الله الشرك إخلاصا له بالربوبية فاتقوا الله حق تقاته ولا تموتن إلا وأنتم مسلمون وأطيعوا الله فيما أمركم به ونهاكم عنه فإنه إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء Allah has also prohibited polytheism so that one can devote himself to His Lordship. Therefore; Heed Allah as He should be heeded, and die not except in a state of Islam; Obey Allah in what He has commanded you to do and that which He has forbidden, for surely those truly fear among His servants, who have knowledge.'

20 The Very Essence of her Speech ثم قالت: أيها الناس اعلموا أني فاطمة وأبي محمد أقول عودا وبدوا ولا أقول ما أقول غلطا ولا أفعل ما أفعل شططا لَقَدْ جاءَكُمْ رَسُولٌ مِنْ أَنْفُسِكُمْ عَزِيزٌ عَلَيْهِ ما عَنِتُّمْ حَرِيصٌ عَلَيْكُمْ بِالْمُؤْمِنِينَ رَؤُفٌ رَحِيمٌ فإن تعزوه وتعرفوه تجدوه أبي دون نسائكم وأخا ابن عمي دون رجالكم ولنعم المعزى إليه )ص( Then she said: 'O People! Be informed that I am Fatima, and my father is Muhammad I say that repeatedly and initiate it continually; I say not what I say mistakenly, nor do I do what I do aimlessly. Now hath come unto you an Apostle from amongst yourselves; It grieves him that you should perish; Ardently anxious is he over you; To the believers he is most kind and merciful. Thus, if you identify and recognize him, you shall realize that he is my father and not the father of any of your women; the brother of my cousin (Ali) rather than any of your men. What an excellent identity he was, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his descendants

21 Happenings during the Message of Islam فبلغ الرسالة صادعا بالنذارة مائلا عن مدرجة المشركين ضاربا ثبجهم آخذا بأكظامهم داعيا إلى سبيل ربه بالحكمة والموعظة الحسنة يجف الأصنام وينكث الهام حتى انهزم الجمع وولوا الدبر حتى تفرى الليل عن صبحه وأسفر الحق عن محضه ونطق زعيم الدين وخرست شقاشق الشياطين وطاح وشيظ النفاق وانحلت عقد الكفر والشقاق وفهتم بكلمة الإخلاص في نفر من البيض الخماص Thus, the Prophet propagated the Message by coming out openly with the warning, and while inclined away from the path of the polytheists, (whom he) struck their strength and seized their throats, while he invited (all) to the way of his Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching He destroyed idols, and defeated heroes, until their group fled and turned their backs. Until night revealed its dawn; righteousness uncovered its genuineness; the voice of the religious authority spoke out loud; the evil discords were silenced; The crown of hypocrisy was diminished; the tightening of infidelity and desertion were untied, So you spoke the statement of devotion amongst a band of starved ones;

22 Description of the Arabs before Islam وكنتم على شفا حفرة من النار مذقة الشارب ونهزة الطامع وقبسة العجلان وموطئ الأقدام تشربون الطرق وتقتاتون القد أذلة خاسئين تخافون أن يتخطفكم الناس من حولكم فأنقذكم الله تبارك وتعالى بمحمد بعد اللتيا والتي وبعد أن مني ببهم الرجال وذؤبان العرب ومردة أهل الكتاب كلما أوقدوا نارا للحرب أطفأها الله أو نجم قرن الشيطان أو فغرت فاغرة من المشركين قذف أخاه في لهواتها And you were on the edge of a fiery pit; You used to be the slurp of the thirsty; the opportunity of the desiring one; the fire brand of him who passes in haste; the underfoot; You used to drink from the stagnant water on the roads and eat despoiled meat. You were despised and outcasts, always in fear of abduction from those around you. Yet, Allah rescued you through my father, Muhammad after much ado, and after he was confronted by mighty men, the Arab wolves, and the demons of the people of the Book who, whenever they ignited the fire of war, Allah extinguished it; and whenever the thorn of the devil appeared, or a mouth of the polytheists opened widely in defiance, he would strike its discords with his brother (Ali): Who…..

23 Attitude of Ali for the Message of Islam فلا ينكفئ حتى يطأ جناحها بأخمصه ويخمد لهبها بسيفه مكدودا في ذات الله مجتهدا في أمر الله قريبا من رسول الله سيدا في أولياء الله مشمرا ناصحا مجدا كادحا لا تأخذه في الله لومة لائم وأنتم في رفاهية من العيش وادعون فاكهون آمنون تتربصون بنا الدوائر وتتوكفون الأخبار وتنكصون عند النزال وتفرون من القتال So Ali would not rest until he treads its wing with the sole of his feet, and extinguishes its flames with his sword. He does it diligent in Allah's affair, close to the Messenger of Allah, A master among Allah's worshippers, setting to work briskly, sincere in his advice, earnest, and exerting himself (in service to Islam); All this, while you people lay unruffled, calm, chit chatting, not exposed but feeling safe in your comfortable lives: waiting for us to meet horrors and hardship. You were awaiting to spread the news. You often fell back during the battles, and took to your heels at times of fighting.

24 The Uncanny Attitude toward Ahlul Bayt فلما اختار الله لنبيه دار أنبيائه ومأوى أصفيائه ظهر فيكم حسكة النفاق وسمل جلباب الدين ونطق كاظم الغاوين ونبغ خامل الأقلين وهدر فنيق المبطلين فخطر في عرصاتكم وأطلع الشيطان رأسه من مغرزه هاتفا بكم فألفاكم لدعوته مستجيبين وللعزة فيه ملاحظين But: When Allah chose for His Prophet the dwell of His prophets, and the abode of His chosen servants; the thorns of hypocrisy appeared on you, the eye of the garment of faith was couched, And the ignorant fool spoke out, the slothful came to the forefront and brayed. The he-camel of the vain wiggled his tail in your courtyards and the Devil stuck his head from its hiding place and called upon you, He (the devil) found you responsive to his invitation, and observing of his deceits.

25 Of the happenings in Khilaafah ثم استنهضكم فوجدكم خفافا وأحمشكم فألفاكم غضابا فوسمتم غير إبلكم ووردتم غير مشربكم هذا والعهد قريب والكلم رحيب والجرح لما يندمل والرسول لما يقبر ابتدارا زعمتم خوف الفتنة ألا في الفتنة سقطوا وإن جهنم لمحيطة بالكافرين فهيهات منكم وكيف بكم وأنى تؤفكون Then (Satan) aroused you and found you quick to respond, and invited you to wrath, therefore; you branded other than your camels and proceeded to other than your drinking places. All this and the era of the Prophet was still close by, the gash still wide, the wound had not yet healed, and the Messenger was not yet buried. An undertaking you claimed so quickly, aimed at preventing discord (trial) you claim, Surely, they have fallen into trial already! And indeed Hell surrounds the unbelievers. How preposterous! What an idea! What a falsehood!

26 About Peoples Demeanor in Khilaafah وكتاب الله بين أظهركم أموره ظاهرة وأحكامه زاهرة وأعلامه باهرة وزواجره لائحة وأوامره واضحة وقد خلفتموه وراء ظهوركم أرغبة عنه تريدون أم بغيره تحكمون بئس للظالمين بدلا ومن يتبع غير الإسلام دينا فلن يقبل منه وهو في الآخرة من الخاسرين ثم لم تلبثوا إلا ريث أن تسكن نفرتها ويسلس قيادها ثم أخذتم تورون وقدتها وتهيجون جمرتها وتستجيبون لهتاف الشيطان الغوي وإطفاء أنوار الدين الجلي وإهمال سنن النبي الصفي For Allah's Book is still amongst you, its affairs are apparent; its rules are manifest; its signs are dazzling; its restrictions are visible, and its commands are evident. Yet, indeed you have cast it behind your backs! What! Do you detest it? Or is it according to something else you wish to rule? Evil would be the exchange for the wrongdoers! And if anyone desires a religion other than Islam, it never will it be accepted from him, and in the hereafter, he will be in the ranks of those who have lost. Surely you have not waited until its stampede seized and is under control. You then started to arouse its flames, instigate its coal, comply with the call of the misled devil, quenching the light of the manifest religion, and extinguishing the light of the sincere Prophet.

27 Arguing the Matter of Inheritance تشربون حسوا في ارتغاء وتمشون لأهله وولده في الخمرة والضراء ويصير منكم على مثل حز المدى ووخز السنان في الحشا وأنتم الآن تزعمون أن لا إرث لنا أفحكم الجاهلية تبغون ومن أحسن من الله حكما لقوم يوقنون أفلا تعلمون بلى قد تجلى لكم كالشمس الضاحية أني ابنته أيها المسلمون أأغلب على إرثي يا ابن أبي قحافة أفي كتاب الله ترث أباك ولا أرث أبي لقد جئت شيئا فريا أفعلى عمد تركتم كتاب الله ونبذتموه وراء ظهوركم You concealed sips on froth and proceeded towards his (the Prophet) kin and folks plotting against them in deceit, but our patience with you as if being notched with knives and stung by spearheads in our stomachs, Yet-now you claim that there is not inheritance for us! What! "Do they then seek a judgment as in the Days of Jahiliyah? But How for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgment than Allah? Don't you know? Yes, indeed it is obvious to you that I am his daughter. O Muslims! Will my inheritance be usurped? O son of Abu Quhafa (Abu Bakr)! Where is it in the Book of Allah that you inherit your father and I do not inherit mine? Surely you have come up with an unprecedented thing. Do you intentionally abandon the Book of Allah and cast it behind your back?

28 Arguing the Matter of Inheritance إذ يقول وَوَرِثَ سُلَيْمانُ داوُدَ وقال فيما اقتص من خبر يحيى بن زكريا إذ قال فَهَبْ لِي مِنْ لَدُنْكَ وَلِيًّا يَرِثُنِي وَ يَرِثُ مِنْ آلِ يَعْقُوبَ وقال وَ أُولُوا الْأَرْحامِ بَعْضُهُمْ أَوْلى بِبَعْضٍ فِي كِتابِ اللَّهِ وقال يُوصِيكُمُ اللَّهُ فِي أَوْلادِكُمْ لِلذَّكَرِ مِثْلُ حَظِّ الْأُنْثَيَيْنِ وقال يُوصِيكُمُ اللَّهُ فِي أَوْلادِكُمْ لِلذَّكَرِ مِثْلُ حَظِّ الْأُنْثَيَيْنِ وقال إِنْ تَرَكَ خَيْراً الْوَصِيَّةُ لِلْوالِدَيْنِ وَ الْأَقْرَبِينَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ حَقًّا عَلَى الْمُتَّقِينَ وقال إِنْ تَرَكَ خَيْراً الْوَصِيَّةُ لِلْوالِدَيْنِ وَ الْأَقْرَبِينَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ حَقًّا عَلَى الْمُتَّقِينَ Do you not read the Quran where it says: And Suleiman inherited Dawood'? And when it narrates the story of Zakariah and says: `So give me an heir as from thyself (One that) will inherit me, and inherit the posterity of Ya'qoob' And: `And the kindred by blood have prior rights against each other in the Book of Allah' And: Allah (thus) directs you as regards your children's inheritance to the male, a portion equal to that of two females. And, If he leaves any goods, that he make a bequest to parents and next of kin, according to reasonable usage; this is due from the pious ones.'

29 Claiming no Inheritance وزعمتم أن لا حظوة لي ولا إرث من أبي ولا رحم بيننا أفخصكم الله بآية أخرج أبي منها أم هل تقولون إن أهل ملتين لا يتوارثان أو لست أنا وأبي من أهل ملة واحدة أم أنتم أعلم بخصوص القرآن وعمومه من أبي وابن عمي فدونكها مخطومة مرحولة تلقاك يوم حشرك فنعم الحكم الله والزعيم محمد والموعد القيامة وعند الساعة يخسر المبطلون ولا ينفعكم إذ تندمون ولكل نبأ مستقر وسوف تعلمون من يأتيه عذاب يخزيه ويحل عليه عذاب مقيم You claim that I have no share! And that I do not inherit my father! What! Did Allah reveal a Quranic verse regarding you, from which He excluded my father? Or do you say: `These (Fatima and her father) are the people of two faiths, they do not inherit each other?!' Are we not, my father and I, a people adhering to one faith? Or is it that you have more knowledge about the specifics and generalities of the Quran than my father and his cousin Ali? So, here you are! Take it! Ready for you with its nose rope and saddle! But the encounter is on the Day of Gathering; what a wonderful judge is Allah, and a claimant is Muhammad. At the time of the Hour shall the wrongdoers lose; and it shall not benefit you to regret your actions then! For every Message, there is a time limit; and soon shall ye know who will be inflicted with torment that will humiliate him, and who will be confronted by an everlasting punishment.

30 Addressing the Ansaar ثم رمت بطرفها نحو الأنصار فقالت : يا معشر النقيبة وأعضاد الملة وحضنة الإسلام ما هذه الغميزة في حقي والسنة عن ظلامتي أما كان رسول الله ص أبي يقول المرء يحفظ في ولده سرعان ما أحدثتم وعجلان ذا إهالة ولكم طاقة بما أحاول وقوة على ما أطلب وأزاول سرعان ما أحدثتم وعجلان ذا إهالة ولكم طاقة بما أحاول وقوة على ما أطلب وأزاول (Fatima then turned towards the Ansaars and said:) O you people of intellect! The strong supporters of the nation! And those who embraced Islam; What is this your shortcoming in defending my right? And what is this slumber while you see injustice done toward me? Did not the Messenger of Allah, my father, used to say: A man is upheld by his children? O how quickly have you violated his orders?! How soon have you plotted against us? But you still are capable of helping me in my attempt, and powerful to help me in that which I request and in my pursuit of it.

31 Addressing the Ansaar أتقولون مات محمد فخطب جليل استوسع وهنه واستنهر فتقه وانفتق رتقه وأظلمت الأرض لغيبته وكسفت الشمس والقمر وانتثرت النجوم لمصيبته وأكدت الآمال وخشعت الجبال وأضيع الحريم وأزيلت الحرمة عند مماته فتلك والله النازلة الكبرى والمصيبة العظمى لا مثلها نازلة ولا بائقة عاجلة أعلن بها كتاب الله جل ثناؤه في أفنيتكم وفي ممساكم ومصبحكم يهتف في أفنيتكم هتافا وصراخا وتلاوة وألحانا ولقبله ما حل بأنبياء الله ورسله Or do you say: "Muhammad has perished; "Surely this is a great calamity; Its damage is big, its injury is great, its wound is too deep to heal. The earth became darkened with his departure; the stars eclipsed; hopes seized; mountains submitted; sanctity violated, and holiness was encroached upon after his death. It is, by Allah, the great affliction, and the wounding calamity; there is not an affliction the like of this; nor will there be a misfortune as surprising as this. The Book of Allah was announced in the courtyards of your homes, in the place where you spend your evenings and mornings; It calls upon you: A call, A recitation, by its Verses, as it had previously came upon Allah's Prophets and Messengers;

32 Addressing the Ansaar حكم فصل وقضاء حتم وَما مُحَمَّدٌ إِلَّا رَسُولٌ قَدْ خَلَتْ مِنْ قَبْلِهِ الرُّسُلُ أَ فَإِنْ ماتَ أَوْ قُتِلَ انْقَلَبْتُمْ عَلى أَعْقابِكُمْ وَ مَنْ يَنْقَلِبْ عَلى عَقِبَيْهِ فَلَنْ يَضُرَّ اللَّهَ شَيْئاً وَسَيَجْزِي اللَّهُ الشَّاكِرِينَ إيها بني قيله أأهضم تراث أبي وأنتم بمرأى مني ومسمع ومنتدى ومجمع تلبسكم الدعوة وتشملكم الخبرة وأنتم ذوو العدد والعدة والأداة والقوة وعندكم السلاح والجنة توافيكم الدعوة فلا تجيبون وتأتيكم الصرخة فلا تغيثون (for the Quran is) A decree final, and a predestination fulfilled: "Muhammad is not but an Apostle: Many were the apostles that passed away before him. If he died or was slain, will ye then turn back on your heels? If any did turn back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah; but Allah (on the other hand) will swiftly reward those who (serve Him) with gratitude." O you people of reflection; will I be usurped the inheritance of my father while you hear and see me?! And while You are sitting and gathered around me? You hear my call, and are included in the affair? You are numerous and well equipped! You have the means and the power, and the weapons and the shields. Yet, the call reaches you but you do not respond; the cry comes to you but you do not come to help?

33 Addressing the Ansaar أنتم موصوفون بالكفاح معروفون بالخير والصلاح والنخبة التي انتخبت والخيرة التي اختيرت لنا أهل البيت قاتلتم العرب وتحملتم الكد والتعب وناطحتم الأمم وكافحتم البهم لا نبرح أو تبرحون نأمركم فتأتمرون حتى إذا دارت بنا رحى الإسلام ودر حلب الأيام وخضعت ثغرة الشرك وسكنت فورة الإفك وخمدت نيران الكفر وهدأت دعوة الهرج واستوسق نظام الدين فأنى حزتم بعد البيان وأسررتم بعد الإعلان ونكصتم بعد الإقدام وأشركتم بعد الإيمان O people, you are famous for your struggle, known for goodness and welfare, the chosen group, and the best ones chosen for us, Ahlul-Bayt by the Messenger. You fought the Arabs, bore with pain and exhaustion, struggled against the nations, and subdued their heroes. We stand still, so would you, and we order you and you obey. So as Islam triumphed, and the accomplishments near finished, the fort of polytheism subjugated, the fire of outbursts put down, the outburst of infidelity calmed down, and the system of religion was well-ordered. Thus, why the confusion after clearness? Or to conceal matters after announcing them? Or to turn on your heels after daring? Or to associating others with God after believing?

34 Addressing the Ansaar بؤسا لقوم نكثوا أيمانهم من بعد عهدهم وهموا بإخراج الرسول وهم بدءوكم أول مرة أ تخشونهم فالله أحق أن تخشوه إن كنتم مؤمنين ألا وقد أرى أن قد أخلدتم إلى الخفض وأبعدتم من هو أحق بالبسط والقبض وخلوتم بالدعة ونجوتم بالضيق من السعة فمججتم ما وعيتم ودسعتم الذي تسوغتم فإن تكفروا أنتم ومن في الأرض جميعا فإن الله لغني حميد Woe to people who violate their oaths after believing (the Meccans) and who had plotted to expel the Apostle, and they became aggressive by being the first to assault you? Do ye fear them? Nay, it is Allah Whom ye should more justly fear, if you believe! But I see that now you are inclined to easy living; and had dismissed he who is more worthy of guardianship (Ali); and you had secluded yourselves with meekness, and dismissed what you had accepted. Yet, if you show ingratitude, ye and all on earth together, for surely Allah is free of all wants and worthy of all praise.

35 Addressing the Ansaar ألا وقد قلت ما قلت هذا على معرفة مني بالخذلة التي خامرتكم والغدرة التي استشعرتها قلوبكم ولكنها فيضة النفس ونفثة الغيظ وخور القناة وبثة الصدر وتقدمة الحجة فدونكموها فاحتقبوها دبرة الظهر نقبة الخف باقية العار موسومة بغضب الجبار وشنار الأبد موصولة بنار الله الموقدة التي تطلع على الأفئدة فبعين الله ما تفعلون وسيعلم الذين ظلموا أي منقلب ينقلبون وأنا ابنة نذير لكم بين يدي عذاب شديد فاعملوا إنا عاملون و انتظروا إنا منتظرون. Surely I have said all that I have said with full knowledge that you intend to forsake me, and knowing the betrayal that your hearts sensed. But it is the state of soul, the effusion of fury, the dissemination of what is in the chest and the presentation of the proof. Hence, Here it is! Bag it (the leadership) and put it on the back of an ill she-camel, with a thin hump and everlasting disgrace, marked with the wrath of Allah, and the flame of everlasting Fire of Allah kindled to a blaze, that which mounts right to the hearts; For, Allah witnesses what you do, and soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take! And I am the daughter of a warner (the Prophet) to you against a severe punishment. So, act and so will we, and wait, and we shall wait.'

36 Abu Bakr answers Fatima فأجابها أبو بكر عبد الله بن عثمان وقال يا بنت رسول الله لقد كان أبوك بالمؤمنين عطوفا كريما رءوفا رحيما وعلى الكافرين عذابا أليما وعقابا عظيما إن عزوناه وجدناه أباك دون النساء وأخا إلفك دون الأخلاء آثره على كل حميم وساعده في كل أمر جسيم لا يحبكم إلا سعيد ولا يبغضكم إلا شقي بعيد فأنتم عترة رسول الله الطيبون الخيرة المنتجبون على الخير أدلتنا وإلى الجنة مسالكنا وأنت يا خيرة النساء وابنة خير الأنبياء صادقة في قولك سابقة في وفور عقلك غير مردودة عن حقك ولا مصدودة عن صدقك والله ما عدوت رأي رسول الله ولا عملت إلا بإذنه والرائد لا يكذب أهله Abu Bakr answered her by saying: "O daughter of the Messenger of Allah... Surely the Prophet is your father, not anyone else's, and he is the brother of your husband, not any other man's; he surely he preferred him over all his friends and (Ali) supported him in every important matter, He who loves you is the lucky and he who hates you is the wretched. You are the blessed progeny of Allah's Messenger, the chosen ones, our guides to goodness, our path to Paradise, and you are -the best of women- and the daughter of the best of Prophets, truthful is your sayings, excelling in reason. You shall not be driven back from your right...

37 Abu Bakr Continues وإني أشهد الله وكفى به شهيدا أني سمعت رسول الله (ص) يقول نحن معاشر الأنبياء لا نورث ذهبا ولا فضة ولا دارا ولا عقارا وإنما نورث الكتاب والحكمة والعلم والنبوة وما كان لنا من طعمة فلولي الأمر بعدنا أن يحكم فيه بحكمه وقد جعلنا ما حاولته في الكراع والسلاح يقاتل بها المسلمون ويجاهدون But I surely heard your father saying: `We the group of Prophets do not inherit, nor are we inherited. Yet, this is my situation and property, it is yours (if you wish); it shall not be concealed from you, nor will it be stored away from you. You are the Princess of your father's nation, and the blessed tree of your descendants. Your property shall not be usurped against your will, nor can your name be defamed. Your judgment shall be executed in all that which I possess. This, do you think that I violate your father's (will)? But we have put it (Fadak income) into the public treasury to defend Islam.

38 Fatima Refutes Abu Bakr's Claim فقالت عليها السلام سبحان الله ما كان أبي رسول الله (ص) عن كتاب الله صادفا ولا لأحكامه مخالفا بل كان يتبع أثره ويقفو سوره أفتجمعون إلى الغدر اعتلالا عليه بالزور وهذا بعد وفاته شبيه بما بغي له من الغوائل في حياته هذا كتاب الله حكما عدلا وناطقا فصلا يقول يَرِثُنِي وَ يَرِثُ مِنْ آلِ يَعْقُوبَ و يقول وَوَرِثَ سُلَيْمانُ داوُدَ وبين عز وجل فيما وزع من الأقساط وشرع من الفرائض والميراث وأباح من حظ الذكران والإناث ما أزاح به علة المبطلين وأزال التظني والشبهات في الغابرين كلا بل سولت لكم أنفسكم أمرا فصبر جميل والله المستعان على ما تصفون "Glory be to Allah!! Surely Allah's Messenger did not abandon Allah's Book nor did he violate His commands. Rather, he followed its decrees and adhered to its chapters. So do you unite with treachery justifying your acts with fabrications? Indeed this (after his departure) is but similar to the intrigues plotted against him during his lifetime. But behold! This is Allah's Book, a just judge and a decisive speaker, saying: `One that will inherit Me, and inherit the posterity of Ya'qoob,' and 'And Suleiman inherited Dawood.' Thus, Allah (swt) made clear the shares of all heirs, decreed from the amounts of inheritance, allowed for males and females, and eradicated all doubts and ambiguities bygones. Nay! But it is your minds that have made up a tale (that may pass) with you, but (for me) patience is most befitting against what ye assert; it is Allah (alone) whose help can be sought."

39 Abu Bakr Replies to Fatima Once More فقال أبو بكر: صدق الله ورسوله وصدقت ابنته معدن الحكمة وموطن الهدى والرحمة وركن الدين وعين الحجة لا أبعد صوابك ولا أنكر خطابك هؤلاء المسلمون بيني وبينك قلدوني ما تقلدت وباتفاق منهم أخذت ما أخذت غير مكابر ولا مستبد ولا مستأثر وهم بذلك شهود Abu Bakr answers: "Surely Allah and His Apostle are truthful, and so has the Prophet's daughter told the truth. Surely you are the source of wisdom, the element of faith, and the sole authority. May Allah not refute your righteous argument, nor invalidate your good word. But these are the Muslims between you and me, who have entrusted me with leadership, and it was according to their satisfaction that I received what I have. I am not being arrogant, autocratic, or selfish, and they are my witnesses."

40 Fatima Addresses the Audience فالتفتت فاطمة عليها السلام إلى الناس وقالت: معاشر المسلمين المسرعة إلى قيل الباطل المغضية على الفعل القبيح الخاسر أفلا تتدبرون القرآن أم على قلوب أقفالها كلا بل ران على قلوبكم ما أسأتم من أعمالكم فأخذ بسمعكم وأبصاركم ولبئس ما تأولتم وساء ما به أشرتم وشر ما منه اغتصبتم لتجدن والله محمله ثقيلا وغبه وبيلا إذا كشف لكم الغطاء وبان بإورائه الضراء وبدا لكم من ربكم ما لم تكونوا تحتسبون وخسر هنا لك المبطلون Then Fatima addressed the audience reproaching: "O people, who rush towards falsehood and are indifferent to disgraceful deeds and losing actions! Do you not earnestly seek to reflect upon the Quran, or are your hearts isolated with locks? But on your hearts is the stain of the evil, which you committed; it has seized your hearing and your sight, evil is what you justified, cursed is what you reckoned, and wicked is what you have taken for an exchange! You shall, by Allah, find bearing the Khilaafah a great burden, and its consequence frightful, that is if the cover is removed and what is behind it is wrath. When you will be confronted by Allah with what you could never have expected, there will perish, there and then, those who stood on falsehoods."

41 The Poem Fatima Said at the End لوكنت شاهدها لم تكثر الخطب قـد كـان بعـدك أنبـاء وهنبثة واختل قومك فاشهدهم ولا تغب إنـا فقـدناك فقـد الأرض وابلها فغاب عنا فكـل الخيـر محتجب قـد كـان جبريـل بالآيات يؤنسنا عليك ينزل من ذي العـزة الكتب وكنت بـدرا ونـورا يستضاء به إذ غبت عنا فنحن اليـوم نغتصب تجهمتنـا رجـال واستخف بنـا منا العيـون بتهمال لها سكـب فسوف نبكيك ما عشنا وما بقيت

42 Final Note Although parts of Abu Bakr's speeches cannot be verified with authentic evidence, and despite the fact that we have already mentioned part of the actual speech, which Abu Bakr delivered after Lady Fatima's arguments, it appears certain that Abu Bakr was finally persuaded to submit Fadak to her. Nevertheless, when Fatima was leaving Abu Bakr, Omar appeared and asked Abu Bakr: "What is it that you hold in your hand?" Abu Bakr replied: 'A decree I have written for Fatima in which I assigned Fadak and her father's inheritance to her." Omar then said: "With what will you spend on the Muslims if the Arabs decide to fight you?!" Omar then seized the decree and tore it up!!! During Khilaafah of Omar however, Fadak was returned to Imam Ali See next slide

43 Interesting follow-up 1. 1. Fadak changed hands many times until well in Abbasi period 2. 2. Omar restored Fadak to Ali, though Fatima had died 3. 3. Uthman gave Fadak to Marwan, his cousin 4. 4. During Muawiya rule, 1/3 of Fadak was given to Marwan, 1/3 to Yazid, and 1/3 to Amr son of Uthman 5. 5. When Marwan became Khalifa he took Fadak completely to himself 6. 6. Then Fadak went to his two sons, Abdul Malik and Abdul Aziz. Then Abd al Aziz donated his share to his son (Omar ibn Abdul Aziz). 7. 7. When Omar ibn Abdul Aziz became Khalifa, he returned Fadak to Ahlul Bayt 8. 8. When Yazid son of Abdul Malik became Khalifa, he confiscated Fadak again 9. 9. When al Saffah became the first Abbasi Khalifa he gave back Fadak to Ahlul Bayt 10. 10. Then Al-Mansoor took Fadak back 11. 11. Then Al-Mahdi son of Mansoor returned Fadak to Ahlul Bayt 12. 12. Then Al-Haadi and Al-Rasheed kept Fadak to themselves 13. 13. Then Al-MaMoon returned Fadak back to Ahlul Bayt. 14. 14. Al-Mutawakkil took Fadak back

44 With best wishes May Allah Bless you all

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