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CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software

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1 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
You Give Us STOP Profit Loss We Give You Sales Category Totals Budget Goals Franchise Sales Z Tapes Food Cost Deposit Details Daily Totals Invoices Labor Cost Profit Position WTD Totals Controllable Cost Forecasted Sales MTD Totals Time Cards Taxes Cash +/- Full Reporting Thank you, for your inquiry into TRRAP Retail and Restaurant Automated Accounting Program. We provide Hotel and Restaurant operations across the US with affordable accounting software. Our system is simple and easy to operate and you won’t have to purchase tens of thousand of dollars worth of equipment to enjoy profit and loss information and reporting. You will know your unit’s financial health before your accountants do. Visit our site for the rest of the tools necessary to run your restaurant efficiently.

2 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
Our team is made up of restaurant managers and owners just like you. We understand that proper financial management is the key to running any successful operation. Based on that idea we have created this software solution that is simple to use and understand. In a industry where as much as 82% of income can go toward both controllable and non-controllable costs a few percent can translate into financial trouble. We can manage your financial information so you can adjust your costs before its too late.

3 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
How can your operation benefit from a daily financial report? TRRAP is a company dedicated to serving you with profit and loss information. Our software is designed to keep your managers in control of their unit’s budgets with instant cost and profit percentages.

4 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
Input your information from the register close tapes to the daily cash sheet numbered for that day. Then post your invoices on the accounts payable or cash paid out ledger and time card data in the payroll program and the automation process takes over. The software will calculate current labor, food, liquor, franchise and controllable cost, profit margins, budget goal dollar amounts and percentages. Simple Tools Provide Powerful Information!

5 *The blue figures in this display represent automated calculations.
CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software But there’s more. The software compares current sales to last week same day, current sales to forecast and calculates your labor hour forecast in hours and dollars. You will also be aware of cash +/- , excessive returns, and sales by category. Say goodbye to several hours a day spent posting the daily numbers. The automation will cut your office time by 60% allowing you to spend your time managing the unit not your office work. *The blue figures in this display represent automated calculations.

6 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
A weekly operating report is at your finger tips. All you have to do, to finalize your end of the reporting week or period, is to enter your beginning and ending inventory numbers. Then enter your budget controllable cost amounts. Push the report button and you’re done. Other $$$ saving features are the ledger reports the operating statement and employee schedules, once again fully automated. The entire process works together to form one complete information package working for you. We have designed a totally automated program that will do most all of your accounting for you. This is the only program you will need! Complete with a daily cash sheet for each day of the month, a complete invoice accounts payable ledger for each week of the month, a cash payout ledger, a complete sales breakdown spread sheet, a weekly operating statement, a completely automated payroll program, an active accountability at a glance graphic sheet and even a fully automated employee schedule for each week of the month. All are inter-linked to provide you with all the information to guide your Unit. INSTANT profit and loss information. We have designed this to be used by anyone. Minimal computer skills are needed. We Do initial set-up for you. Using the set-up wizard, the program is customized fit to your needs, by answering a few questions about your operation. Customizable at any time to grow with the needs of your changing operation.

7 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
Customizable GLU numbers Accounts payable ledger Your software will have all of your names and titles pre-designed to give you the feel as if was built to look and calculate to fit your needs. And the best part is that we do it for you at no additional cost. You will receive your software ready to run.

8 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
Cash paid out ledger Managers, Owners and CPA’s across the nation running mom and pops to multi million dollar operations, large and small are benefiting from the controls our Automated software provides. We invite you to see why We pay for ourselves usually within the first month.

9 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
Payroll system with summary The payroll system has saved thousands in overtime miscalculations. One of our company’s claims a savings of $ in one year. You won't have to figure out over-time any more. All you will have to do is put in the time straight off of the time card and Excel will decide if there is overtime and back it out and read it at the overtime rate.

10 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
Payroll summary(While this feature is intended for budgetary use only, many customers have chosen to use it as a full payroll reporting system.) Tip reporting, Employee meals, Reg./OT hours Holiday pay, Labor Totals and Percentages. It’s all there.

11 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
Report beginning and Ending periods from month to month are Built in. No patches or Downloads needed Ever. And never Any additional Costs.

12 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
Integrated Employee Schedules. Plus you will have access to other Tools only available to our members. Tools like cash flow, and POS programs Designed specifically for our industry.

13 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software
The reports process provides a wealth Of valuable Profit and Loss Information with Minimal input.

14 CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software Office: 515-710-7556 Fax: 515-957-8478
Cash Trrap offers the world’s only restaurant accounting package that harnesses the power of Microsoft Excel ©. List price for our full Profit and Loss package is $ We can start off putting $$ in your profit column today. Cash Trrap ™ Office Phone: Office hours: Mon – Sat 8am – 6pm CST s 24hr turn around Restaurant Accounting on any search engine, See our freeware page for small help tools to assist your success us for details for your operation. All of our soft ware is available in popular formats such as Excel and Lotus we offer CD and floppy install options. We will also your application to ensure prompt delivery. Software support and setup help included. System requirements PC and spreadsheet application, Z tape, Vendor invoices, Employee time cards and about 15 min. a day. This program is a one time purchase notice of updates will be posted to you when available free of charge. Plus as a member you are entitled to our members page and all of the free software designed specifically for restaurants Thank you

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