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MAHALO-Subaru collaboration

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1 MAHALO-Subaru collaboration
TMT science Asahi-seimei building, 16/10/2013 From MAHALO-Subaru to ALOHA-TMT: unveiling internal physics of distant galaxies across environment Yusei Koyama (NAOJ) T. Kodama (NAOJ), K.I. Tadaki (NAOJ), M. Hayashi (Tokyo), I. Tanaka (Subaru), R. Shimakawa (Sokendai), and MAHALO-Subaru collaboration

2 Outline - MAHALO-Subaru quick overview
Thank you ! - MAHALO-Subaru quick overview Hello ! - Prospects for TMT era (ALOHA-TMT) - Summary & Conclusions

3 Galaxy properties vs. Environment
“ Morphology–Density Relation” (Dressler 1980) Spiral red, old, low SF activity E S0 blue, young, high SF activity Low-density High-density

4 MAHALO-Subaru project
Collaborators: T.Kodama (PI), M.Hayashi, K.Tadaki, I.Tanaka, R.Shimakawa MApping H-Alpha and Lines of Oxygen with Subaru Narrow-band Ha/[OII] emission-line survey for 0.4<z<2.5 Tadaki+’12 Koyama+’13a Hayashi+’12

5 Subaru: big advantage with wide FoV
z = 30 z = 5 z = 3 MOIRCS z = 2 z = 1 z = 0 MOIRCS (4’ x 7’) Suprime-Cam (34’ x 27’) M=6×10^14 Msun, 20Mpc×20Mpc (co-moving) Yahagi et al. (2005)

6 High-z structures revealed by MAHALO
(Hayashi+10, 11) z=2.2 z=0.4 z=1.5 Many strong emitters in z>1.5 cluster cores (Koyama+13) (Koyama+11) (Tadaki+12) z=0.8 z=2.5 z=1.6 (Koyama+10) (Hayashi+12)

7 From L(Ha) + M★-dependent dust correction
SF main sequence is independent of environment out to z~2 (as far as we rely on Ha-based SFR). From L(Ha) + M★-dependent dust correction From rest-frame R-band photometry + M/L correction (Koyama et al. 2013b, MNRAS, 434, 423)

8 Beyond the SF Main Sequence
(two important caveats)

9 Dust extinction depends on environment
Cluster SF galaxies tend to be dustier – different SF mode? A(Ha) from SFR(IR)/SFR(Ha) z=0.4 HAE sample A(Ha) from A(Ha)-M* relation (calibrated at z=0) (Koyama et al. 2013b, MNRAS, 434, 423)

10 “Mass segregation” in z>2 proto-cluster
SF galaxies in z>2 proto-cluster show redder colours and higher M* (>1011M) compared to general field galaxies. : 24um-source ■: red HAE (dusty SF)   (J-KAB>1.4, DRG) ■: green HAE   (0.8<J-KAB<1.4) ■: blue HAE (J-KAB<0.8) (Koyama et al. 2013a, MNRAS, 428, 1551) 10

11 ALOHA-TMT Towards the TMT era Anatomy with Lines of Oxygen
and Hydrogen with AO on TMT

12 HST morphologies of Ha emitters at z=2
z~2 proto-cluster galaxies (rest-UV) cluster phenomena ! z=2.2 HAEs in PKS1138 M: 24um source X: X-ray source HST/i-band snapshots (4”x4”=30 kpc for each) (Koyama et al. 2013a) 12

13 ALOHA [1]: (Dust-corrected) Ha mapping
rest-UV Ha Ha-strong (but UV-faint) dusty red clumps. Responsible for major SF activity in these galaxies? (seeing) red clump HST image (ACS+WFC3) rest-UV Deep TMT+IFU observation will allow us to map Ha/Hb ratio (i.e. extinction map) over the galaxies. Ha HST image (ACS+WFC3) (seeing) Ha emitters at z=2.5 in SXDF/CANDELS from Tadaki et al. (2013)

14 ALOHA [2]: Spatially-resolved line ratios
Mapping multiple emission-lines over the galaxies allow us to unveil central AGN, metallicity gradient, excitation state… etc. AGN in the central region Purely star-forming Redder symbols show galaxy central pixels Pixel-by-pixel BPT diagram from SINFONI+AO observation (Newman et al. 2013)

15 ALOHA [3] : Galaxy dynamics with IFU
Recent discovery: high-z clumpy (field) galaxies are disk-rotating. Disk/merger classification with “kinemetry” merger disk Genzel et al. (2006) Shapiro et al. (2008) Forster-Schreiber et al. (2011)

16 ALOHA-TMT will give us a direct answer !!
ALOHA [3] : Galaxy dynamics with IFU Is it really true for high-z “cluster” galaxies as well? (and for more normal, low-mass galaxies?) rest-UV (ACS) rest-UV (ACS) Proto-cluster (z=2) General Field (z=2) Koyama et al. (2013) Tadaki et al. (2013) ALOHA-TMT will give us a direct answer !!

17 Summary (1) MAHALO-Subaru unveiled large-scale structures at z>>1 with wide-field emission-line galaxy survey with Subaru. (2) Using MAHALO sample, we find that SF main sequence is independent of environment at any time in the history of the universe since z~2 (as far as we rely on the Ha-based SFRs). (3) SF galaxies in cluster environments may be more highly obscured by dust – implying a different mode of SF activity from general field galaxies. (4) SF galaxies in z~2 proto-cluster environments tend to be more massive (and have higher SFR) than the field counterparts. (5) High-z galaxies are clumpy (both in clusters and fields). ALOHA-TMT will reveal the environmental impacts on the internal physics of high-z galaxies with deep IFU observation.

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