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Take what you can use and let the rest go by. --Ken Kesey.

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1 Take what you can use and let the rest go by. --Ken Kesey

2 Some changes are for good. And this I know for sure. Some things in life are meant to be. Some changes set you free. --Dionne Warwick

3 Ah, if you could dance all that youve just said then Id understand. --Nikon Kazanztakis in Zorba the Greek

4 Most people tire of a lecture in five minutes. Clever people do it in five. Sensible people never go to lectures at all. --Stephen Loncock

5 --Albert Einstein All learning is experience. Everything else is just information.

6 --Herman Herkemeier III...All you need to know is that your brain has a mind of its own.

7 An ounce of experience is worth a ton of theory. --Benjamin Franklin

8 The number one reason we forget is because we arent paying attention in the first place. --Lynn Stern

9 Its simple, we either get used to thinking about the subtle processes of learning and sharing knowledge in transient networks, or we perish. --Tom Peters

10 The trouble with education is that it is too often about teaching and not enough about learning. --Peter Evans

11 The business of business is learning. All else will follow. --Harrison Owen

12 If you dont know where youre going, you might end up somewhere else! --Anonymous

13 The only reason for time is so that everything doesnt happen at once. --Albert Einstein

14 You dont understand anything until you learn it in more than one way. --Marvin Minsky

15 When your soul is happy, your learning is snappy! --Dave Meier

16 What is expressed by the learner is often more important than what is expressed to the learner. --Win Wenger

17 The soul never thinks without a picture. --Plato

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